Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

The Sleep Number® Bed is the only mattress
clinically proven to relieve back pain
and improve sleep quality.

For a summary of independant clinical studies and their results, Click here

Research conducted at Standford University, Duke University, and Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Physical Therapy at the Marsh Health Center in conjunction with the Sleep Fitness Center

More than 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain in their lifetime. Your innerspring mattress may be the culprit, making the back pain worse with hard steel coils that poke and prod against your sensitive muscles and joints. Beds that allow you to adjust firmness to your ideal comfort, like the Sleep Number bed with DualAir™ technology, can provide relief.

Studies find improved sleep quality and less back pain on the Sleep Number bed.

An exciting new sleep study conducted at Massachusets General Hospital by Harvard researchers found the majority of participants who switched to a different bed reported:

 - A decrease in back and neck aches

 - A significant decrease in soreness, stiffness and pain

 - A significant improvement in sleep quality

 - The ability to fall asleep faster and sleep longer

That bed was the Sleep Number bed. This important research supports the findings of five other scientific studies on the Sleep Number bed.†

Bottom line: Better sleep quality is possible when you personalize your comfort on the Sleep Number bed.



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