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SleepIQ Install FAQs

What is a MAC address and how do I find it?

MAC stands for Media Access Control and is a unique identifier assigned to your Firmness Control system. This is a series of letters and numbers located on a sticker on the bottom of your Firmness Control System. This number could be used to troubleshoot with our Customer Service Agents should you have any problems.

What is a Firmness Control System?

The firmness control system is the powered mechanism that controls the firmness and softness of your mattress.

How do I set up my account?

Please see Account Activation link here

Can I use my USB stick later?

Yes, this is yours to keep and can be used like any other USB stick.

How do I turn on BLE (Bluetooth) on my iOS device?

Please refer to your device owner’s manual for instructions

Where do I download the SleepIQ app?

The SleepIQ app is available in the App Store from your iOS device. Simply search “SleepIQ”. Currently the SleepIQ app is optimized for iPhone devices.

If I’ve already downloaded the app and logged in prior to connecting my Firmness Control system, how do I “link my bed”? Where do I go to do this?

After you’ve logged in to the SleepIQ app, click on the Menu tab in the upper right hand corner. Select “Settings”. Select your bed (it is either the MAC address of your Firmness Control system or whatever you renamed it if you chose to do that). Then click “link my bed”.

There are lights flashing on my pump, what does this mean?

Please refer to the Troubleshooting guide for details on what each light means.

What do I do with my remote?

You will not need to put the batteries in to your remote and go through the guided setup until you begin assembling your mattress. If your mattress is already assembled, proceed to install the Firmness Control system on your Sleep Number bed, insert the batteries and follow the instructions on the remote for the guided set up.

What if I don’t know my network name and password?

Please contact your Internet Service Provider for this information.

What web browsers is https://SleepIQ.sleepnumber.com compatible with?

Chrome 4 (recommended)
Internet Explorer 9+
Firefox 7

How do I save the file to my USB stick from my computer?

Be sure to select the correct USB drive from the dropdown menu when saving your “bam-init” file. For additional questions, contact your device’s customer service.

Can I change the file name before saving it to my USB stick?

No, changing the file name will hinder your Firmness Control system’s ability to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. After you’ve saved, the file name should be “bam-init”

When I removed the USB stick, the SleepIQ processor also came out, what should I do?

If you removed a small module when removing the USB stick from the Firmness Control system, this is ok. Plug the small module back in with the USB stick inserted, unplug your Firmness Control system for 10 seconds and plug your Firmness Control system back in. You will now see the LEDs going through a sequence to reconnect. Once your Firmness Control system is connected, place your thumb over the small module and carefully remove the USB stick.

Are there any router restrictions?

Your network must have “G” band (2.4 gHz) enabled. Older routers (2009 or older) may have not included this Band. Newer routers may come with the “G” band initially disabled. You should contract your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or network administrator to determine if your device supports this wireless signal

What if I have more than one SleepIQ Firmness Control system in my home?

Great! When connecting your bed, the SleepIQ app may pull up the MAC address of both Firmness Control systems if they are both plugged in. Be sure to select the correct MAC address based on the account tied to that Firmness Control system’s MAC address (link to MAC address FAQ)

How do I improve my Wi-Fi strength?

Re-locate your router closer to your bedroom to improve Wi-Fi strength to your SleepIQ Firmness Control system. You could also add a Wi-Fi extender to your existing router to improve range in which the Wi-Fi strength is able to cover