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The Sleep Number® bed has helped improve the lives of more than 8 million people by individualizing their sleep experiences. We invite you to read some of the life-changing stories Sleep Number bed owners have shared with us. And if you have your own story to share, we'd love to hear from you!

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Recently we contacted customer service regarding a problem with our foam mattress and our problem was immediately resolved when our warranty and/or issues with this product previously were handled in a very professional manner. Thank You.

Ivan and Jean Gilbert
Arden Hills , Minnesota

We inherited our first sleep number bed 8 years ago. It only had 1 setting for both sides, but we loved it. So we bought a king size with dual controls and the adjustable base. Since then I have encouraged all my children to get a sleep number bed and we just bought one for our motor home. It has solved our back problems!

Jeanette Stoffregen
WAXAHACHIE , Texas (United States)

I love my sleep numb bed- this is my second one. Only had to buy a 2nd one because I remarried & went from a double to a Queen w/the motor on it. Love it ! I've had extensive back surgery & keep my bed number at 85 or 90 all the time. Fortunately both my husb & I use the same setting so we opted to get a single Queen size bladder & get rid of the middle foam dual seperater that is in the Queens size & up. Makes it even better/easier for sleeping with my back problems-my husb & I could then REALLY sleep right next to each other ! At 69yrs we really enjoyed that ! We also bought all our sheets & bed pads, etc & just love them. They wash nice & dry nice & wear nice. Bought  my bed & bedding in July 2010- still like new !

Patricia Reichley
Coopersburg , Pennsylvania

My first and only purchase so far is the best bed I have ever slept in. I have owned the Sleep Number since 2000. It has been very low maintenance. If I ever have a desire to replace my present bed it would be to upgrade my older model to todays standards.

Phil Loxckit
Colorado Springs , Colorado

I had back surgery 2 years before buying a SNB. Even though it had been 2 years since surgery, I still could not sleep on our old bed--I had to sleep on the couch. When my husband and I got the SNB, it immediately allowed me to sleep through the night. It has been my own personal miracle. We have had this bed 18 years now, and I have been thankful for it ever since. I tell everyone I know how it has helped me. Thanks, SNB.

Marjorie Bowron
Blairsville , Georgia

I have suffered from chronic back pain since 1997.It has been impossible for me to get comfortable on any mattress as my needs changed from night to night based on pain location and severity.The sleep number special edition with two inch cooling gel mattress pad has changed everything. I am able to customize the mattress as needed at any time.

McALLEN , Texas (United States)

I have a sleep number bed and I tell all my friends about it. They even tell me that when I go on vacation,I complain about my back and they say I am spoiled by my BED! And they are correct. I LOVE my bed and would not trade it for 1 million dollars!!

Brenda Palov
Jasper , Florida


SNOHOMISH , Washington

We have purchased 5 Sleep Number Mattresses in the past 8 or so years. We have upgraded 2 of them to the M7, one King and one Queen. We gave our daughters the old mattresses to enjoy. We love our new M7. We are a family with back problems and there is no other mattress that gives us a good night sleep. We not only enjoy the mattress, we also enjoy the pillows and comforter.

Debbie Davis
Ashland , Alabama (United States)

Was time for the hubby and I to buy a new mattress and my sister had recently purchased a sleep number bed and highly recommended that we give it a try.....well we did and now own a king p6 and love it! Sleeping so much better than our inner springs and so glad we spent the money. People say it is a lot to spend but for us it was money well spent!

debra mcdonald
mobile , Alabama (United States)

I'm 29 and I have had 3 back surgeries. I'm in pain 24-7. When I got my sleep number, my pain went down DRAMATICALLY! almost instantaneous! more so than any kind of physical therapy or pain management program. I will always be in pain with the condition i have. but this bed has made it much much more bearable for the first time EVER! with my back the way it is, some nights i need a little extra firmness to help repair the inflammation, some nights i feel ok and need a little more cushion. only a Sleep Number Bed can give me the options! best thing I have EVER owned! THANKS SLEEP NUMBER!

joseph dixon
poulsbo , Washington

The bed is incredible and the customer service is exceptional. When you have any challenges, they are right there to assist and resolve any issues.

Yardley Wang
West Milford , New Jersey

I was not satisfied with my bed and I will say the return policy was fair and prompt.

Patricia Nichols
Prairie Village , Kansas

This bed allowed me to sleep an entire night for the first time in years. My head hits the pillow and I dont wake up until morning. I used to toss and turn and get up in the middle of the night constantly. Now, my back doesn't hurt and I don't wake up anymore! I don't feel tired through out the day either! I love this bed, highly reccommend it to anybody having sleep problems. I am a true believer!!!

Diana La Venuta
Fredericksburg , Virginia (United States)

The Sleep Number bed was a Select Comfort bed the first time I purchased one. That was 1995. I don't think there is a bed on the market that can compete with Sleep Number for a good nights sleep on a very durable, high quality product. I am moving my first bed into a guest room. It is still in great condition. I slept on my new p5 bed last night. Pure delight. Great investment.

Shirley Day
Sacramento , California (United States)

The bed is awesome, when her dad first told us about it we didn't believe him. But after just a couple of nights sleeping on the bed, we no longer wake up sore. We no longer find it hard to move around when we wake up. We no longer toss and turn all night or wake up many times at night. The bed is so comfortable that at night if we wake to go to the bathroom, we don't want to at first. We wake up well rested and in a much better mood for the day ahead. Now all we can think is why didn't we do this sooner.....

Ray Walker
Wiggins , Mississippi (United States)

My husband Lonnie & I first got a P5 king, after a week I wanted to try a split king with the bed raising option. He did not think it would be something he would want, but he took me to the store. I tried it & made him come in. He just stood & watched me go up & down. Finally, he laid down & after 10 min.,Lonnie said lets put off the repair of my boat & get the bed. Now to me a man that will give up his Bass boat for a year really says how amazing that bed is. Being able to adjust the bed has taken pressure off of his hips. We both sleep better. I think this would make a good comercial. Nancy Cox, very satisfied coustomer.

Lonnie Cox
Garland , Texas (United States)

We have had our Sleep Number bed for almost 7 years and have really enjoyed it. Just a week ago we added the Dual Temp topper and my wife and I have never slept better. Thanks.

C. L. Sullivan
Clemmons , North Carolina

Love, love, love this bed. I'm a paramedic and I no longer have a good back. I have two of these beds and plan on buying a third for our new RV!

Lisa Howell
Claude , Texas

We have learned to love our Sleep Number bed. We constantly show it off to family and friends. My father-in-law was very excited to see how easy they are to install. He now plans to buy one since he can get a Queen Sleep Number bed upstairs in his farm house no other queen bed can do that!

Tim Wakefield
Harrisburg , South Dakota (United States)

This is our 2nd Sleep Number Bed. We love it, Our son loves his that we just bought for him.

Joanne Russell
Mon , Colorado

I was skeptical at first that a Sleep Number Bed could make a difference, but I was amazed at how well I slept, how quickly I went to sleep, and how well rested I was upon waking up. Sleep Number, why didn't I get you sooner?

Frank Roorda
South Bend , Indiana (United States)

I got the sleep number bed and it is helping me sleep much sounder and wake up more refreshed. Sleep number is 45. The only problem I had was our Chihuahua chewed off the power cord and I had to replace it.

Bruce Schweitzer
Lakeland , Florida (United States)

Since purchasing Sleep Number bed, my husband and I both sleep better than we ever have!!

Laurie Kessler
Chicago , Illinois

I was a truck driver for 23 yrs. hard work for a woman. My back is a constant pain . The sleep number has helped a whole lot. I've been able to get off pain medicine , since receiving my bed . My sleep number is 50.

Joy Berstecher
Ti or c. , New Mexico

I was a truck driver for 23 yrs. hard work for a woman. My back is a constant pain . The sleep number has helped a whole lot. I've been able to get off pain medicine , since receiving my bed . My sleep number is 50.

Joy Berstecher
Ti or c. , New Mexico

My first Sleep Number bed was 15 yrs. old and I started looking for a new bed. Shopped all brands and went back to Sleep Number. This new bed, the i8, is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I travel a lot and sleep on a lot of different beds. This bed is #1! Customer Service made the purchase a real pleasure and could not have been better.

Darthe Erickson
Denton , Texas

My husband and I have had our bed and pillows for 2 weeks we love them both and will never own any other kind. On our old coil mattress I suffered from lower back pain and he suffered upper back pain but by the second night on our sleep number we found our perfect number and neither of us has had any pain since. We highly recommend sleep number.

Stacy P

Thanks to Howard he was very helpful & took his time, even though it was a phone order. I had checked items on line & then called store to place order. Purchased Sleep Number bed a few years ago & love it.

Joyce P-K
Naperville , Illinois

Purchased my first bed several years ago, then purchased a second one for the guest room. No problems with air leakage, visitor will adjust the bed for their comfort, had no complaints from anyone. Will definitely buy this bed again, well worth the money.

John Turner
Tacoma , Washington

Before Sleep Number, I was experiencing leg pain at night from lower back problems.. With Sleep Number and the personal adjustable feature, I sleep like a baby -- no more pain at night. I just wish I could take my Sleep Number with me when I travel :-)

Dana Floyd
Bentonville , Arkansas

I had a severe lower back injury and sleeping in the fetal position was making it worse. I was told I had to sleep on my back and tried two body pillows to no avail. The first night with my sleep number flex bed I was able to sleep on my back for the first time in my life! I woke up pain free! Thank you sleep number.

Pam Chase
Bend , Oregon

We are sleeping in our second Sleep Number Bed--passed the first one to our daughter when we bought a King Size. Now, I am purchasing a bed for our son. We have been loyal customers since 1999 . Once, while shopping at an out of town mall, my back hurt. Couldn't find a bench, so I went into Select Comfort and laid down--I helped sell two beds while I was lying there.

Sharon Baker
Annapolis , Maryland

My wife and I have tried the best Tempurpedic, Serta, and Beautyrest Black in the last 4 months. Then we bought the Sleep Number with new Dual Temp Layer and have seen the difference it made. We also use the new cooling pad for the pillow which works great. I have major lumbar spine problems that have exhausted surgery but this bed has improved my sleep greatly. Ronald E. Whitford, DVM

Ronald Whitford
Clarksville , Tennessee (United States)

We got a king split with the adjustable foundation.....FANTASTIC !!!! I had not been able to sleep in a bed for months... because of back problems. From the first night, slept all night and every night. Sheets....another story !!! They 'feel' really great...but...they are the most wrinkled and worse looking sheets we have ever had. Second set are NO better.

Dalton Hills
Moore , South Carolina

We love our sleep number. We woke up the first morning after sleeping a full 8 hours with NO PAIN in our lower backs. I also stopped snoring. Raleigh 70 Denise 35

Raleigh Harris
Novi , Michigan (United States)

This is by far the best bed I've ever owned and I've had plenty. I raved about the excellent customer service on facebook and 3 of my friends are going to purchase it because of my testimony. Never woke up with any aches or pains while sleeping on this bed. Never will I get any other type of mattress. Thank you Sleep Number.

Susan Fletcher
Allentown , New Jersey

My Sleep Number Bed literally saved my life!! In 2011, I had two neck and back surgeries back to back and if it were not for my sleep number and flex fit adjustable bed, and my cool fit pillow, and body pillow, I would not have been able to tolerate the excruciating pain I suffered through. THANK YOU SLEEP NUMBER!

ORLANDO , Florida

We bought a Sleep Number Bed and I can't believe we didn't buy it sooner. You can adjust it from soft or hard. It can give you the best sleep ever .We love it.

WEATHERLY , Pennsylvania (United States)

I have struggled with health problems for years and my previous mattress always had me waking up with a horrible sore and stiff back. Sleep number has finally allowed me to sleep through the night and wake up without more back pain.

Ellyessa Naillon
TAHOE CITY , California (United States)

We took delivery of our new sleep number bed yesterday and had my first full nights rest in the past 5 years. We've definitely traded up from our memory foam bed!

Robert Probach
Saint Paul , Minnesota (United States)

I have had my C4 bed for 6 days now and I am LOVING it! Since getting my new bed, I have been sleeping soundly, through the night 7-8 hours. I have not been able to do that in a very long time. My advice to anyone considering a new mattress, GET ONE! You will not regret it.

dianne campbell
warwick , Rhode Island

My husband & I have been looking at the sleep number beds. We were able to get entire bed & frame, exactly what we wanted & within our price budget. We paid $ 400 more for our last mattress & had been disappointed. We waited 90 days to comment on our bed. We are so pleased, only wished we did this sooner. I have back problems & spend a lot of time in bed, so I am able to adjust the firmness to my needs that night. Yes we are very happy and sleeping great!!

patricia blackburn
osborn , Missouri

My husband and I had bought very inexpensive mattresses previously, back pain and fatigue were always an issue. We love our sleep number and wonder now why we waited so long.

Ann Hamill
Sacramento , California

We have had our bed since 2004 and we talk about how much we like it with friends and family on a regular basis. Definately do no regret this investment.

Dawn DeBoer
Spencer , Iowa (United States)

My husband and I have never slept as well as we sleep on our sleep number bed. My husband's sleep number is 60 and mine is 45. We both love it! We never wake up with a backache anymore. This is one of the best investments we have ever made.

Deb Romero
Longmont , Colorado (United States)

I wish we had purchased this bed months ago. we dont wake up to back pain in the morning.

sharon mccreary
indianapolis , Indiana (United States Minor Outlying Islands)

I have back problems and assumed I should be on a firmer higher number. I am very surprised that I am so comfortable on a low number. My sleep number is 25 and my husbands is 35.

Gina Conrad
Canyon Country , California

We purchased a sleep number bed 4 yrs ago. For years I would have to put ice packs on my back each morning. Several back issues. However, the first night on the sleep number I did not have to use ice and have not to this day. I have referred 5 other customers and they all purchased sleep number beds. I recommend this bed highly and the store in Canton Ohio has great customer service

Nancy Secrest
Caldwell , Ohio

I had abdominal surgery almost a year ago and haven't slept well since...until I got my Sleep Number. I took delivery 5 days ago and I feel refreshed and awake. No more body aches and headaches. I bought a P5 with a cool comfort 2 sleeping on a cloud. I love going to bed again!!

