You'll both sleep better

Every Sleep Number® bed features DualAir technology, so you can adjust the firmness on each side for individualized comfort and support. Eliminate pressure points for the deep, restful sleep you both deserve,

Beds for every sleeper and any budget

Mattress Height Mattress Style

Classic Series

Adjustable firmness, comfortably priced

c4, c2, CSE

8-9 inches Traditional plush-style

$999.98 - $2099.98

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Performance Series

Enhanced pressure-relieving comfort

p5, p6

11-12 inches Pillowtop

$1999.98 - $2399.98 SALE

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Memory Foam Series

Breathable memory foam

m7, m6

10-12 inches Memory Foam

$2699.98 - $2899.98 SALE

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Innovation Series

Advanced innovations in sleep

i10, iLE, i8

13-15 inches Duvet-style pillowtop

$2899.98 - $4699.97 SALE

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All our latest technologies in one bed

14 inches Memory foam with comfort layers


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Adjustable Bases

Enjoy head-to-toe relaxation while reading, watching TV and lounging in bed, with a FlexFit adjustable base. Adjustable bases can be added to any Sleep Number® mattress. (Included on x12.)

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SleepIQ® technology tracks your sleep and helps you make connections between your daily activities and sleep quality. SleepIQ® can be added to any Sleep Number® bed. (Included on x12.)

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25 year limited warranty
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