Sleep Number Fact Sheet

The Sleep Number® Difference

The best sleep of your life begins with finding your SLEEP NUMBER® setting.  Somewhere  between zero and 100 is your ideal comfort, whether it’s extra firm or featherbed soft. With ongoing adjustability, it’s finally a bed that can meet your changing needs over time.

• A Sleep Number helps you discover more deep, restorative sleep, and it can only be found on the SLEEP NUMBER® bed. Best of all, each side of the Sleep Number bed can be individually adjusted to the precise comfort level each partner prefers.

• Unlike traditional mattresses, which are made from metal coils or springs, the Sleep Number bed uses uniquely designed air-chamber technology to provide a gentle cushion of support that can be easily adjusted to an individual's preference for comfort, firmness and support.

• At the touch of a button, the Sleep Number setting can be easily adjusted. Every Sleep Number bed features DualAir™ technology and a Firmness Control™ System. Using the remote with the digital SLEEP NUMBER® display, individuals can quickly adjust the Sleep Number bed to the firmness or softness that's right for them.

Product Overview

• SLEEP NUMBER offers beds in an array of standard mattress sizes, ranging from Twin to California King. In addition, all Sleep Number beds feature a patented single or dual air chamber. The dual chamber option allows each side of the mattress to be adjusted independently for personalized comfort and support.

• The Sleep Number® c2 bed is the breakthrough model that launched a sleep revolution. A great value, the bed is enhanced with breathable fabric and gentle cushioning.

• The Sleep Number® c3 bed lets you and your sleep partner personalize your comfort with your own SLEEP NUMBER® settings. Enhanced with a plush comfort layer for soothing support.

• The Sleep Number® c4 bed was designed with affordable comfort in mind. A soft knit fabric and plush comfort layer provide you with restful sleep.

• The Sleep Number® p5 bed lets you enjoy a new level of comfort. You can sleep soundly with our newest breathable fabric and a plush, supportive comfort layer.

• The Sleep Number® p6 bed features a generous plush support layer combined with breathable fabric for enhanced pressure relief. Experience soothing sleep.

• The Sleep Number® p7 bed combines the conforming comfort of memory foam with a benefit no other memory foam bed can offer: the ability to adjust your ideal level of firmness with your SLEEP NUMBER® setting. You and your sleeping partner can enjoy the feel of slow-response memory foam without compromising on personalized comfort.

• The SLEEP NUMBER® i8 bed features revolutionary innovations for your total sleeping comfort. A luxurious comfort layer offers supreme support. And because it’s temperature balancing, it keeps you from sleeping too warm or too cool.

• The SLEEP NUMBER® i10 bed features our dual-layer design that lets you personalize your comfort. Temperature balancing so you sleep just right. And our exclusive SLEEP NUMBER® technology makes it the perfect solution for couples. Unique. Individual. Only from Sleep Number.

Find your Sleep Number only at one of our 400 Sleep Number® stores nationwide.


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