Theresa Hulback
Gurnee , Illinois (United States)

My husband and I love our sleep number bed we held off getting one for a long time. The testimonials made me wonder if I would like it but I can tell you that with the guarantee and the product backing you sould try it. I have had back surgery and would wake with pain before the bed now I am slleping through the night and wake with no pain.

Gail Jackson
Vandalia , Ohio (United States)

I am a chronic pain patient that has a hard time sleeping. My new bed has made a fantastic difference in the way I sleep. I sleep longer without the need to get up to walk the floor. Also, I wake up with less aches in the morning. Thanks Sleep Number.

Donna Wheeler
PARADISE , California

What took me so long, to get this bed? Sleeping on this bed is like sleeping on clouds .

Connie Holcombe
Alpharetta , Georgia (United States)

Let me tell you a little story, I bought a sleep number bed about 8 years ago I loved it, but last year someone convinced me to buy a tempurpedic bedgave my # bed to brother, so I did. I had trouble with my neck never had trouble before from the first day, even bought recommended pillows, never helped, long story short, I'm going back to new sleep number bed the price of both beds are about the same, but the quality and service from sleep number bed is superior. Thanks

Greta Wilkinson
Crossville , Tennessee

10 years ago I bought my King Sleep Number Bed. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. My daughter now owns one told me they sleep through the alarms sometimes because they are in such a deep sleep. I tell everyone looking for a new bed to get one. I'm hoping to get 10-20 more years out of this bed. I love the pillows too.

Debra Magoon
West Chicago , Illinois

My backache was relieved after the first night!

Tony Burgan
Tempe , Arizona

I'm in love with our sleep number bed. My number is 50 and my husband's is 70, we are both sleeping better than ever. I just had a baby and this bed was a miracle during pregnancy. It was so nice to be able to adjust the mattress to my changing body. I used to have a lot of hip and leg pain due to our old mattress being to firm, and my husband would wake with a sore back. Now we both sleep well and wake feeling great!

Kristen Von Gerichten
Kirkwood , Missouri (United States)

We shopped around for a new bed. We could have paid any price. We were sold on Sleep Number and have not backed up on that one bit. The bed is good and does what was promised. We highly recommend this product to all.

john hagins
independence , Missouri

I bought my sleep number bed in January 2013. I've waited these two months before giving a review to make sure that I had enough time to write a fair assessment of my bed. I am 70 years old with leg problems. My bed has not cured my leg problems, but it has allowed me to sleep through the night without my leg pain waking me up 2 or 3 times. I was hesitant at first because of the cost but now review this as an investment worth every penny. I have recommended this bed to family and friends. This is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, which spans many beds in 70 years!

Lawrence Halter
Goose Creek , South Carolina (United States)

I have been sleeping on this bed for about 4 weeks. I sleep at #40 and am loving it! My right hip has been a pain for a year or so. This bed/pillow combo has really made a difference. I sleep through the night....which is a new thing for me. Thanks so much Sleep Number!

Kathy McMillen
Davenport , Iowa (United States)

We just bought the I have the innovation-series limited edition bed. It was on sale which allowed us to upgrade from our more basic model we have had for over a decade. I am disabled with chronic pain, intractable migraines, fibromyalgia and more, so I spend most of my time in bed. This new bed is wonderful. I am in less pain my joints were aching for hours after waking from the old bed and we both sleep so deeply now. We paid cash a decade ago for the first bed, it was so much money it took me 6 mos to feel like it was a good choice. This time we didn't even go to a store, we saw the bed, the sale and immediately bought it online. If could only have one piece of furniture in my house this would be it. We have never regretted spending the money, as a good nights sleep is rare for both of us my husband has sleep apnea. The sale did allow us to buy a bed we could have never afforded otherwise. I have been converting friends and strangers to sleep number for over a decade!! Thank you so much!

Shawn Hastings
Minneapolis , Minnesota

My husband and I have always wanted to try a Sleep Number bed because of our bad backs. In the past we bought the most expensive beds out there and still we woke up with back pain.We decided to just go for it and try the Sleep Number. Since we bought our Sleep Number we have had no morning back pain at all! It is amazing! We were so impressed and happy! My husband tells me he wouldn't take a million dollars for it. Also when he takes his hunting trips he dreads the beds that he has to sleep on and he misses his Sleep Number more than me I think! He can't wait to get home to his own bed! We love our Sleep Number and wouldn't trade it for anything! Well maybe for a King size Sleep Number but that is the only way. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it !

Evelyn Matula
Cleveland , Texas (United States)

I love my sleep number bed ! Would loved to have purchased the adjustable base for beds but too expensive. As far as the mattress goes its great. We are hoping someday the bed base goes on sale. Then we plan to purchase it also.

sally mehalko
kane , Pennsylvania (United States)

After back, neck and hip surgery the sleep number bed is the only one I have gotten a full night of sleep on. It is the best thing that has happened. It also suits my husband who likes a firm mattress. Actually our best investment for health.

Fay Polvi
Fairhope , Alabama (United States)

We have been Select Comfort customers since 1993. We have reccomended your products to many friends and relatives who have purchased their own beds and love them too. We will always be your loyal customers and fully appreciate your excellent customer service.

Rick Wasserman
Conway , South Carolina

I have the innovation-series limited edition bed and i just want to say that my back is all the better for it! I stand up straight when i get out of bed and my back feels great, i am sleeping better and longer. I am so very pleased that my husband purchased this gift for me.

katherine moody
waukegan , Illinois

My morning back pain has disappeared!!! No more waking in the night used to be several times with back pain. The mattress is incredible in that it has virtually fixed my back, which means great nights sleep, again and again and again. Best investment we have made in 32 years of marriage lol

Stephen Zanca
Brooksville , Florida (United States)

we bought our bed several years ago and you'd have to beat me to death to take my extended queen size bed away from me. i had back surgery a few years after we got our bed and i couldn't remmeber when i'd had such a good nights sleep. and i'd tell anyone to go to a store and try one out . what have you got to loose. it will change your life.

clifton pendergrass
bastrop , Louisiana

Bought our mattress in 1994 and are still convinced it was the BEST purchase ever! Called last week to report a leak in one of the chambers and was amazed by the competence and friendliness of Jon W. After Mr. Jon verified we were still under the 20 year warranty he immediately said a new one was being shipped to us. Thank you all for providing us with a great product! Reny Ryan

Reny Ryan
Pleasant Hill , California

Purchased the M7 as a result of the total relaxation experienced while testing at the store. It took a solid 5-6 weeks to break-in the memory foam and find my sleep number, but OMG! what a dream sleep experience now!

Susan Sutter
Fairfield , California (United States)

After having a king sleep number bed for 16 years, we finally upgraded and purchased the silver limited edition bed set on sale. The no interest for 18 months was the clincher...We are totally pleased with the purchase as customer service was exceptional and we received the bed in 4 days. I also put it together myself in just about 1 hour to surprise my husband. Great deal, great bed, excellent nights sleep. It's totally worth the price..

Patricia Dobis
Kalispell , Montana

I screwed up my original order and customer service was very helpful with my reordering. My special thanks to suprevisor Andy. This is my second sleep number bed They made a lot of changes and improvements that get a little getting used to, but all in all it was for the best. I have still have the first one but it its too big for me now. Sincerly Lillian Prio

Lillian Prio
Chicago , Illinois

The warming pad works to keep us warm in the winter and on low is just right to take the chill off the bed before we get in. Its a nice addition for winter along with pima sheets. We took the temperature sheets and pad off so the warming pad would not affect the use of the balance sheets or pad for this summer. Thanks sleep number for the products.

Scott McKenzie
Amarillo , Texas (United States)

My husband has had three back surgeries. We purchased our Sleep Number bed almost ten years ago. It is the best bed we have ever had and we are both senior citizens. We would not consider any other bed.

Wilma L Vant Hoff
Wilmington , Delaware

I have to admit i was skeptical at first, having numerous bad experiences with inner springs in the past i purchased the p5 sleep number. I am 470 pounds and go through mattresses like you could not imagine. So far, after one week i am extremely satisfied and beyond. Stay tuned for my three month update.

Anton Mraz
Round lake beach , Illinois

My husband has a really bad back and for years has taken three extra strength bayer for his pain. Since the first night of sleeping on our sleep number bed he hasn't felt any pain at all! Best purchase ever.

Jessica & Kyle

We've had a Sleep Number bed for 15 years & just upgraded. We have one in our travel trailer & wouldn't sleep on anything else. Hate having to stay in motels without our comfortable mattress. My whole family & some of our friends also own a Sleep Number Bed.

Cathy Wordelman
Three Rivers , Michigan (United States)

This is our second bed and my husband and I both have back trouble he said he sleeps much better and so do I . I highly recomend , and have done so to other people.

Charlene Wendt
St. Charles , Missouri

We purchased an E King 5000 pillow top dual control in 2007 and our son bought a c3 full size in 2009. We are all still very happy with our beds. Our son had spine surgery and a lot of leg pain after. Once he purchased the sleep number bed his leg pain went away! All spine surgeons should be aware and recommend! Awesome beds!

Petersburg , Virginia (United States)

About twelves years ago we purchased our first sleep number bed and loved it. When we went on vacation, we couldn't wait to return back home to our bed. Recently we purchased the m7 flex fit with the adjustable base. Love, love, love it. I just returned home from the hospital after having back surgery and can't imagine what I would have done without this bed. It gives me the support I need to release the pressure from the point of where I have stitches. I can' say enough about this bed. I highly recommend to all. The sleep number bed is the only bed for us. Rich and Helena Pettit

Richard Pettit
White plains , Maryland (United States)

I love my bed! My number is 45. I would recommend this bed to anyone, bad back or not!

Marilyn Purcell
Richfield Springs , New York (United States)

I am a huge Sleep Number fan, I just purchased my 4th one. and would never consider another bed!

Deborah Sweetman
Fort Bragg , California (United States)

After six years of trying various mattresses and sleeping in a recliner due to multiple back problems, we recently bought the Sleep Number. For the first time in ten years, I wake up every morning pain free. Love our Sleep Number !!

Lisa Kennedy
Schenectady , New York

My Husband and I had terrible back pain and hip pain and hence we got our sleep number.  we could not ask for anything better. No Back Pain. Everyone should get one. Love It!!

Dana Ludwig
Martinsburg , West Virginia (United States)

I have had my bed since 12-14-05 and would not trade it for any other. All beds in my home are air beds. Thank you Sleep Number. Charlie Caruso

Charlie Caruso
Orangevale , California (United States)

We had a queen size sleep number but recently purchased a king size. It brings a whole new meaning to sleep comfort. I would recommend it to anyone. Sorry we did't buy the king size sooner.

Marilyn Ball
Inver Grove Heights , Minnesota

For more than 30 years we slept on a Beautyrest mattress but not until we bought our Sleep Number bed had we ever slept in such comfort. Thanks for this premier product. Cathy B, Dallas, TX

Cathy Bolton
Dallas , Texas (United States)

I would never take time to write except this was the best buying experence I have ever had. Start to finish. Salesman to delivery. The saleman listened and the delivery guys treated my house like they cared. I can not believe the quality of the first nights sleep. Highly reccomend Sleep number.

Tim Passon
Blainq , Minnesota

I have friends and family who own sleep number beds. They tell me how great the beds are but I never appreciated how good till I purchased one myself. My bed is a C-2 and the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on.....Thanks Sleep Number!

Sandra Wildin
Ash Flat , Arkansas (United States)

Once you have experienced sleep number products, you will realize what you have been missing in your life. The quality of sleep makes a huge difference in your health. A sleep number bed will change your life forever.

Kim Hattaway
Owens Cross Roads , Alabama (United States)

For 39 years I slept on an innerspring mattress because my wife is old fashioned and thought they were better. I bought a Sleep Number bed and for the first time in my life I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and with no back pain.

Steven Tenner
Boynton Beach , Florida (United States)

Just experienced what was probably the BEST customer service I've ever received in my whole entire life. Sleep Number, you made my day!

Lelia McCloud
Birmingham , Alabama

We have owned the Sleep Number split king bed with adjustable base for one year now. It is, without reservation, the most comfortable bed we have owned in our 46 years of marriage and housekeeping. The comfort and versatility of the bed is without equal. One exceptional high point are the pillows. When used according to manufacturers recommendation you will not be disappointed.

Calvin Nelson
Eclectic , Alabama (United States)

It was just time to get a new bed. We purchased a Standard Queen Size and it is just plain wonderful!

Tim McNinch
Sterling , Illinois (United States)

My wife and I both have bad backs and purchased a sleep number bed from QVC years ago. I have not had back problems in the morning since. Iifes great and I would never purchase anyother bed or mattress.

Jim Gordon
West Chester , Pennsylvania

It has been more than a week since we got the beds and we both see the difference in our sleep patterns. We sleep longer and do not wake in the middle of night with back pain. I wish I had got it earlier.

Hina Pathak
parkland , Florida

This bed replaced our old Select Comfort bed that we purchased 20 years ago. Our old bed is still in great shape and we will still use it in our home. The new Silver Edition Bed gives us a great nights sleep. We purchased the pillows to go along with it. They are wonderful as well. We love our Sleep number bed!

William Rudy
East Syracuse , New York

Our new sleep member bed is the best decision we have made in years. Great individual support at a level that works for my wife and me. Far better quality of sleep and superior support for a back problem that i have had for decades. Don't hesitate, buy this product, it WILL make a difference.

Dani Apple
Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

Our new sleep member bed is the best decision we have made in years. Great individual support at a level that works for my wife and me. Far better quality of sleep and superior support for a back problem that i have had for decades. Don't hesitate, buy this product, it WILL make a difference.

Dani Apple
Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

Bought my bed about 5 years ago. I was appalled at the cost. It was the best money I ever spent. You can't put a price on a good nights sleep. My hubby is more than a foot taller than me and 100 pounds heavier.This suits both of us. We love the bed. I just lost 25 pounds and was able to adjust my number accordingly. Would recommend this.

