Five Ways We Prove You'll Sleep Better on a Sleep Number® Bed



1. Significant sleep improvement on the Sleep Number® bed
In research conducted at Stanford and Duke Universities, subjects fell asleep faster and spent less time awake in the Sleep Number® bed. In an exciting new study by Harvard researchers, conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, participants experienced significantly improved sleep quality after switching to a different bed. That bed was the Sleep Number® bed.

2. Research reveals more deep, restorative sleep
It’s widely known that achieving REM sleep is important to your physical and mental well-being.  Independent clinical research shows that 87% of those who slept on a Sleep Number bed experienced more REM sleep with fewer sleep disturbances.

3. Studies show improved energy and well-being
After sleeping on a Sleep Number bed for just 90 days, owners reported 26% fewer visits to the doctor for back or neck pain. In clinical research, 77% of participants reported increased energy and 67% indicated reduced daytime sleepiness

4. Clinical results prove back-pain relief
In clinical studies, an amazing 93% of participants who slept on a Sleep Number bed reported back-pain relief, while 90% said other aches and pains were reduced. Fewer back and neck aches, and a significant decrease in soreness, stiffness and pain were experienced by the majority of participants in the NEW Harvard researchers’ study at Massachusetts General Hospital.

5. Testing shows 20 years of durability
In product abuse tests simulating 20 years of wear, the Sleep Number bed proved more than twice as durable as the typical innerspring mattress.





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