Cool Fit Pillow
If you like memory foam but can’t take the heat, you’ll love our CoolFit™ foam bed and bedding, only at Sleep Number. Gel technology enhances memory foam to allow for more airflow, creating a cooler, more comfortable sleeping temperature.
CoolFit Foam Pillows

Rest easy on a cool, comfy pillow that supports you in any sleeping position. Gel foam with our exclusive wave design lets air flow freely through zones that move as you do.

AirFitTM Adjustable Pillow with CoolFit™ foam for cooler, more comfortable sleep. Shop Now
Low Profile Offers a slender profile for
cooler sleep in any position.
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Contour Contoured shape provides
enhanced neck support
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Classic Cooling benefits in a traditional
pillow shape
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Sleep Number® m7Memory Foam

Nestle into your coziest sleep ever with the memory foam bed that’s been redefined by Sleep Number. Naturally contouring CoolFit foam offers cool, soothing comfort. Your SLEEP NUMBER® setting lets you personalize to your perfect level of firmness. It’s everything you’ve wanted memory foam to feel like. And more.

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CoolFit™ Foam Layer Enjoy soothing support and relief from pressure points on a soft, 2-inch insert of cool, breathable memory foam. Shop Memory Foam Layer