Mary Kling
Lititz , Pennsylvania

my husband and i had 5 beds in 12 years before our sleep number bed. we both wake up without back pain and strongly recommend a sleep number bed to everyone. it's the only bed we both agree on and the most comfortable we've had.

lori j hartman
apopka , Florida (United States)

We just got our i8 sleep number bed and love it! The very first night we found our sleep number, 35 for both of us. I would recommend this bed to anyone, and the guys who delivered and set it up were wonderful, polite and answered my questions, I had no problem setting my number with the remote. I also love the fill button where you can fill both sides when not in use...

Wisconsin (United States)

I've had my adjustable sleep # bed for a week. I can't describe how much I love it!! No other bed before, can't say enough about it.

Karen Subaitis
Indian Head Pk. , Illinois (United States)

Since purchasing my sleep number bed, I am sleeping longer and not waking up with backaches. I have also noticed that my hip pain and legs do not ache anymore throughout the day. I would reccommend the sleep number bed to anyone.

Lance Strecker
Overland Park , Kansas

c2 is a great product. Personally I think this is an ingenious put-together item. I'm impressed by the quality. My husband constantly complained of his aching back with our Serta mattress. Now he has no more pain.

Marlene Luhr O'Connor
Tucson , Arizona (United States)

I've told dozens of friends and family members about the relief from back pain that I've had since our purchase only a month ago. This is the first time in years I am able to wake up every morning pain-free!

Patricia Gonsalves
Sacramento , California (United States)

We love our Sleep Number bed. WE just sleep so good on it. I also bought a new pillow last Fall and It took some getting use to, but just love it. I sleep so good at night and NO more neck problems. That was money well spent!

Donna Badtram
WBurlington , Iowa (United States)

We have had our Sleep number bed for over 5 years and I have never woken up with back pain. Our old bed always made my back stiff. My wife love, love, loves this bed. I would buy the pillow top model if I would do it again.

Ryan Mathena
Rochester , Washington

I have severe arthritis in my neck and spine and was waking up throughout the night to try to get comfortable. I woke up with stiffness and pain. Unfortunately, it took a long time for my husband and I to commit to a Sleep Number mattress. I now sleep through the night without interruption and wake up without the usual aches and pains. I wish we would have bought a Sleep Number years ago.

Jean Schmidt
Nashville , Tennessee

I bought the P8 King size. The price was a concern, but after the first night of the best sleep I've every had, the price was well worth it. I promise you this is the best investment you will ever make in a mattress!! I have issues with my back, and have never been comfortable on any mattress until this one. It's truly AMAZING!! Go buy one, then write me a thank you note. Enjoy!

Melinda Butler
Rosamond , California

We have had our bed 10 yrs. recently our display on the wireless remote was missing some of the display of the numbers. When I contacted customer service it was a pleasant experience. No hassles, pleasant/helpful customer service rep, immediate resolution .. My new remote is in the mail. We love our bed and the warranty is for real!

Jane P
Nevada , Iowa

Thought about this purchase for a long time. I have a bad back and usually wake up feeling really sore. This was my first night, and although it took me a while to fall asleep, I definitely felt a difference for the better in the way my back felt. Good decision.

Pat Kelly
New Fairfield , Connecticut

My husband and I are thrilled with our new King size Sleep Number Bed. My husband has back problems and I have not been able to sleep through the night for 18 years. Last night we both slept through the night.. My husband gets up very very early. I didn't feel him get up. Wonderful!!

Carolyn Ianncelli
Glassboro , New Jersey

The sleep number bed is terrific. I recommend to anyone who has back problems. I want to compliment the Customer Service area which was very responsive from my original chat inquiry to a follow up call upon receipt of my replacement pump unit. The experience has been very satisfying.

Carol Johnston
Bedford , Kentucky

My wife and I had a wonderful experience as soon as we walked into the Sleep Number store. The Man was so perfessional, helpful, and it was like we knew each other for a long time. No pressure at all! We purchased a Sleep Number, pillows and bedding. Because of the salesman and the awesome discounts for a great product. Can not wait until I can finally sleep on our new purchase. Thanks Sleep Number!!!

Marietta , Georgia


BISMARCK , North Dakota

After the great experience with our King size purchase and the elimination of my back problems we wanted to share that comfort with my aging mother. We are living commercials of the comfort worth the cost.

Debra Springborn
Yorkville , Illinois

Before our Sleep Number bed my back hurt in the morning. I couldn't sleep through the night due to the mattress motion of my husband turning, and I even woke myself up having to turn over. No more back pain and restlessness - just peaceful, comfortable, blessed sleep! It's a quality product that we've had years of sleep on. We now own 3 queen Sleep Number beds - guests and family love them. One more thing - so easy to make the bed and move it if you need to.

Donna Smith
Georgetown , Maine

Well I wouldn't Believe that a Sleep # bed Works as they say. But BELIEVE IT IT DOES. I've slept with pain for years, in a higher costing bed,and after2 weeks I'm pain free. FOR REAL

Lou Lucatelli
East Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania (United States)

I have had 3 back surgerys and always woke up with back pain until we recieved our sleep number, I have not had any back pain in the mornings. If someone would come and take my bed away from me they would have a fight on there hands, I love my sleep number.

South Dakota

The Sleep Number Split King solved the problem of his and hers autonomous comfort settings, so we are both completely happy. The sleep number system has definitely alleviated back pain for my husband, the primary mission of this purchase. While being well supported, there is the feeling of being suspended in a hammock between two coconut trees, as you gently drift off to sleep. It is a remarkable system that I would recommend to anyone.

Linda Balk
Lake Worth , Florida (United States)

We have owned a sleep number bed since 2006 and never want any other bedding. In fact, we have purchased a 2nd bed in the last year for our new bedroom. Our backs always hurt and were stiff in the morning BEFORE the sleep number bed. Now, no more back pain and a good restful night's sleep! Thank you!!!

Deborah Van Bibber
Pigeon , West Virginia

Before I purchased my sleep number bed, i used to wake up 2 times a night and in the morning have a sore back. I wake up now feeling rested and no more aches and pains. I love my sleep number.

Doris Leonard
Huber Heights , Ohio

Before I purchased my sleep number bed, i used to wake up 2 times a night and in the morning have a sore back. I wake up now feeling rested and no more aches and pains. I love my sleep number.

Doris Leonard
Huber Heights , Ohio

I recently fell and injured my coccyx. The pain is excruciating and I have been very thankful for my bed. I had to lower the number because of the pain. I took a chance and raised the number to 40 a couple of nights ago and slept better. Thank heaven for Sleep Number

Claudette Martin
Pembroke PInes , Florida

My wife and I have slept on a Sleep Number bed since 2005. We both struggle with sciatica and I suffer with restless leg syndrome and the nighttime effects of type II diabetes. The Sleep Number bed has been the answer to all our sleep-related issues. We could not be happier.

SHAWNEE , Kansas

Thank you sleep number, my partner and I are very happy with our sleep number mattress, my number is 100 and his number is 37 to 50. The fact that each of us can adjust our side of the bed to our personal grade of comfort is amazing. We sleep in the same bed, yet each of us has a different level of comfort. We have recommended you to all our friends. Thank you

Patricio Camacho
Long Beach , California

Just purchased our third sleep number bed. We had a Cal King in our home. A queen in our motorhome and just moved our regular Cal-King to our second bedroom and purchased a split Cal-King. Love sleep number beds!!!!

Charlene and Ed Roth
Napa , California

This is our 2nd sleep number bed and we love it. We would highly recommend the bed to friends and family!

Bertina Myers
Fleming Island , Florida

We've had top of the line sealy posturepedic, and we have had nothing but problems with comfort. Increasing back pain, fall into a hole, the coils do not hold up. When we bought the sleep number, my husband hasn't slept this good in months, no back pain for either, maintains it's firmness. I don't fall into a hole. Never felt so good and slept so good in a long time.

Judi Wildman
Cooper City , Florida

Sience receiving our bed when have been able to rest comfortable. I am the hardest to please because I am the person that sleep in the new bed who can feel the pea under 8 mattersses. but have very comfortable since we brought the Sleep Number bed. Thank you Sleep Number.

Georgie Alexander
Glenwood , Illinois (United States)

i tried memory foam and water bed and sleep number is the only bed that lets me sleep and wake up without back pain . bill.

bill gay
pleasant hill , Iowa

My spouse was having back and hip problems when we decided to check out the sleep number beds. To say in short she doesn't have any issues with her back or hips anymore. She looks refreshed and energetic, Thank you.

ivory robinson
Memphis , Tennessee (United States)

I still have some back problems but it is alot better with the sleep number bed. I do sleep through the night now and that is wonderful.

paul murphy
Hilliard , Ohio (United States)

I have COPD and spinal stenosis, and rarely awake without severe lower back pain and shortness of breath. Since using a Sleep Number Bed I not only sleep comfortable all night, but have no back pain when I awake in the morning.

Marshall Ostrow
Cordova , Tennessee

Our Sleep Number bed purchase proved to be the end of the Tempurpedic nightmare of poor sleep and nagging, constant back ache. This product is well worth the investment, goodbye back pain!

William Moore
San Jose , California (United States)

My husband and I are beyond satisfied with our mattress. We have had it for just under a year and have never slept better. Our sleep numbers are completely opposite, we had previously had a top of the line memory foam mattress and my husband hated it. These beds are expensive but WELL worth the investment!

Alison Geary
Jacksonville , Florida

Just recieved our P5 bed yesterday: Ahhhhh....heaven! Assembled myself, I found the instructions to be short on information: which side is up for the base rails, correct direction to face the platforms when sliding them on. Worked out correctly, and love love love the bed!

Ron D

The sleep number bed has benefited us both, helped my husband to sleep better due to his shoulder problems and for the first time in years, I now wake up without lower back pain. Amazing.

Jody Allen
Spokane , Washington (United States)

From the first night we have enjoyed the Sleep by Numbers. My number is set at 40 and my husband's at 35. We also purchased the adjustable head and foot risers. This could be one of the best decisions we've made, and we absolutely love the entire bed.

Shirley H Pfeiffer
Waretown , New Jersey (United States)

I love my new Sleep Number bed! The product is wonderful, but the follow up customer service has won a fan for life! Thanks for caring about my comfort AFTER the sale!

Deb Willoughby
Westbrook , Maine

Best sleep I have had in years. My husband likes soft and I like firm so this is the ideal bed for us. I have recommended to family and friends that this bed is the only way to go.

Cathy Cain
Tyrone , Oklahoma (United States)

Our new bed came yesterday we had a select comfort for 14 years and loved it. I can't wait to figure out my sleep number!!!!

Alice Reissmann
Bangor , Michigan (United States)

We have owned our Select Comfort mattress for 8 years. When I called the service department, they promptly resolved my problem by exceeding my highest expectations of your company. We will always have a good word for Select Comfort.

Conway , Arkansas

Earlier this year my husband and I purchased the i10. Although I am not one to write reviews, I must say that we are VERY happy with our choice. It is the most comfortable bed we have ever had. It may have been a bit on the expensive side, but it was money well spent. Wish we had done this 20 years ago....

Elaine Peters
Hallowell , Maine (United States)

Everything about Sleep number bed is perfect! From the Sales person in store, to the delivery crew who let you know they are on thier way and inform you of eveything when they arrive, and of course the bed itself! Before when i use to wake up i would have aches and pains, but now i just wake up relaxed and so comfortable sometimes i don't want to get out of bed.

Valoree Pacheco
Dixon , California

This was definately worth the investment. Sleeping sounder, longer, deeper already. Great Job and the service so far has been top notch!

Jeff Robertson
Lincoln , Nebraska

This is my second Sleep Number purchase. My first purchase was 16 years ago and the bed was called the Select Comfort. This is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. So, I never even considered another brand when I decided to purchase another bed. We will continue to use the 'old' bed in our guest room.

Debra Hunt
Hollywood , Maryland

we made the leap and we're glad we did! Our new Sleep Number bed has been heavenly to sleep on! My husband has back and hip issues and he is already feeling relief. Thank you!

Kathy Powell
Largo , Florida (United States)

We are THRILLED with our purchase of our Sleep Number Bed! It is like being held every night when you lay down! I look forward to going to bed now and wake up feeling wonderful!

Kristin Ayler
Cincinnati , Ohio

My wife and I recently Purchased a king Silver Edition. We are both 47, and both have had back and neck surgeries. While the bed hasn't cured our backs, it sure is nice to have the option of adjusting the firmness of our mattress, and look forward to going to bed each night.

John Smoker
Cumberland City , Tennessee (United States)

I bought the king size I8. I love this bed! It took me months to decide on this bed mainly due to price, but I bought it about 9 months ago and I love it! We also have a Temper Pedic Rhappsody in our home.......don't like it the foam is hot! I highly recommend the I 8 series!

Teresa Long
Mooresville, IN , Indiana (United States)

When I was about 7 months pregnant with baby #4, I waddled into the Select Comfort store and asked to get a new number. Naturally their awesome customer service reigned and I left with hope for a better night. Just yesterday now 39weeks pregnant with baby #5 I woke up and for a fleeting moment, forgot that I was pregnant! The bed is THAT comfortable.

Kristin Johnson
Deltona , Florida

After 56 years of marriage and 12 different mattress' we finally found the RIGHT mattress that fits both of our needs. Sleep Number bed enables both of us a great nights sleep.

Gene and Darlene Russell
Battle Ground , Washington

Very impressed, bought sleep number to replace old temprepedic bed we have had for years. Bed mattress cover was hot at first but found out that sleep number had mattress cover that let's you sleep cool. Traded mattress cover for cool pad, had the first night with a full 8hours. First time in years. Bed number is now 45, more than what I experienced in store. All staff that I have been in contact between Victoria on line answer and in store employees in south lake tx store have been treated us wonderfully.

Marcie Smith
Roanoke , Texas

This is, by far, the best bed we have ever had!

