Tips to Beat Summer Heat and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Summer is a wonderful time of the year with more daylight and warmer weather, but the light and heat also create unique sleep challenges. Because there is more daylight, we often wake and retire in light. Spending more time in light tends to delay bedtime. Warmer temperatures can also create discomfort; in fact, we sleep better when our bodies are cooler.
Here are some sleep tips to help you beat the summer heat and get a good night’s sleep:

Light: the most powerful influence on your sleep schedule
• Use light blocking blinds/curtains or wear an eye mask at night to help you fall asleep.

Heat: excessive temperatures and humidity can disrupt sleep
• The optimum sleeping environment is 65 degrees Fahrenheit with 65% humidity. Set your air conditioner lower at night using a programmable thermostat to help conserve energy during the day.
• Body heat is released through your feet, head and hands, so keep them uncovered (or use less bedding).
• Go to bed with damp hair. As the water evaporates, it creates a cooling effect.
• Take advantage of new technologies in bedding. Check out Sleep Number® In Balance™ temperature balancing bedding solutions. They’re designed to absorb your body heat and help you sleep at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. This technology was originally developed for NASA and is now available from Sleep Number in a blanket, mattress pad, mattress topper, sheet set and bed pillow protector.

Vacations: they often disrupt sleep schedules
• Avoid the tendency to stay up late and sleep in during a vacation. Altering your sleep schedule mid-week actually creates jet-lag-like symptoms, which impacts your motor skills, concentration, mood and health. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule—even while traveling—seven days per week.

Air Quality: allergies increase in summer
• 75% of allergy sufferers report sleep issues and daytime sleepiness. Read my previous blog with tips to reduce allergens.

Dust Mites: they peak in summer months
• As creepy as it may sound, up to 80% of dust content was, or still is, alive. Up to 10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow could be dead dust mites and/or their droppings. That’s why it is important to launder your bedding regularly in 130 degree water. Vacuum your room and bed regularly. The SLEEP NUMBER® bed is great because you can unzip the cover and vacuum the inside of your bed too.
• If you have a problem with dust mites, lower humidity levels to below 50%. Dust mites thrive in a more humid environment.
Have additional summer sleep tips, or questions? Join us on our Facebook page. Enjoy the heat!


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