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Before You Invest In an Ordinary Mattress,
Find Your Sleep Number® Setting.

Discover why 8 million people are sleeping better tonight on the only
bed with DualAir technology that adjusts to each of you.

Learn how it works
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Learn more about DualAir
Learn more about DualAir

Firmness. Individualized.SM

Only SLEEP NUMBER® beds feature DualAir technology inside. At the heart of our mattress are two individually adjustable chambers and a Firmness Control system. Together, they allow you to select your ideal comfort—your SLEEP NUMBER® setting—on each side of the bed at the simple touch of a button.

Sleep Number. It’s that simple.

We believe sleeping on air is superior. Compare for yourself.

BENEFIT Sleep Number Memory Foam
Beds with Air
Other Memory
Foam Beds
92% of Sleep Number®
bed owners surveyed
say they'd recommend
us to a friend
Only against
innerspring mattresses
Air Expertise 25 Years,
8 million lives improved,
3,000 Sleep Professionals
dedicated to your sleep
Value and
Sleep Preference
All beds feature DualAir
technology for every sleep
preference and budget
Mid-price point
memory foam/air only
Varies Varies
Simple Air
Wireless remotes
let you find your
Sleep Number® setting
quickly and easily
Tethered remotes. Many
complicated adjustments
to find proper support
Memory Foam
CoolFit and LuxFit
YES YES Varies
Clinically Proven to
Relieve Back Pain and
Improve Sleep Quality*
Included in the range
of Sleep Number® beds
In-Home Trial 100 Days 90 Days 120 Days Varies
Warranty 25 Years 25 Years 25 Years Varies

Clinically proven to relieve back pain
and improve sleep quality

93% experienced back-pain relief
90% reported fewer aches and pains
89% reported improved sleep quality
87% fell asleep faster and enjoyed more deep sleep
77% found increased energy
67% enjoyed less daytime sleepiness

Independent studies showed that the Sleep Number bed
helps people fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and
wake feeling more rested and rejuvenated. In fact, it’s the
only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve
sleep quality.*

View a summary of independent clinical studies

*Clinically tested with Classic, Performance and Innovation Series beds. For a summary of independent clinical studies, visit sleepnumber.com. †If you are not completely satisfied, simply call us toll-free within 100 days of delivery to authorize return. We’ll reimburse the purchase price less your shipping or Home Delivery and Setup fees. You pay return shipping. No returns or exchanges on upholstered beds, adjustable bases, closeout or demo bed models. ‡Warranty available at sleepnumber.com. Tempur-Pedic® and Serta® are registered trademarks of TempurPedic Management, Inc. and Serta. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. §Research conducted at Stanford University, Duke University and Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Physical Therapy at The Marsh Health Center in conjunction with The Sleep Fitness Center.

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