Will Eriksen
Cocoa , Florida (United States)

I struggled for years with agonizing pain and lack of sleep, so bad that I was put on medication to sleep. With my new Sleep Number bed I have been able to sleep soundly without waking up at all. Best Purchase I have ever made.

Christina Landreth
Tucson , Arizona (United States)

It's the greatest invention since the wheel. I can't get a good nights sleep without it.

Evelyn Henning
Villas , New Jersey

Due to surgery 36 years ago, I cannot comfortably sit in bed for more than a few hours. This makes it difficult at those times that I am sick and bed bound. Couple that with 3 cervical herniations sustained 3 years ago and you can understand that I toss and turn all night. I currently have the flu and have been in bed for 5 days, only up for very short periods. I am sick but my back and neck feel great, no more tossing and turning! My bed was delivered just in time. Kudos

Susan Murdico
Pompano Beach , Florida

After doing months of research about mattresses, I came to the best solution. The Sleep Number bed. No other mattress gives me and my wife the flexibility to change firmness. Also, since the bed is modular the pillow top or any other part can be changed when it wears out. Investigate for yourself. Sleep Number is the best choice! BTW, we've had ours for 8 years and still love it.

VALENCIA , California (United States)

Just back from 3 wks in Turkey-beds come up to below knee and on the hard side. Soo glad to get back to my Sleep Number cloud with warming layer-I love my bed!!! My number is 60, husband is 30.You see why we hated our traditional beds

Indianapolis , Indiana

After landing in the emergency room with severe lower back pain that I have been suffering with for years, this was a natural step. Happy to say that I have been pain free ever since. Its probably been about seven years, and it still feels the same as day one. So happy with it, that we recently purchased one for our 12 year old son. Could'nt be happier. Thanks, Ken.

nick petrishen
natrona heights , Pennsylvania

We bought a sleep number bed a few years ago, and we are still telling friends and family about it! It was the best money we ever spent.....stopped my husband from weekly chiropractor visits!! We will never have another bed!

Jamie and Lee Hollowell
Hurdle Mills , North Carolina

We've had our sleep number bed for almost 18 years. I love this bed. I travel alot and have to sleep in normal beds. I don't sleep well at all. I wish Sleep Number beds could find their way into hotel chains. Our bed is so comfortable that 4 of our 5 dogs and 2 of our cats sleep with us and it is still firm enough for both of us. Fortunately, they don't complain about our number choices!!!

Mardi LaForce
Batavia , Ohio (United States)

I purchased my queen sleep number bed over 13 years ago and it is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned no sore spots my number is 35 since I am alone now I called customer service to see about a single chamber and it was a wonderful experience working with them to assist what I requested. I worked in customer service and I must say it was a pleasure whether in the store or on the phone. I would give the product and service a 10 plus. Thank you so much. I will be purchasing another bed soon.

Dorothy Cason
Brandon , Florida

We purchased our Sleep Number bed 12 years ago 2001 when it was still called the Select Comfort bed. It is the best, most comfortable bed we have ever owned and we would not consider any other bed type if we have to replace this one. We just visited the Sleep Number store for the first time since the original purchase to replace pillows and mattress pad, plus a worn base coverlet attacked by our cat. We eliminated all the back pain we used to have before buying this bed soon after first using it. It also is very comfortable and warm on cold nights.

Bill Callahan
Sunnyvale , California

I have had two back surgeries the last one was with insturmentation.I now require a hard bed, my wife likes hers soft this bed will do this. some days I hurt and I can raise my head and feet relieving pressure. There is no other bed on the market that will do this with a customer service department second to none.

jim Howard
Bakersfield , California (United States)

After spending years getting out of bed with a sore back we purchased our Sleep Number a couple of years ago. The back problems? GONE!

Sue Gumm
Morris , Illinois

I love my sleep number bed !! I have fibromyalgia and have had 'issues' with every bed I have ever owned....until I got my sleep number ! Some nights I need to adjust the firmness slightly, but it always results in a really good night's sleep...something that has eluded me for 50 years. I wish I had gotten it years ago !!


We have had our Sleetp Number Bed for over 10 years! We are extremely satisfied. We have recommended the Sleep Number Bed to several of our friends. As of today, The Maags, The Freemyer's, The Jost's, The Beczkala's, and the The Lucas' all have Sleep Numbers. I love the fact that you can get replacement items if necessary! We just ordered a new cover with the pillow-top. The bed feels like it is BRAND NEW!! We love our Sleep Number!!

Linda Cendroski
Lemay , Missouri

WE both love it.I usually can't just get right off to sleep. I adjusted my number, raised the head and done. Best buy for the sleep I needed .A night of rest. I' got It. Sleep by number. Dial,rest, and sleep! It beats counting sheep.

Frank Slade
Lamar , Missouri

We purchased the Sleep Number bed because I was going through cancer treatment and I couldn't bear our hard bed. It was a Godsend to be able to adjust it for each of us to rest well. We all go through body changes over the years and to be able to adjust one's mattress is fabulous.

SallySue Girolamo
West Hartford , Connecticut

Had my sleep number bed for at least 20 years. The original controller was the first remote-controlled unit. It was problematic. I finally called in and found out that I was just two weeks away from the 15-year warranty. They immediately sent me a new remote AND whole pump system at my word - didn't even want the old one returned. I was VERY impressed. Still love my bed too! I put it on a converted hospital bed pedestal and it works beautifully with the rise and fall of the head and knees.

Ron Smith
Salem , Oregon

Girl friend has a temprepetic bed, did not know if she liked it that much.  when we started dating she found her number on my sleep number bed, and she said she felt better. She has had back sugery in Oct. her number has changed some but could sleep on my bed. After two weeks on the sleep number she told me she does not like her bed at all anymore, its hard to get on her bed and too get off or even turn over. Love my bed...

william hart
cumby , Texas (United States)

After receiving our 1st SN from relatives who were moving 10 years ago, we purchased a 2nd in 2003 for our RV. We recently purchased our 3rd queen mattress and look forward to further restful, NO back pain sleep. When visiting relatives or traveling any other regular mattress ALWAYS causes back pain.

Vicky Morgan
Shingletown , California

I have Fibromyalgia. The ability to adjust my firmness according to how I feel is paramount. It's also great to be able to have both sides adjusted separately. The warranty is excellent and I'd recommend this bed above all others

Carolyn Payne
Lexington , Kentucky (United States)

I have tried 6 beds in 10 years and have to tell you, this year with my Sleep Number P7 bed, I have finally found HEAVEN in a bed. I was tired, sore, my neck hurt, could not sleep, hot, cold, restless. One night on my Sleep Number Bed and I knew I would never sleep on anything else again. I am sold for life.

Carole Dowling
Swansea , Illinois

My wife and I absolutely love the ability to change the firmness of our sides of the bed depending on whether we're sleeping on our backs or stomach. No other mattress provides this capability, we'll never go back...

Jerry Bailey
FPO AE , Arizona (Italy)

After 9 surgical procedures, I finally am able to sleep all night. I can wake up rested. Being able to change the comfort level has made that possible.

Darrell Gettys
cambridge spa. , Pennsylvania (United States)

From the time we walked in the store until the time we left, Larry assisted our every need and answered every question without having to look up or ask someone else the answer. He was almost as wonderful as the bed itself.

St. Louis , Missouri

I cannot thank you enough for creating a bed and adjustable frame that is truly amazing! I have been sleeping on my couch for the past two years due to the need to keep my legs elevated while sleeping to reduce ankle swelling. Thanks for reconnecting me with my bedroom! I am in heaven!

Mary Jane McDowell
Trabuco Canyon , California (United States)

We bought our bed over 9 years ago. I have degenerative disc disease and several buldging discs. We were sleeping on a 15 year old conventional mattress and decided to try the sleep number bed. We LOVE ours and we actually HATE to travel because we can't take it with us! We come home and fall into bed after vacations - we love it soooo much. It's the best purchase we have EVER made in our 35 years of marriage!

Brenda Langdon
Franklin , Tennessee

We rececived our bed in September and sleep was never as restful as with our Sleep Number P5 bed. Getting to sleep and waking rested is a great feeling. Never really noticed how uncomfortable our 3 year mattress and box was. Thanks for giving us our restful sleep back.

John Zmroczek
Reading , Pennsylvania (United States)

I just moved into a new home and purchased my second sleep number bed - a queen that adjusts. I couldn't be happier. When I get into bed at night, I am immediately so relaxed that I quickly fall into a deep and restful sleep. Adjusting the head and foot area makes reading and watching TV a comfortable and enjoyable experience.I would definitely recommend this bed to anyone who values a quality sleep experience.

Ruth K
Naples , Florida

I have both a bed and pillow - The bed has been for over 18 years - the pillow is a year old. Having both, my sleep nights are full of rest and each morning I awake fully ready for the day.

Patrick Airhart
McMurray , Pennsylvania

We own two Sleep Number Beds. Our first one we got for our motorhome. When we first bought our motorhome we spend 4 months on the road. When we got home I needed to have PT for back problems. The Sleep Number fixed THAT problem forever. We then got one for our home. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! My husband and I would never have been able to pick out a bed that was comfy for both of us. Sleep Number solved that problem also! I highly recommend the beds. Customer Service has always been the best too.

Linda Kelman
Burbank , California (United States)

I LOVE my Sleep Number Bed! My husband and I talked about a new mattress, but he likes a softer mattress and I have to have a firmer mattress because of my back problems. This was the best solution! I have to say I can, honestly, get out of bed in the morning without back pain! It's amazing! Now, when we go on vacation, I can't wait to get home to my Sleep Number bed because it is so comfortable and no back pain!

Marion Potter-Ingles
Patterson , California

I finally made the move. Having spent the better part of my adult life tossing and turning, basically running a marathon in my sleep, and anticipating the pain in my lower back as swing my legs off the side of the bed, I bought the King P5 bed. The visit and fitting at the store was very professional as was the delivery and set up. Before, I did'nt set my alarm because I was constantly looking at the clock during my interrupted sleep. I have to set it now as the alarm wakes me out of a sound sleep and there is NO PAIN in my back, or neck, when I wake up. WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR? I feel 100% better and sleep like I've never slept before. At 53 years old, I am now a 45. Thank you Sleep Number!

Lawrence McGowan
Lecanto , Florida (United States)

I have had sleeping problems my whole adult life! My wonderful husband got the sleep number split cal king for my birthday! I haven't felt this good in years! I know it's expensive, but so well worth better overall health! Thank you!

Lisa Murphy
Danville , California (United States)

Purchasing a Sleep Number mattress system was the best thing my husband and I have done. We fall asleep right away and feel rested when we wake. I highly recommend. We purchased an i10 system.

Donna White
Lancaster , California

I love my bed EXCEPT for the middle part of the bed. No matter what number I sleep at, I tend to slide into the middle, regardless if my husband is in the bed or not. I need to do something about the middle part. Otherwise, the bed is wonderful.

Sharri Brandt
Duluth , Minnesota

My wife and I, Mark, and Helen, have been married for 27 years. We started out on a full motion water bed for the first several years. We then purchased a 110% motionless water bed and sleep on it for about 10 years. It was nice but then came the memory foam. We decided to buy one 12 years ago and loved it. But we have always dreamed about getting a sleep number bed, but just couldn’t justify the cost. The want was always there, however. On October 11 2012, I finally decided it was time to take the leap and buy one. I wanted to do this as a surprise for my wife, so I did so without her knowing. The sales man, Paul, was very nice and very helpful, and professional. After the sale I was told that it would be two week or less to receive the bed. I thought that that was odd being that there are 400 retail stores. Shortly they must have inventory and a better distribution network then that. I bought a m9 split king by the way that cost $9500.00. After 29 days my bed was delivered. I thought that was way too long so I think they have a long way to go with their distribution process. Never the less I was so happy the day my bed arrived. The delivery men were very professional, courteous and helpful. I was able to keep my wife away from the house until they set the bed up. She was clueless, which is very hard to do. She never noticed the new bed until she went to bed at 11 Pm. It turned out as I wanted. Thank you all at sleep number! Now about the bed, I cannot give any words that will describe just how comfortable this bed is. The only way you can know is to feel it for yourself. There are two things I will spend money on and they are shoes and a good bed. I am so happy I bought this bed because I work hard and so does my wife and we deserve a restful sleep and this bed delivers. Enough said!

Mark Ruel
Northfield Falls , Vermont (United States)

Our expectations purchasing your product have been gratifying. Recently, the battery remote needed replacement, your expediting of this issue was professional.

J Huspen
Itasca , Illinois

We have had our bed for a year now. Time to write a review. After I had my stroke in 2009 thought I would never be able to get around in the AM. Had to do something, so decided on a Sleep Number. Now sleeping all night. No more stiff and sore mornings. No more walker!!! I feel great. WOW Never thought a bed could change my life

Doris Vonheeder
McPherson , Kansas (United States)

My husband and I have been sleeping on our new Sleep Number bed for about a week. He is a 70 and I'm a 45. We love it! The whole experience has been awesome. Starting with the Kevin at Boise Towne Square Mall to the delivery and easy set up and our first good nights sleep in a long time. Thank you Sleep Number!

Lois Eckley
Oregon (United States)

After my 3rd back surgery I was IN PAIN! I finally tried sleep # bed - P5 queen I'm at 35 and sleeping.

Cheryl Keifer
Birdsboro , Pennsylvania (United States)

I'm age 70 and had trouble sleeping because of back problems. I now sleep all night and wake up with 0 back pain. I feel refreshed and ready to go unlike when I had my old bed. One of the best purchases I ever made.

Gordon Wiles
Somerset , Kentucky


KC Summers
hagerstown , Maryland

My husband and I both have back pain, have for yrs. and now we wish we would have bought our Sleep Number Bed a long time ago!! Just 2 night's sleeping on it has really made my husbands back feel much better when he gets up in the morning!! Thanks

Cindy Hoyt
Jarrell , Texas

My husband and I were skeptical at first but really get a great night sleep now. Have made a few referrals


I was suffering from lower back pain for years, I felt so sore all the time. After buying the Sleep Number bed TWO DAYS into owning the bed, my pain was GONE!! Its like a miracle!! I tell everyone about it.. What a wonderful product!! Thank You, Cynthia and Lloyd Doubleday

Lloyd Doubleday
Orlando , Florida (United States)

The Sleep Number bed is amazing! I can make it softer, but it continues to give good support. That is a dream come true.

