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The Sleep Number® bed has helped improve the lives of more than 8 million people by individualizing their sleep experiences. We invite you to read some of the life-changing stories Sleep Number bed owners have shared with us. And if you have your own story to share, we'd love to hear from you!

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I was not satisfied with my bed and I will say the return policy was fair and prompt.

Patricia Nichols
Prairie Village , Kansas

This bed allowed me to sleep an entire night for the first time in years. My head hits the pillow and I dont wake up until morning. I used to toss and turn and get up in the middle of the night constantly. Now, my back doesn't hurt and I don't wake up anymore! I don't feel tired through out the day either! I love this bed, highly reccommend it to anybody having sleep problems. I am a true believer!!!

Diana La Venuta
Fredericksburg , Virginia (United States)

The Sleep Number bed was a Select Comfort bed the first time I purchased one. That was 1995. I don't think there is a bed on the market that can compete with Sleep Number for a good nights sleep on a very durable, high quality product. I am moving my first bed into a guest room. It is still in great condition. I slept on my new p5 bed last night. Pure delight. Great investment.

Shirley Day
Sacramento , California (United States)

The bed is awesome, when her dad first told us about it we didn't believe him. But after just a couple of nights sleeping on the bed, we no longer wake up sore. We no longer find it hard to move around when we wake up. We no longer toss and turn all night or wake up many times at night. The bed is so comfortable that at night if we wake to go to the bathroom, we don't want to at first. We wake up well rested and in a much better mood for the day ahead. Now all we can think is why didn't we do this sooner.....

Ray Walker
Wiggins , Mississippi (United States)


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