Sleep Well & Sneeze Less with Sleep Number® True Silver™

I love the change of seasons…there’s a sense of rebirth and renewal that comes with each one. Fall is particularly enchanting because of the robust red and yellow hues found all around us. For many though it is a season disrupted by allergies.

Allergies affect thousands of Americans each year. Often times people aren’t aware that their bedding is contributing to their allergy discomfort and depleted sleep.

If you would like to sleep better this Fall, consider your bedding. Dust mites, pet dander, mold and mildew in our bedding can trigger allergic reactions. The results can be congestion, wheezing, watery eyes, constant sneezing, skin irritations and poor sleep quality. What’s more, allergies can cause subtle nighttime awakenings that you do not even remember.

There are many bedding items that claim to be good for allergies, but most use a chemical treatment to achieve those claims. Who wants to sleep on chemically treated pillows and sheets? The Sleep NumberBedding Collection offers a “Natural Allergy Defense”– a line of bed pillows, pillow protectors, mattress pads, sheets, comforters and blankets. The items are made with True Silver fibers or True Silver fabrics that contain 3% silver content. Silver is naturally anti-microbial* and the Sleep NumberTrue Silver™ bedding collectionis scientifically tested and shown to be an effective barrier against dust mites, pet dander and also will naturally kill bacteria. If any of these bother you, our True Silver line could allow you to sleep longer and more comfortably, which will help improve the quality of your life.

Since your pillow is so close to your head, I protect my family by using True Silver pillow protectors, and my husband even has a True Silver pillow. My daughter, who has slept with our cat for the last 13 years, has a True Silver blanket.

If you have pets, Sleep Number® True Silver bedding also is the perfect solution for you! In fact 36% of cat owners and 29% of dog owners allow their beloved pet to sleep with them. Because the True Silver bedding kills bacteria and therefore reduces odors, it is a perfect choice for anyone who sleeps with their pets! No more pet smell in bed!

I hope this helps you find a good night’s sleep this allergy season. Do you sleep on Sleep Number’sTrue Silver bedding collection? What benefits have you seen? Sleep well and sneeze less! 

*Anti-microbial Definition: Capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. What it means: inherent in the material and has the power to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.