Kathy Langley
Greene , New York (United States)

I love my sleep nunber bed. I set my number at 50 and I chamge it depending on how I feel. It is the best sleeping bed I have ever had and I am seventy-one years old and have had several mattress sets. About 2001 My husband and I began looking for a new mattress and stopped when we tried the sleep number bed. and learned we could sleep together in a king and each side have a different firmness and could have an adjustable bed for each of us, we were sold. We did have to Get two twins to do this , but it does ALL AND MORE THAN WE THOUGHT POSSIBLE,

Nancy Brown
Apex , North Carolina

I just want to say a big thankyou to the customer service that sleep number provided and how wonderful it is that a company stands behind their product to truly make the customer satisfied as well as happy! The shipping was great and the staff friendly and very helpful. What a nice change from what you most generally run into.

Westminster , Maryland

I just want to say a big thankyou to the customer service that sleep number provided and how wonderful it is that a company stands behind their product to truly make the customer satisfied as well as happy! The shipping was great and the staff friendly and very helpful. What a nice change from what you most generally run into.

Westminster , Maryland

Not only was John at the Sleep Number bed store in Santa Rosa so very nice he helped us purchase a wonderful bed which we are loving...along with our pets who have found new comfort as well. Thanks Sleep Number...we love it!!!

Cynthia Stotts
Lucerne , California (United States)

I have had my bed for 12 years and love it. The blow up part stopped working and so I got a new one whcih is vastly superior. The frame then went out and the new frame that I got from you is another increadible improvement. A firm that has a great product to start with but works at improving it is special. Thanks for your help. You are a first class outfit.

James Oliver
Richland , Washington

We love our sleep number bed. After having a bad experience with the last 2 beds we purchased. One at 4years and the other after a short two months old sleeping on the hump in the middle. We chose to purchase a sleep number bed. My hips and my husbands sholders are thankful . We are both on different numbers. We are so rested in the morning now. Love It.

nadine borden
port charlotte , Florida (United States)


SMYRNA , Georgia


Bobby Douglas
Jacksonville , Arkansas (United States)

Every night I crawl into my sleep number and the stress of the day melts away as i get to my number 20. Once there, peace out world I'm sleeping.

Joshua Garrison
Centerville , Ohio (United States)

i had a pboblem with my remote not worknig..i called sleep comfort at the mall st mathews and ms kim hill walked me thru it and solved the problem..couldnt be any nicer and more patient than ms hill !!

gerald berman
prospect , Kentucky

Hi, my name is Lorye. My husband and I tried many beds including the tempurpedic. We literally spent thousands trying to get a good nights sleep. nothing worked. We finally purchased a sleepnumber and it feels great I actually sleep through the night, and awake feeling better than I have in years. My husband has his number and I have mine. We can both be comfortable in the same bed . Thank you sleepnumber.

Lorye white
bell , Florida

Great nights sleep! I love my new bed.

Cathy Masseth
Rochester , New York (United States)

I was skeptical about the air bed concept, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the sophisticated modular design and the ability to dial in our customized uncompromising support and comfort. Sleeping on this mattress is VERY DIFFERENT in the most positive way.

Rene LeBlanc
Scottsdale , Arizona

Had a very expensive pillow top mattress it was only 2 years old, I was waking up in the night at least 2 or 3 times because I was having back issues with pinching down my leg. Decided to purchase a C4 sleep number and my back is better with only one month of having this bed. Highly reccomend to any one expierencing back problems, they are wonderful beds.

Lori Cavallo
Reading , Pennsylvania (United States)

It's ideal for seniors. Overtime it eliminates aches and pressure points that have been building up from other kinds of mattresses. I fall asleep even faster and wake up more energized.

Catherine Eskenazi
San Diego , California (United States)

My wife and I have twin Sleep Number beds for a few months. We were not sure we wanted to purchase these as we are old people and were always use to the spring type mattress. The first night sleeping on these beds at a setting of 70 we slept better than we did in years. They are great.

Larry Warner
Topton , Pennsylvania

We have been sleeping on Select Comfort bed now, aka, Sleep Number for the past, OH lets see, 20 years and enjoyed our restful nights and wouldn't give them up for anything. It was just time to update our old one to the new and improved model. This turned out to be a good choice! Because after just one night it feel so much more comfortable and the same yet different. We are looking forward for many many more for those Sleep Number nights.

Vic Bialczak
Plainfield , Illinois (United States)

This is our second sleep number bed. The first was purchased in the early 1990's and moved to our vacation home. We noted that my back pain was not severe when at our vacation home and I could sleep all night. However, at our primary home I would wake and have to sit in a chair to sleep almost every night. My sleep number is 85 and my wife's is 50, since we started using our new SN bed I am able sleep all night and wake up less stiff and not in pain.

Armand Gonzalzles
Chicago , Illinois (United States)

I have used a king size Sleep Number bed for 18 years. Since my husband has passed away and I am down-sizing, I decided the queen size would be great. After going on a trip and using all those motel/hotel beds my Sleep Number bed feels so great. If I have company, they can select their own comfort number. Super, great sleep comfort!

Darla Lathan
Ruidoso , New Mexico

I have had my Sleep Number bed for more than six years and can't believe how well I sleep now. I purchased a Sealy Posturpedic mattress and within three months continued to wake up with sore hips and shoulders. After trying the Sleep Number bed, I no longer have any aches or pains in the morning. I wake up refreshed from a good night's sleep. I can't recommend these bed any more strongly. If anyone thinks that the Sleep Number stories are just marketing....they are not. I am proof. I will never go back to a regular mattress as long as Sleep Number is in business.

Charles Kandrach
Tampa , Florida

Bed is great so far. Too bad Sleep Number is bias towards Apple products. Apparently they don't realize there's and Android market also!!

David Roth
Rochester , New York (United States)

I rarely toss and turn on my sleep number bed. I sleep best on my back and generally get 7-8 hours of sleep including a lot of REM sleep.

John Robichaux
Thibodaux , Louisiana (United States)

I have my sleep number king size bed for five years and I love it. I had to relocate because of retirement. Due to space I had to separate my beds into two twins. There were necessary adjustments that had to be made. The company representative was very knowable in assisting me in what I needed. She had all of my information on record. This is the kind of company you want to work with. One the is reliable years after you have made your purchase.

Gloria Roberts
New Castle , Pennsylvania

I had horrible back and shoulder pain and was on perscription medication. Now that I have a sleep number I am off all meds and have no pain!

Elissa Lenker
Palmyra , Pennsylvania

My husband and myself wish that we had gotten a sleep number bed years ago. We have never slept so good. We don't have to toss and turn to find the right spot, it is there the minute that we lay down. We will never own another bed if it isn't a sleep number bed. We also love the pillows that we got. No more neck pain or headaches.

Cheryl & Artie
Decatur , Alabama (United States)

Hi i have had my sleep number bed C4 queen side for 2 months now and I haven't had any problem getting to sleep.The form pillows are so soft feel like I'm in a deep sleep I love this bed I will recommend the sleep number bed to my relatives and friends. Thanks, Alphonso

Alphonso Seldon
Emporia , Virginia

I recently had to undergo extensive abdominal surgery. I was never so happy to come home to your wonderful bed. The adjustable foundation is a life saver. Purchasing this bed was one of the best investments we have ever made!

Deanna Peters
Glenwood , Illinois

I love that I lift the head or my legs to watch tv in bed. Looking forward to having my sweetie and I watch the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers football game in bed in a couple of weeks. I love the 35 soft side and by boyfriend prefers it at 100 hard as a rock side . It's such a cool bed.

Caroline Helena
San Jose , California (United States)

I purchased my sleep numer bed in October of 2006. Before this time, I would wake up feeling tired and my lower back would always hurt. After sleeping in my sleep number bed I can say I wake up refreshed, revived, and no back ache. I look forward to going to bed so I can lay in my sleep number bed. It is soooooo comfortable. I have never experienced anything like it. I would recommend it for anybody. You can adjust it to your firmness. It is the best money I have ever spent.

Michele Rhodes
Dublin , Ohio

I am in bed any where from 15 to 24 hours a day due to my disability. I love that I can change from a firm mattress to a soft one. I have had three upper spine surgeries and being in bed on my old bed which was an expensive pillow top, that could not be flipped made my whole body hurt. Now I can adjust to make not only my neck comfortable, but my back and hips rest easier too. I love my sleep number!!!

lethal B
San Antonio , Texas

Love my new pillow and memory foam topper. I rest so much better and my headaches have gone. Your staff in the store was very helpful with my selections. Thank you so much for providing a great product that works.

campbell , California

These beds are unmatched for deep restful sleep. The quality is top drawer along with the warranty, and the customer service is outstanding. enough said!!!!!!

Ken Kittle
NinetySix , South Carolina

We purchased the extended queen w/memory foam.....WOW - best purchase we've made! No more back/hip problems. I thought it couldn't really be true but......We can actually sleep without tossing/turning and waking early due to pain. I'm sure we'll be purchasing an additional bed for our spare room.

T & R Saylor
Jeffersonville , Kentucky

With growing older, we had assumed that being stiff and achy in the morning was just to be expected. However, after sleeping the first night on our new i10, we realized that we were wrong. We can arise in the morning feeling fresh and rested without any stiffness. In recent years I have experienced numbness in my arms if I stayed in any position for too long. That problem has not presented itself with the i10. Thank you Sleep Number, we feel 10 years younger.

Dik Harrison
Evans , Georgia

After almost ten years of back pain from an older injury, and after only the first three days with the new mattress, I started sleeping through the entire night. The relief your Sleep Number mattress has given me allows me to get out of bed faster, without morning pain, and helps me stay more focused on my daily activities both at work and at home. This mattress has been my best investment to date. Thank you!

David Lasher
Debary , Florida

My name is Sharon GIffard and I live in Florida. I just bought a king size Sleep Number bed. I am so excited that I can not wait to go to bed at night. I bought it as a surprise for my husband who is in Afganistan living in a tent and myself. We have traveled all over the world and have never slept in a more comfortable bed. When you get into the bed, it like puts it's arms around you and hugs you. It gives you so much support all over your body and you wake up so relaxed and ready to start a new day. It aligns your back while you sleep. What could be better? Treat yourself to a sleep spa night and buy a Sleep Number bed and have a spa night 365 days a year. We have to invest in the well being of ourselves. Please walk into a Sleep Number store or check them out on line. It will be the best investment you can make and there will be no more grouchy mornings. When you are buying on mention my name because, it gives me points to buy some of their wonderful products. Thank you Sleep Number for being everything you say you are. Sincerely Sharon Giffard

Sharon Giffard
Altamonte springs , Florida

been sleeping on a sleep number bed for the last 18 years - had one in our RV home. Now that we are going into a condo we are getting a new one.

Nellie Miller
Farmington Hills, , Michigan (United States)

I finally found a company that has something call customer service this is a rare thing in this day in age Sleep Number your customer Service Employees Stacee and Julianne were very professional and really had my best interest and satisfaction at heart. I don’t think this is training I think it is great people that work for a great company and I thank Sleep number, Stacee and Julianne for that. I am very happy with the customer service experience I had. I am in the market for a bed for my son and you confirmed my decision to purchase that bed from Sleep Number and it will be soon. The only problem that I find with your bed is I don’t want to get out of it to go to work. Thank from Pat and Susan O’Brian Lifelong family Members To Sleep Number and Employees

Pat O'Brian
Gardner , Colorado

Hands down the best Mattress I have ever had! Sleep number has the greatest and latest technologies. I also love that they back there bed's up they are so confident in their products! The Pillows are amazing as well!~ Thank you Sleep Number for the best sleep I have ever had!

Alex Moser
Elk River , Minnesota (United States)


L Harris
CORR , Texas

The sleep number mattress is one of the best purchases I have ever made. We have had one for a little less than a year, and I have NEVER SLEPT BETTER. I have had lower back issues that now have relief with sleeping on this mattress, and haven't SLEPT WRONG yet. I gave up one vacation to purchase what looks like many years of great sleeping!!

Ryan Dimeff
Akron , Ohio

I would like to say that by far...hands down sleeping on the temperature balancing sheets and pillow cases my husband and I have been in love. We have actually used the sheets for 1 year and so we decided to order 2 more sets for our queen bed. I am so in love!!!!! They feel so great right off the bat when you get in bed and they just stay cool all night...Love them and can't wait to go to bed at night.LOL

Karen Shotwell
Fort Walton Beach , Florida (United States)


PORTLUDLOW , Washington

We have purchased 3 bed sets in the past 8 years. My wife and I both have back problems, so we have done our research when purchasing beds. Well, we finally decided to purchase the sleep number bed, we got the silver edition when it was on sale, what a deal. We love, love this bed. We both sleep all night long now uninterupted, and wake up without all the aches and pains!!! If you are on the fence about purchasing one of these beds, do yourself a favor, and just buy it, it comes with a 30 day gaurantee, so no worries!!

gary hodgkins
roxbury , Maine (United States)

My husband and I tried several memory foam options before moving to the sleep number system. The dual chamber queen allows for individual comfort adjustment, and helps us to keep track in sharing space fairly. What I love most is that my comfort needs seem to change, and this bed accommodates me perfectly!

Peggy Voegele
Pleasanton , California

The best nights sleep in ages!

Robert Woodard
Erie , Pennsylvania (United States)

We have had our new Sleep Number bed for a little over a month. We both have arthritic backs and shoulders. Ken has been using the recommended firmness and I lowered mine by 5. Sleeping has been much more comfortable with this mattress! So far, so good!

Phyllis and Ken Perryq
Topeka , Kansas

I am a Chiropractic Physician and I am keenly aware of proper sleep mechanics. The sleep number bed is in my opinion the best sleep system on the market!

