Advantages of the Sleep Number® Bed for Allergy Sufferers

The SLEEP NUMBER® bed offers many advantages over a traditional enclosed mattress when it comes to minimizing allergens and providing better sleep.

Innovative Design

  • The Sleep Number bed’s unique zip-open design allows you to easily open and view the inside of your bed—an advantage that traditional, enclosed mattresses don't offer.
  • You can open the Sleep Number bed to ventilate and vacuum. With a traditional enclosed mattress various allergens can be trapped inside, unseen.

High Quality Materials

  • SLEEP NUMBER is an industry leader in the use of materials that inhibit the growth of allergens or microorganisms that, in rare circumstances, can form inside any upholstered product.
  • Every Sleep Number bed is made using the finest Belgian Damask fabric, which is treated using a Sanitized® process for long-lasting protection and comfort.
  • SLEEP NUMBER also offers a complete line of Natural Allergy Defense bedding solutions for allergy-sensitive sleepers, including pillows, pillow protectors, comforters and blankets. Pure silver fibers spun into our True Silver bedding naturally repel bacteria, dust and odors. Natural allergy protection will never wash or wear out, so you can snooze rather than sneeze.

Exceptional Value and Customer Service

  • Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we proudly stand behind our product, its quality and performance.
  • Every Sleep Number bed is made using the finest knit and woven fabrics, which are treated with Sanitized® for long-lasting protection and comfort.
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