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Expanded Queen Bed (Olympic Queen Mattress) by Sleep Number


Expanded Queen Olympic Queen Mattress
  • Experts recommend buying the largest size bed you can fit in your bedroom. With an Expanded Queen mattress (which is the same size as an Olympic Queen mattress) you can increase your sleeping area by 10% compared to a traditional Queen-size mattress.
  • Expanded queen bed is available in Sleep Number® p5, p6, p7, i8,  & i10 beds.
  • Select Comfort Expanded Queen bed accessories and custom bedding available
  • Fits in most Queen-sized bedroom furniture and frames.
  • Also known as an Olympic Queen mattress.

Expanded Queen Mattress Dimensions

  1. Size - Measures a total of 66" x 80", a full 6" wider than a typical Queen mattress.
  2. Sleeping Space - 10% larger sleeping area than a traditional Queen-sized mattress.
  3. Mattress Thickness - Total mattress thickness measures up to 13".
  4. Expert Recommended - Experts recommend buying the largest size bed you can fit in your bedroom.
Expanded Queen Olympic Queen Mattress Dimensions

Expanded Queen Mattress Bedding

 Expanded Queen Olympic Queen Mattress Bedding

Select Comfort® Bedding Accessories offer a variety of bedding solutions that are designed specially for the Sleep Number® bed.

1. SmartFit® Sheets - Specially designed to fit any size Sleep Number bed, available in multiple rich colors.
2. Pillows - Personalzie your pillow based on sleeping position and pillow type.


Expanded Queen Mattress Base Options


The Select Comfort® Mattress bases are exclusively designed to maximize comfort & support of all Sleep Number® bed models.

1. Expanded Queen - Fits in most standard queen-size bedroom furniture and frames.
2. Mattress base Coverlet - Matches mattress to create a perfect set look. Protects the foundation.
3. Mattress base - Interlocking, component design for easy transport. Fits into most bedroom furniture & frames. Measures 8 inches high.
4. Mattress base Legs - Optional. Attractive alternative to a traditional bed frame.

See details on Mattress Base Options.

Expanded Queen Olympic Queen Mattress Foundation

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