Dr Martin Green
Plantation , Florida

After a king size sleep number since 1996, I went down to a single chamber queen. It's even better to sleep in the middle of the bed. Of course, I'm alone. I love the bed!

sandra demo
oconomowoc , Wisconsin

I've owned a sleep number bed since 1998. My new sleep number is for the RV we are purchasing. I don't ever want to own another bed! I wake up refreshed, no aches or pains, and my sleep partner does not disturb me with moving around, because of the dual chambers. Thanks for the perfect bed! Take care of it and it will last forever.

Sue Somerville
hattiesburg , Mississippi

We have only had our bed a few nights, but we love it. It is great!

Ione Kauffeld
Garfield , Arkansas (United States)

I love my Sleep Number Bed. I have never slept so well in my whole life. I am 72 years old and I also have Sleep Number pillows. When I purchased my bed, I bought the whole set. My bed, pillows, sheets, mattress pad and I just recently purchased the heating unit. Sleep Number is the BEST.

Love Schuster
Eau Claire , Wisconsin (United States)

Ever since the bed arrived and my husband and I put it together I have been kicking myself for not having bought it many years ago. WOW....what an awesome sleeping experience. No more morning backache, no more morning neck and head ache. I love it!!

Linda Vanvalkenburgh
Sanbornton , New Hampshire (United States)

After always having regular mattress and have had 4 back surgeries and getting ready for knee replacements, I was getting tired of never getting a good nights sleep waking up hurting more then when I went to bed so I decided needing a new mattress I wasn't even going to waste my time looking at anything but, a sleep number so went to the store found the model and listened to the sales person and so on and ordered one...yes they are alot of money but, now after almost a year I wouldn't trade the thing for anything I sleep so much better and the best thing not waking up in the morning hurting I actually am ready to get out of bed and start my anyone I tell them you won't regret getting one...I know if we go away and stay in hotel we can't wait to get back to our sleep's the best thing I've ever bought...

Angela Phipps
Mt Victory , Ohio

We bought our first sleep number bed years ago and LOVED it. Last month, we moved that bed to the guest room and purchased the new m7. This bed is even better! I don't even feel my husband roll over or get out of bed. Best sleep we could ever have wished for.

Kim Shamel
Bridgeton , Missouri (United States)

After a few days of adjustment, I am a happy sleeper at 50! The best investment I have ever made! Thank you Dr. Matt for telling me about Sleep Number!

Ann Stewart
North Berwick , Maine (United States)

Well, it is now more than a month since I have received my bed and I love it. I have slept better and wake up with less aches and pains in the morning. I know it is the bed because on occasion I did not reset the number, fell asleep, and woke up stiff. I am a 45/50. I highly recommend this bed. I wish I could have gotten the adjustable base, but then I would probably never get out of bed. Truly an outstanding product.

Christine Hendy
Winter Park , Florida (United States)

I saw the commercials and thought yea yea, just marketing, then having gone through several other makes of beds I gave in.......why didnt I do this earlier. My husband and I have numbers that are way wonder we couldnt find a bed that suited both of us. And the best part, I hurt my back recently and could adjust the bed so it supported my back while it was healing.

L Douglas
Frostproof , Florida (United States)

I have owned a Sleep Number bed for about 15 years. I have slept well!!!

pete bikas
durham , North Carolina

We have had a sleep number bed for about 20 yrs. When we sold our house and started to RV fulltime our Select Comfort went with us. We recently bought a house again after 10 yrs RV'ing, we bought a NEW Sleep Number bed and still kept our other Select Comfort in our RV for traveling.. After water beds, specialty beds, it's the best bed and sleep we have ever had.. We tell everyone about the Select Comfort line of restfull sleep beds..

James Weaver
Wickenburg , Arizona

Hi, eleven years ago I fell and hurt my knee. Every day since I had been in constant pain. The pills prescribed by my doctor never completely stopped the pain. I slept on my bed and the first morning after there was no pain. I wish I had gotten the bed earlier. This is a true story!!!!!

Abbie Holt-Hinton
Lawrenceville , Georgia (United States)

Oh My God I cannot say enough about my sleep number bed! I absolutely LOVE it. I cannot wait to go to bed everynight now! I wake up feeling Great after a wonderful nights sleep in my bed! I tell everyone to buy one. It will be the best thing they ever do for themselves! LOVE THIS BED!

Sharon Borden
Rochester , New York (United States)

I have sleep apnea and wear a cpap. I have had my sleep number only a week and at setting 45 I have sleep sooooo well!!! Each night I have dreamed which I rarely do!!

Tim Gragg
Smyrna , Tennessee

I feel like a queen!!! My bed is so wonderful.So comfy I feel almost undeserving of such luxury.BUT, I M KEEPING IT! THANK YOU SELECT COMFORT. PARRICIA JONES

patricia jones
college grove , Tennessee (United States)

After a year of not being able to really get a good nights sleep, Sleep Number really felt great! We have the M7 with all of the Bells and Whistles etc. the moving of the feet/head up & down and that massager is the BEST! So relaxing and a great nights sleep the very 1st night!! Thanks for making it possible with this bed!!

Wilroy Wornat
Rosenberg , Texas

I've had my sleep number bed for a month now, and with my 22 of rods, plates and screws in my back, it is without a doubt the finest sleep I have gotten since my accident 24 years ago! My sleep number is 50, and it is SO comfortable, I have not missed a single night's sleep since acquiring the bed, which is awesome - prior to the bed, I used to go 3 or 4 nights a week w/o sleep at all, now i sleep like a baby. I recommend the sleep number bed to everybody! The best bed I have EVER slept on, bar none!

Rowan Wynter de Corrie
Santa Clara , California

I purchased a sleep number bed and haven't gotten it yet. I bought a pillow for the p6 bed. It shipped fast in 2 days. It is the most incredible pillow I have ever had. It is soft not too firm and contours to my head. I would recommend their pillows to anyone. A bit pricy but totally worth it!!

Ginger Hendricks
Hillsborough , New Jersey

Luckiest purchase we ever made was a Fleetwood motorhome that came with a sleep number bed. We found we slept better away from home than in our Sealy bed at home. It didn't take much to convinvce us that we needed the same comfort at home, so we walked into a Sleep Number store and bought the model we wanted - it was set up in two weeks. Greatest purchase we have made in 2012!

Jim n Susan McGarity
Naples , Florida

Once deciding to purchase a bed, the entire process was stress free and relatively quick! The team members at the store were professional and very knowledgeable. The delivery system keeps you so informed and the team that deliver and assemble are first class operators! The bed is the best I've slept on in years and the warranty is out of this world! I will definitely be recommending Sleep Number to all of my friends and family! Thank you!

Sarah Mellington-Smith
Columbus , Ohio

I have had the best sleep of my life since I got my Sleep Number mattress. It is remarkable. My sleep number varies between 35 and 55. I have a very bad back problems, So my number changes according to how bad it is. I also bought 2, 100% goose down pillows. Wonderful

Janet Sparks
Panama City Beach , Florida

Thank you Sleep Number for my first night of restful, uninterrupted sleep. I had back surgery December, 2011 and am still healing from sciatic nerve damage. Sleep Number 35, elevated head & legs is perfect for my restful sleep. I chose the Twin XL and mattress pads for moisture resistance & temperature control. I also LOVE the pillow & sheets. Everyone deserves a Sleep Number Bed of their choice. Sandy Whitaker

Sandra Whitaker
Eugene , Oregon (United States)

We recieved our bed on 14 Sep 2012. After the first night of sleeping on it I woke up the next morning with no back pain! For months leading up to the purchase of the sleep number bed, every morning I had back pain. My wife and I have purchased numerous mattresses / beds in the past few years and none seemed to feel right. The most recent purchase was the top of the line conventional mattress but after a year I was still with pain in the A.M. We LOVE the Silver Edition sleep number bed we purchased and will recomend to everyone. Thanks Joe n Debbie

Joseph Haveard
Crestview , Florida

After months of being helped out of bed because of severe backaches, I arose with no backache this morning, after the first night on our Sleep Number bed.

Myree Flanagan
Tucson , Arizona

The best by far for restful sleeping and no back pain is the sleep number bed. Highly recommended.

Julio Diaz
waukegan , Illinois

We have 3 sleep number beds, 1 Cal. King and 2 Queens. Our daughter was moving to her own apt. at College Station, Tx TAMU-whoop! She needed to take her queen bed with her, but she drives a Ford Edge. So we disassembled her bed, deflated the air mattresses, and carefully packed it in her Edge. That is along with all her hanging clothes, shoes, bedding, & boxes of everything imaginable. Only Sleep Number Beds makes this kind of ease in moving posssible. Thank you.

Sheila Bean
San Antonio , Texas

Never thought any bed would be as good as my water bed. Well, my sleep number is. No back ache, sound sleep, restful nights.

Marilyn McKay
The Villages , Florida

We have purchased the I8 bed and have been sleeping on it for a week and a half now and absolutely love it. We were a little concerned because of some poor ratings on the beds but we decided that we would try it for ourselves. We are very happy that we tried it out. It is very comfortable, my back and my husbands now feels fine. I sleep at 45 and my husband varies from 40 to 55. We would recommend this bed to anyone on the fence about it to try it you will like it. I like others have mentioned, sometimes don' t want to get out of bed in the morning.

Cheryl Caouette
Southbridge , Massachusetts (United States)

We love our bed. We have been needing a new mattress for over a year. We've shopped numerous mattress stores including Sleep Number. Matresses are so expensive so we just kept putting off the purchase. Finally over the Labor Day Sale, we again shopped mattresses as they were all on sale and I was getting tired of waking up with a headache or stiff kneck. Well, those sales really are not that great. For what we were looking at, it would cost around $2500 on sale. We figured, if we have to pay that much, we should just bite the bullet and buy the one that we really wanted. The Sleep Number clerk, scheduler, and delivery staff were all professional. We got our new bed yesterday and just love it. Thank you Sleep Number, we have no regrets for stepping up and buying what we really wanted. The experience was pleasant and last night's sleep was dreamy!

dora steed
holiday , Florida (United States)

We have been Sleep Number owners since 1995. During our travels while staying in various hotels, we have experienced many types of conventional beds. We are now looking at buying our second Sleep Number and wouldn't consider anything else. There simply is no comparison to the quality of sleep you get on a Sleep Number bed. End of story!

Noel Miller
Tucson , Arizona

I had a spinal fusion that failed, this caused me a great deal of pain. I haven't had a full nights sleep in years. Someone said I should give this bed a try, my 3rd in a year. I was sure it wouldn't be any different, but I was very wrong !! I am finally sleeping through the night. I wish I would have gotten a Sleep Number bed years ago. So worth the money, don't suffer like I did for so long... this bed is amazing !!!

Theresa Johnson
Suring , Wisconsin

This bed was the one bed I need. now I don't wake up with a bad back.

Karl Schmidt
Tempe , Arizona (United States)

I have awakened with a sore back for years. Two nights ago was my first night on the new bed. The pain was better upon awakening. This morning I got up pain free!!! That's the first time in years. This bed's a keeper . . .

Richard Wilder
Surprise , Arizona (United States)

I bought a sleep number bed recently after wanting one for years. I recently injured my back and was having a difficult time sleeing on the bed I had which was an expensive bed. Since buying the sleep number I have slept great and I don't wake up in pain in the morning. Highly reccommend this bed to anyone!!

McLean , New York (United States)

I absolutely love my sleep number p5 bed. I have had it over a year now and the difference is crazy. I am more rested and have more energy. I also dont wake up with back pain anymore. I'm only 24, but have back problems and a very active lifestyle, which made sleeping a challenge before. Now I can change my number depending on how I feel that day. Same for my boyfriend. Its a lifetime investment and there's no going back to an ordinary mattress once you have your Sleep Number.

Ashley Andersen
midvale , Utah (United States)

We have been in our Sleep Number bed for two weeks. What a nice blessing. You don't really know what a good nights sleep is until you experience one. My nephew told me before we bought ours that they are a little pricy. Well, I will tell you they are dammed expensive and worth every penny of it. We won't be giving ours up. What a great company.

David Prough
Pittsburg , Kansas

I owned one for neerly 20 yrs and enjoyed every moment. I am 85 yrs old and plan on buying another queen sleep nuber bed.

Robert Goodrich
Prineville , Oregon

WOW! We could sell the Sleep Number Bed, we have had our bed for about 14 years, dont know how anyone can sleep on a regular mattress, we are in our 60's, we sleep like babies. Thanks for a great product...

Bob & Carol Holtkamp
Cincinnati , Ohio

Before we purchased our sleep number bed my husband and I both woke up everyday with severe back pains. Since having the sleep number bed, we sleep better and have less back pain and discomfort.

Kathyleen Bowden
Tennessee (United States)

I was recently in an accident' and when I retured home had to use a hospital bed. after about 2 and half weeks I wasn't getting any better and my back was worse. I managed to get upstairs to my sleep number bed and my back stopped hurting the same night. Had them take out the hospital bed the next day.

Barbara Chapman
Logan , Ohio

My fiance and I both have been fitted with pillows from the new Buckhead Sleep Number store and just that alone has improved our sleep. We now wake up to fewer neck pains. We are in the midst of deciding what bed we are going to purchase, since the consultants who worked with us gave us excellent advice.

Brenda Branch
Smyrna , Georgia

Reason i am writing, i'm always worried the company paid people to write positive reviews. well, not paid...but very pleased. it is such a pleasure to wake-up from the alarm clock, sleeping through the night, not from tossing and placing pillows under my back. only problem is i dream all night long, weird.

matthew kime
fairmont , West Virginia (United States)

I have had a back problem for years and this beds feels and looks great. My wife and I love it and just bought our 2nd one yesterday. We still have the 1st one and is fine going on 14 yrs. I think that the durability speaks for itself.  Buy one you will love it.

Charles Shaffer Sr
Pasadena , Maryland

We purchased a new sleep number bed after 13 years. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the M7 Memory Foam adjustable bed. My husband has back problems and he won't consider anything but the Sleep Number. We love it!

Marsha Morgan
Inver Grove Heights , Minnesota

On our second bed after giving our son the queen. Have a king now and just love them!!!

