Gravity Signals Seasonal Changes: Are You Ready?

October in Minnesota is unpredictable; the weather in particular. One day it’s 70 degrees and sunny while the next rings in a cold frost before revealing the fallen leaves below.

One thing I can count on is gravity and its ability to strip nature’s most gorgeous color pallet to the ground. Which means the other thing I can count on in October is raking leaves.

Last weekend my husband and I raked our backyard for the first time since we bought our home. As newbie’s to leaf care, we did our research and found out you should:

  • Avoid twisting your body while raking. Use your legs to shift your weight rather than twist your back.

  • Use a good quality rake appropriate to your height and strength. I also recommend using a leaf blower/mulcher for large yards.

  • Wear yard/gardening gloves and comfortable shoes with skid-resistant soles to avoid blisters and slipping.

  • Bend your knees and lift leaf bags. Don’t strain your back! When lifting keep your back as vertical as possible.

  • Stretch your body before and after in order to properly warm up and cool down the body.

  • Take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

After mulching 600+ gallons of leaves from our seven oak trees, we were stiff, sore and tired – even with the advice above.
Since my lower back was tight that night and needed more support, I took advantage of my Sleep Number® bed’s adjustable firmness; I made my side firmer and raised my setting 10 points. When I woke up the next day, the leafless yard reminded me of our completed project — not my sore, achy back.
I continue to be impressed with the benefits of my Sleep Number® bed, and feel proud to work for a product that can improve someone’s life.

What’s your Sleep Number story?