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The Sleep Number® bed has helped improve the lives of more than 8 million people by individualizing their sleep experiences. We invite you to read some of the life-changing stories Sleep Number bed owners have shared with us. And if you have your own story to share, we'd love to hear from you!

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We absolutely love our Sleep Number bed and make sure all our friends and family know about it! We are sleeping better than ever, and dont like to be away from home. Also when Im pregnant, its the best ever!!!
Jeni G.
Enterprise , Oregon
When I was four months pregnant and very tired because I was not getting a good nights rest, I took the suggestion of my mother-in-law and looked into the Sleep Number bed. I went to the store a couple of times and tried out each bed. We decided on a middle line bed. After receiving the bed, I cannot tell you how well I slept for the next five months. Many pregnant women use 4-5 pillows to support various parts of their body so their joints do not ache. I, on the other hand, set my bed at 40 and slept like a baby. I think there is an untapped market for you - PREGNANT WOMEN. It is so hard to sleep when you are pregnant, but with the Select Comfort you will no longer have sleepless nights. Because of this experience, I plan on being a repeat customer, and I definitely will tell others that they should buy your products.
Bekki J.
Brighton , Colorado
I bought Sleep Number King as a last resort to my lower back pain sleepless nights. I couldnt buy a regular mattress firm enough and yet not be too firm for my husband. I had resorted to sleeping on floor many nights. Within a couple of months on a Sleep Number bed I was hooked. Along with back therapy and my new bed I finally got relief. My husband gets to keep his side soft like he prefers! Another added bonus of this bed was that during my 2 recent pregnancies I was able to adjust my bed according to my bodys weekly changes. What a comfort! I dont know how I would have slept otherwise! Ill always sleep on a Sleep Number bed.
Shirley E.
Bivalve , Maryland

We have had the Sleep Number king size, dual control bed for 5 years now. It is great! Being able to adjust the firmness of either side is wonderful. There is no need for purchasing another mattress ever. Also, when I was pregnant the bed allowed me to let out air until my belly was comfortable. Very important.

Kelly A.
Gresham , Oregon


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