Susan Santelik
Crete , Illinois (United States)

I have Fibromyalgia, bought the sleep number bed and now i sleep all night and wake up without pain, thanks to the sleep number bed.

sondra kent
springfield , Missouri (United States)

You don't have any idea what a good night sleep is until you buy one of these. Yeah, they are a bit spendy, but considering you spend a third of your life on them, take it from me. It's worth every cent!

Richard Surprenant
Reeder , North Dakota

We bought our sleep number I10 because our memory foam mattress was so uncomfortable that my husband and I both lost sleep and woke up tired with back pain. The very first night on our sleep number, we both slept so comfortably we did not want to get up in the morning. Before sleep number I stayed up late just to avoid an uncomfortable night. After sleep number I actually look forward to bed time and get a good nights sleep. I love it.

mary lange
winnie , Texas (United States)

Having Fibromyalgia, I spend more time in bed/sleeping than the usual person! This bed has helped me to stay comfortable!!! We have slept on our King Size Sleep Number bed for 7 1/2 years and it is the BEST!!!

Susie Simmons
Odessa , Texas

My wife and I both have back problems. 20 years ago we purchased the top of the line Sleep number. Without a doubt it was the best investment we ever made. We have had very few problems in the 20 years.

Walter Watson
Quitman , Georgia

I have one already I wouldn't have any other kind .Great for backs. I just need a new, one mine is 12 years old-love it!

Diana Fairbanks
Hammond , New York (United States)

For years I had terrible lower back aches when I awoke in the morning. I purchased a Sleep Number bed and eliminated the back problems. I have never had any back aches after that. It was the best purchase that I have ever made. Thank you for you wonderful, comfortable and relaxing bed.

Connie Roberts
Pawtucket , Rhode Island

About 2 months ago I bought my husband a Sleep Number Bed. He has 16 tumors in his liver and the back pain from those tumors prevents him from laying in bed for more than 4 hours. Since he has gotten the sleep number bed his back pain has decreased and some mornings I actually need to wake him. It is so wonderful to see him feeeling good in the morning from a full night's rest. Thank You sooo much. Also his dog loves the sleep number bed too. Their sleep number is 35.

Kim Eger
Bonduel , Wisconsin

Just received our Sleep Number beds yesterday afternoon. What a beautiful nights sleep we had. Due to the education during our purchase and the excellent advice from the delivery crew it did not take us a couple of nights to enjoy our new beds. What a great product and a great group of employees. Thank You Sleep Number!

David Prough
Pittsburg , Kansas (United States)

I recommend it to everyone. I sleep comfortably all night and wake up refreshed never tossing or turning. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Jan - sleep number 45

Janice Faraone
Lake Hiawatha , New Jersey

My wife had a stroke 3 years ago and had a back ache every since when she woke up. I bought 2 other matresses to avail. We decided to try Sleep Number and the very next morning she woke with no back ache. We have had a very good experience with the Sleep Number people.

Loyal & Marlene Scott
North Canton , Ohio

I currently sleep on a number bed, and have not experienced any back problems unlike an ordinary spring mattres bed. I have the opption of different comfort settings depending on the type of day that I have experienced. My wife also enjoys it and can adjust to a diffrent setting than mine. I highly recommend this sleep number bed to any one who is experiencing sleep discomfort.

jose garcia
jamaica , New York

Best investment we ever made. Professional service from Jason the manager to the delivery team. Customer service outstanding. We recommend sleep number to anyone.

Marsha Doolin
Murray , Kentucky

The Quality of sleep I have now that I have a Sleep Number bed is well worth the investment we spent! We are so happy to finally own a Sleep Number bed!

Joy Yip
Elk Grove , California (United States)

My husband and I have had our sleep number beds since 2002. Above all is the restful sleep that we recieve each night. My husband is a paraplegic thats why sleep number beds are so important to us.

c.m. zirkler
wesley chapel , Florida (United States)

Bought our Sleep Number in 1998 and whenever we stay some place other than home we can't wait to get back home and get a good nights sleep. Best bed I have ever slept on and always dread having to sleep on anything else. Excellent product.

Melvin Hoskinson
Wichita , Kansas

I thought customer service was gone in the retail world. Our Sleep Number Beds have not arrive yet, but the customer service from this company is outstanding. What a pleasure to deal with a company that actually cares about their customers. Keep up the excellent service.

David Prough
Pittsburg , Kansas (United States)

We bought so many beds over our 44 years of married life. No mater how much money we spent on a bed I still had aches and pains in the morning. One day I decided I had to change the way we usually followed. I went straight to a sleep number bed store in Orland Park IL, tried the beds, and ordered one. Ever since then I wake without the pain that had become a usual way of life for me. I am a very happy customer. Thank you, Celeste

Celeste Warda
Evergreen Park , Illinois

I have had my sleep number now for 4 years and LOVE it! I've recently had sciatica problems and I get such relief on my bed. If I'm having a bad day, I simply raise the number and the extra firmness eases me. I should be a spokesperson because I tell EVERYONE about how wonderful the bed is.

Carol Newman
Mexia , Alabama (United States)

Before we got our Sleep Number Bed I would wake up with my hip bones hurting, now I don't have that problem any longer. Thanks to my Sleep Number Bed. My sleep number is 45.

Kathryn Christy
Drumright , Oklahoma (United States)

Slept on a friend's sleep number and decided it was such a great experience that I had to have one!

Gale Hart
Lincoln City , Oregon (United States)

Two of our daughters have Sleep number beds, and kept telling us how much they liked them. My husband and I decided to buy one and are very pleased with it, we both sleep much better now.

Judy Stephens
Parker , Colorado

For years I had low back pain and so did my wife. Our King Size mattress was really not that old, but when we tried out a Sleep Number mattress at a store, we bought it and replaced the mattress we had. we now no longer have back pains.

Dean Shrable
Covington , Louisiana

I've had back issues and have needed a great bed. I've been through several expensive/unexpensive beds and even slept on my floor for 6-8 months to find comfort. Now I have a Sleep Number and it's the best bed in the world, NO QUESTION!!

Barney , Georgia

This is our second Sleep number bed and we're getting ready to buy a third. It is the most comfortable bed ever - for both of us. Regular mattresses never satisfied both of us before. When we travel, I look forward to coming home to our sleep number bed. It's the best.

adele miller`
hopewell junction , New York (United States)

I have fibromyalgia and the sleep number bed has made my life worthwhile. I could not get up in the morning before without severe pain. Now I literally bounce out of bed relaxed and rested and not in pain. It only took two weeks on my old P5. I am luxurating on my i10. My P5 is now enjoying helping a cancer patient sleep in comfort. Thanks.

Kathleen Sampson
Orange , California (United States)

My wife and I had purchased several beds in the past year, including Temper pedic, None of them gave us a good nights sleep until we purchased our Sleep Number i10 bed. We now both sleep like babies. GREAT BED!

Tom Georgouses
Manhattan Beach , California (United States)

I am a cattlle rancher which means not only working cows, but hours on a tractor making hay in the blistering heat of summer, and feeding that hay in the freezing winter. A good nights sleep is like a wish granted from heaven. Thank you sleep number.

Bob Goodyear
New Roads , Louisiana

I no longer dread going to bed or getting up in the morning! I do not need my cane to walk when I get out of bed. Thank you, Sleep Number

Sandra Lemaster
Muncie , Indiana (United States)

We went in to check the beds out. I had a very, very sore back when we got there. I have to tell you this after laying on your bed for at least 20 minutes. When I got up my back felt a lot better. I was able to finish my shopping in the mall. I know we are going to buy a bed from you guys soon.

Donna Martucci
Wappingers Falls , New York

I suffer from fibromyligia. Medication by it's self was not helping me get a sound sleep. I would toss and turn, because of pain during the night. On the sleep Number bed I have noticed I do this much less, therefore I am getting better sleep.

Carol Michael
West Palm Beach , Florida

Absolutely love my bed. No more knee or back pain while sleeping. Can not say enough about this fantastic bed!

marilyn lander
jeannette , Pennsylvania (United States)

Before purchasing a Sleep Number bed, I was waking up with back and neck pain, and always exhausted. I have been sleeping on one of these beds since 2005 and am healthier and happier for it - no more back and neck pain, and I obtain restful sleep.

Kandace Tappen
Sachse , Texas

As I am sure you will hear from anyone who owns a Sleep Number, we love ours and would have no other bed. I have bought 4 in the last 13 years for our bedrooms and our kids homes. The outstanding comfort is only one of the may advantages. They stand behind their products 100%. I have lost track of how many friends we have also referred to Select Comfort and not one has been unhappy.

Tom & Marcia Pinnell
Chapin , South Carolina

My husband has Degenerative Disc Diease. Since we got the Sleep Number Bed he as been sleeping 60% better, and that is a vast improvement.

Lana Garner
Kingsland , Georgia

I've owned my bed now for 5 years, & it is the best bed my wife & I have owned. I have not had any back pain since sleeping on this bed. I would never by any other bed!!!!

Randall Kinckner jr.
WILLOW GROVE , Pennsylvania (United States)

I purchased the Sleep Number Adjustable Bed with pillows and bedding and I am one happy woman. This is an investment I could never say I regret sleep setting is 45..this bed is GREAT!!!!

Gertie Gilliam
Greenacres , Florida

My sister got a bed from you years before I did. I had to get a new bed and I got one from around here what a mess. I finally called your store, they delivered the bed, set it up even put the sheets back on as I can not---I had a stroke. They were wongerful driving all that far under 70 miles. And I love the bed. Thank you ever so much, Alicia Keith

Alicia Keith
Kingsland , Texas

I have used a Select Comfort for more than 20yrs. At 62, the improvements that were made convinced me to purchase again. My wife and I have the most restful sleep.

Georg borisow
Salford , Pennsylvania

Was very skeptical about the expense vs the comfort level. Once my husband tried it in the store, we purchased an I-10. Best investment EVER! Back pain for us both has been erased. We now sleep all night comfortably!

Donna Smith
Batavia , Ohio

My two daughters and I have owned Sleep Number beds for about 8 years. They both have medical problems so their sleep is very important to their well being. My 16 year old persian cat loves your bed too - no kitty bed for her - she knows comfort when she feels it. Any setting is fine with her! She says they are all good.

June Brown
Marietta , Georgia


Tyson Updike
Swartz Creek , Michigan

I am finally able to get some sleep! I have had 2 back surgeries this year and have had to sleep in a recliner due to the bed with springs. We bought a Sleep Number bed and the first night I slept in it, I woke up in the same position that I went to sleep the night before. What a miracle!!

kathleen rogers
Hoover , Alabama (United States)

My husband and I bought an iLE King-size Sleep Number bed after doing our research. We've been married 10 years and slept on a tradional spring mattress. Wow! What an upgrade! We each found our sweet spot, his at 65, mine at 35! We love the adjustability of the iLE. This completes our sanctuary that is our master bedroom.

Maria McKneely
Shreveport , Louisiana

We just had an excellent customer support experience with a service representative named Tiffany. She helped us with a failed controller unit, arranged a warranty replacement, and handled the sometimes tricky shipping arrangements. She was pleasant and thorough, and she made certain that all of our needs were met.

Gary J
Unalakleet , Alaska

We absolutely LOVE our Sleep Number bed & have owned it for 8 years.

Coleen Celentano
Damascus , Maryland

We ordered a bed to be delivered to our winter home in Az. It arrived there in five days, before we did! A wonderful welcome!

Raymond Smith
Mansfield , Massachusetts

We love our Sleep Number beds. We just bought our second one for our house and we have one in our camper. The best thing is, I can adjust the firmness based on how I feel. We can also travel in our camper and still experience the same great sleep we get at home.

Tom Watson
Franklin , Ohio (United States)

I've owned a Sleep Number bed for the past 5 years - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it- perfect for couples which is why we got it. I was tired of being awakened by my partner many times a night as I'm a very light sleeper. Also being very physically active with sports- I can make various adjustments as needed from a tough work out. Get this bed and you won't regret it! You'll sleep great.

Andrea Farinacci
Boulder , Colorado

Our first night on our new bedding was completely satisfactory and we look forward to many nights of comfort and sleeping.

zola treadwell
Homosassa , Florida (United States)

Haven't even had our bed a week and have referred two friends to Sleep Number. We are sleeping more soundly and wake up with less pain!

Richard Perkins
Lafayette , Louisiana (United States)

I have owned a SleepNumber Bed for over 10 years. I work nights and sleep during the day. I can adjust the bed firmness to whatever I need. These mattress' are the best. I have arthritis of the lower back, knees and the hands and I feel so much better since I have bought this mattres. You will love this mattress. It is easy to put together and will easily fit up a steep stairwell.

Roben Dille
Toledo , Ohio (United States)

I have owned a Sleep Number bed for 17 years and will never go back to a traditional sleeping system..You may like the foam beds better but they are not adjustable or as me this is the bed for you.

Frank Nelms
Los Angeles , California

I8-Bed, took my time making my decision. Love my bed!!! I bought the I8 bed and put it upstairs at my house, bought it for when my kids come in from Chicago, seven nights out of ten I am in it... My husband and I have a Temper-pedic Rhapsody downstairs in our room, it is very hot from all the foam and I wake up with back aches! My choice by far is the I8 Sleep number bed!!!! I highly recommend it!

Teresa Long
Mooresville, IN , Indiana (United States)

I am in love with my pillow and bed. From the time I walked out of the store after trying your beds and pillow, my neck has quit hurting. I took the pillow home with me, and the bed came after 10 days. I have had the bed arould a month, and I am sleeping so much better. I wake up rested and not in pain. I am thanking God for his provision that allowed us to buy this bed.

David Casteel
Bourbonnais , Illinois (United States)

I have severe degenerative arthritis in my back which has led to my back slowly curving and to nerve impingment which causes tremendous pain when walking or sitting. Since I spend a lot of time in bed, my family bought me a C2 with a Queen mattress. This is the best bed!! It has helped with my pain because the bed and mattress can be adjusted according to my needs. This is the most comfortable bed!

