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The Sleep Number® bed has helped improve the lives of more than 8 million people by individualizing their sleep experiences. We invite you to read some of the life-changing stories Sleep Number bed owners have shared with us. And if you have your own story to share, we'd love to hear from you!

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My wife took me to the Sleep Number store. I had my doubts but I have never had such a good nights sleep in my life. I've totally converted!

Norm Johnzon
Greensburg , Pennsylvania

We are so pleased with our bed. Less back back pain and no more restless nights. We love our bed. I first sleep in the sleep number bed in a Radison Hotel in NY . When I got home we went shopping for our own bed. We would never go back to any other kind of a bed. Thank you Sleep Number

Fleurette Peterson
So Jordan , Utah (United States)

We bought our Sleep Number Bed ten years ago. Ever since we have enjoyed waking up without back pain from an uncomfortable mattress. Over the years I have adjusted my comfort setting to match my changing body. I could not do that with a regular mattress. The one problem we had with our Sleep Number Bed was quickly and curtouisly resolved at a resonable cost. We look forward to ten more years on our Sleep Number Bed. Oh yea, over the last ten years the only time I thought about our Sleep Number Bed was when my friends and coworkers complianed about their backs hurting. Thats when I tell them about my Sleep Number Bed.

David Lamere
Roy , Utah

I have a C2 mattress. I love it! No, it does not have a display, but I have no problem finding my most comfortable settings. If I want to sleep on my stomach I prefer it very firm. If I sleep on my back I make it softer. My husband likes his side very soft. We now each have very comfortable settings. We put a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper inside the mattress cover and the bed is perfect. We did it from the get go, so dont know what it is like without it. I am so happy with this mattress. I dont need to know the number it is set at, as I always set it where it is most comfortable. I highly recommend this bed.

Janice Duncan
Sacramento , California (United States)


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