Jeanne M Gray
Saint Simons Island , Georgia

We bought a queen Sleep Number bed about 7 years ago and were ready to move up to a king. Sleep Number was the only mattress we would consider. The rest you get on these mattresses in 2nd to none. I am completely satisified and tell anyone who will listen that if they want to the best night's sleep, they have to try a Sleep Number Bed. It's as simple as that.

Joan Firmender
Seymour , Connecticut

Professional & POLITE experience with Sleep Number, all the way from research on products with Store Representatives to the GREAT Delivery/Installation guys who showed up to deliver the bed & haul our old bed away. Silver Edition......GREAT bed!

Wiliam Nichols
Stateline , Nevada

I bought my Sleep Number bed in January and have looked forward to going to bed every night since I received it. It doesn't matter if I have a problem with my back or not....I can simply adjust the bed to whatever comfort level I need while my husband can have the bed as firm as he wants.We are both happy. LOVE our Sleep Number bed!

S Roarty
Marlton , New Jersey (United States)

We purchased a Sleep Number bed 15 years ago...would NOT sleep on anything else! And in this world of abysmal customer service, Sleep Number customer service is the BEST we have ever received! Friendly, clear, unbelievably helpful...just perfect! Could not be happier with the bed and the service..thanks!

Sona Yacobian
Everett , Massachusetts (United States)

I loved my Sleep Number bed from the momnent I got it. I was playing with the remote and fell asleep for two hours .Recently, I had back surgery and my Sleep Number Bed is the only place I am totally comfortable.

Patricia Hess
Higganum, CT , Connecticut

Last night I took a friend to your Colerain store to look at beds. I am amazed at the professionalism, caring and honesty displayed by your salesperson, Dereck. His main concern was to meet our needs and let us decide what was best for our needs. He did not want to sell a bed, he wanted the bed to sell itself. It is rare to find a company with such a philosophy, and a well trained professional to represent you. We intend to purchase a bed this Saturday because of your theories and caring for our needs. Hats off to Dereck. Thanks John mcalpin, Cincinnati

john mcalpin
cincinnati , Ohio (United States)

We have twin/king select number beds. I have neuropathy in my feet and 2 knee replacements. I get in bed and adjust my bed to bring my feet up and then vibrate. Wow! Great relaxation. My setting is 75, my husband's is 65, and we sleep better than we ever have. I love my bed!

Peg Smith
Budd Lake , New Jersey

I love my sleep number, I get a good nights sleep, feel well rested and rejuvenated every morning. I have a 1 year old Yorkie that thinks the bed is his, he gets under the cover and makes himself comfortable and sleeps like a human. I can't get him out of the bed... His sleep number is 35..LOL

Nikole Banks
florissant , Missouri

Prior to purchasing Limited Edition Classic bed, I struggled to get out of bed in morning and took a while to be able to walk and move comfortably. Within ONE night I was able to get out of bed comfortably. It has been a lifesaver to me! A true believer I have become!

deb yantek
North Olmsted , Ohio (United States)

I have always been more than pleased with my Cal King Sleep Number bed. A good night sleep, NO back pain, so I purchased a second Cal King for the guest bedroom. Now I can continue to get a good nights rest when the wife gets mad at me.

Bob Adans
Lake Havasu , Arizona

This is my second sleep number bed. Had the first one for about 3 years when our home was destroyed by a fire. This time we bought the I 10. My husband and I both have back problems but we love this bed! I find that I rarely even turn over at night and my back feels great in the morning. About to purchase another one for our second home. I can't imagine anyone who doesn't like this mattress. It's been fabulous for us.


It has solved our main problem with beds- I like a medium firm and my husband likes firmer. Sleep Number has solved that issue. It's GREAT!!!!

Vicki Daugherty
Charlotte , North Carolina (United States)

We have the best sleep ever.Wake up feel fresth in the morning.At night look forward to go to bed.Thank you number bed.

Sumiko and Gary Sherwood
Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

We have only had our Sleep Numer bed for a few weeks but we can already tell a difference in our nightly rest .More sound and restful sleep than we have had in years.

David Pierce
Dickson , Tennessee (United States)

This is our second sleep number bed. That should show our satisfaction! We purchased a RV and after sleeping in it for 1 year we knew that this was the next step to taking the next phase in retirement! Thank you Sleep number bed inventors! We also added more bedding items that aid cooling pillows and bed pads! More comfort for the summer!

Evelyn Rogers
San Antoio , Texas (United States)

After a back injury 27 years ago I woke up almost every morning either stiff or sore. I purchased my Sleep Number bed three months ago and have not woke up stiff or sore one time since. I love my Sleep Number bed and will never purchase any other bed again. Thank you Sleep Number.

Ronald Buey
Lakeland , Florida

I absolutely love my P6 Sleep Number Bed. I have never slept so well and do not wake up stiff or achy. I am recommending Sleep Number to all my family and friends. I never dreamed a bed could be so comfortable. I actually look forward to going to bed at night. Thank you for making such a comfortable bed. I also love my pillow from Sleep Number.

Love Schuster
Eau Claire , Wisconsin

I have owned my sleep number bed for 11 years and I have not had a better product. I still have a limited warranty for another 9 years. I am looking into an upgrade but have not made a choice as of yet. The best bed I have ever had has been the Select Comfort sleep system.

Phil Lockit
Colorado Springs , Colorado

The most comfortable and satisfied sleep in my 65 years. I can hardly wait to climb into bed at night or daytime.

Dean Yorgey
Alexandria , Virginia

Ive had my bed for almost 10 years and it is as comfortable as it was the first day I bought it. I would tell everyone to get one.

Desiree Yattaw
Attleboro , Massachusetts

Great bed took care of my lower back pain in just one nite. I now sleep all through the night and wake up refreshed. Wiith the old bed I was getting up every few hours because of my back pain, Thank You, Thank You

Julio Romero
Fontana , California (United States)


WEST COVINA , California

I can truly say that this bed made sleep possible for me again, And finally my poor Mom could stop buying a Serta that, After so many hip, pelvis, broken 3 lower vertebre, then my right ankle. I felt a fire start every night when it was time to sleep. I seen the informercial for this bed and 3 nights later, COMFORT, 1st TIME in years, So thanks SELECT COMFORT! YOU'LL NEVER KNOW HOW YOUVE HELPED. Kathy PB Missouri.

Kathy Hime
Poplar Bluff , Missouri

I am a RN, I have worked for 30 years taking care of those unable to care for themselves and it was showing up in my low back, I would wake up very stiff and had to move slowly to get my coffee and sit for 15 minutes or so until my back loosened up, my husband suggested a sleep number bed, as our sister in law had one and praised it. so we bought a sleep number bed. I cannot tell you the difference it makes! NO PAIN, NO STIFFNESS all gone for me! I went from feeling like an aged person to living a full life, I ride horses at least 3 times a week, I still work caring for others and cannot tell you how this bed has made a difference in my life! I tell people this, God forbid my house burnt down, but if it did, the first thing I would replace is a Sleep Number bed, I hope I never have to be without one ever again! We have owned this bed for over 6 years and I still love waking up and being able to move! Thank you Sleep Number!

Susan Bowers
Brookville , Pennsylvania

Our Sleep Number Bed is the best purchase we have ever made. We have had it 6 years now and it is still a dream come true for people who suffer from Fybromyalgia. The bedding is top quality and washes beautifully, and I love my new adjustable air pillow so much, I am getting my husband one. It molds to my neck and shoulders and is really a very cool pillow. I no longer wake up with a wet pillow case! This Company is wonderful to work with, their products are top notch and if you suffer from neck and back pain you will find relief with a Sleep Number Bed and get the best sleep of your life!

Margaret Warth
Columbus , Ohio

I purchased my bed 9 years ago, in 2004 and I absolutely love this bed. Only bed that does not kill my back. I am replacing parts rather than buy another bed. When I do replace it, it will be another sleep Number.

Sandee Cataldo
Saugus , California


MOORESVILLE , North Carolina

I am so happy with your beds, I tell everyone that I can't imagine buying any other bed once you try a Sleep Number bed.

Debert Broughton
Rydal , Pennsylvania (United States)

I love my new c2... so comfortable, no concerns adjusting it each evening! Amazing product by sleep number! Regards, Debbie Desio Trenton, New Jersey

Debbie Desio
Trenton , New Jersey

I bought many mattress sets trying to find one that could give me a painless nights sleep. Seven years ago I bought my first Sleep Number bed and was the best bed purchase I ever made, no more bad painfull nights. I just bought my second Sleep Number bed because I wanted the Flex Fit Adjustable Plus bed and I love it. If you have back problems this may be the answer for you as well. Thank You Sleep Number Bed.

Phyllis Johnson
Cape Coral, , Florida

My husband and myself purchased a split king as a wedding present to ourselves last April. We love it---we use different settings: he is a 65 and I am an 85. We use different head and foot heights too. We are very happy with our bed!

Janice Sebring
Lansdowne , Pennsylvania (United States)

We love our bed. For the first time in years, I dont wake up stiff and sore. I just could never get comfortable on a regular mattress even a brand new one. The first time I lay down on the one in the store, I was sold. Worth every penny.

Joan Latsch
Lehigh Acres , Florida

I have 3 of your units in King size and Queen and STRONGLY RECOMMEND them to family and friends. As a Consumer Report receiver I have also written comments regarding your product.

J Johnson
Fowler , Indiana

My husband and I are purchased the P5 3 months ago and its the best bed I have ever slept on and owned. Before we would toss and turn all night long without a peaceful nights rest. Now with our new sleep number bed, we actually sleep all night long! Before purchasing the sleep number bed I took a survey on facebook and asked all my friends to say whether they had/liked or wish they had a sleep number bed and I got back tons of posts with everyone saying Buy it! I did and I have never been happier.

Linda Lorenz
Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

We purchased our Sleep Number Bed in 1997. It was the best decision we ever made. It is comfortable, durable and provides the best sleep ever. Thank you Sleep Number for caring for our health.

Lewis Stroup
Wytheville , Virginia

It's a wonderful bed. my wife says her back doesn't hurt anymore and I sleep through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom. I have been telling people I know that if your going to buy a new bed go with sleep number you wont be sorry.

Daniel Flores
Wolcott , Connecticut

This our second sleep our sleep number. We love them.

Art C
Del Mar , California

I love my sleep number bed. The only thing better than the bed is the customer service at the 800 number. They made me feel like a valued customer.

Karen Fawver
Knoxville , Tennessee

The Sleep Number bed is the BEST investment we have made! A mattress that will conform to our bodies ever changing needs. We sleep longer with no aches and pains during the night or getting out of bed in the morning! Im recommending Sleep Number to all my friends and family!

Judy Turk
Bartlett , Illinois

I suffered from severe insomnia for years. I tried alternative remedies, but was reduced to taking prescription sleep medication every night. Since the arrival of my SN bed I have been medication free and sleeping through the night. Thank you!

Megan Jackson
Fort Lauderdale , Florida

I have had two Motor homes with sleep numbers beds and I finally broke down and bought one for the house. I was tired of sleeping better in the RV. On nights that I couldn't get comfortable in my old bed at home I would go out and sleep in the RV. I cant wait for it to arrive.

Fran Lathe
Westminster , Maryland (United States)

The cost of the beds we looked at were intimidating at first until we realized that this was an investment that was going to last for 20-25 years. After we tried out a couple beds, we decided on our model and didnt look back. It was the BEST decision we made. I have not had to visit my chiropractor in months. He is not happy, but I am thrilled! Great product!

Scott Fowler
Liberty Township , Ohio (United States)

Originally we had a queen size sleep number bed. Then we opted for the king size model. Given that we spend more time there than anywhere else, it made sense. The best decision ever.

Thomas Swift
Dubuque , Iowa

We visited our daughter overnight. They put us in their sleep number bed because of my back problems. It was the best night sleep I have had in a while. We went to the store when we got home and purchased our own. Look forward to more good nights of sleep.

Warren Broadstreet
Whitney , Texas

We have had a sleep number bed for many years. I now have the split king adjustable which we love. I like them so much that I got my daughter and son-in-law one, my son and daughter-in-law one, my 17 year old grandson has one, helps his sports battered body, my 14 year old grandsons one each, my 12 year old grandson one and my 3 year old granddaughter one. The entire family have sleep number beds. The only thing I dont like is when they get stained you cant wash the covers.

Pat Boyd
Portland , Oregon

We have had a sleep number bed since about the early 1980s. Would not trade it for anything else !! We are both able to have the firmness or softness we each prefer. SO glad we stopped into a Sleep Number Store that day !!

Donna Hehir
Inverness , Florida

I love my bed. Should have done this years ago. Best money I ever spent...

Longwood , Florida

This is a testimonial about my experience purchasing my Sleep Number bed. I had heard about Sleep Number beds from friends. Therefore, I had a good idea that I wanted to buy one. Nonetheless, the service that I received is what sold me more on the bed. My salesperson made sure that my husband and I felt at home and instructed us about the many positive aspects of owning one. Currently, we are waiting on our bed to arrive and cant wait!

Margaret Lewis
Bakersfield , California

Prior to buying the sleep number bed, I woke every morning with hip and lower back pain. I could not walk very far or well, no way could I stand and brush my teeeth, without excruiating pain. After finding my sleep number and buying the bed. I have never awakened with the afforementioned pain. Pain free, great way to start the day for change, Really improved my attitude and temperment. Dont wait, buy one today... Thankful customer: Michael Cope, age 68.

Michael Cope
Midwest City , Oklahoma

Before purchasing a sleep number bed, I had a top of the line beauty rest. Because I have degenerative arthritis in my lower back I had to sleep with my legs elevated. This had worked for several years, but then nothing worked. I always woke up with an aching lower back. After I purchased my sleep number bed, I rarely have any back pain. I am able to push a button and my legs are elevated, and I found that  sleep number 30 gives me complete relief from any lower back pain. It's great that you can adjust your bed to whatever you need at any given time. I wished I had bought this bed years ago before the last two high end beds I purchased that did not help me.

patricia thompson
Sacrameno , California (United States)

I purchased the Queen i10 and I will never own anything but a Sleep Number bed! Sweet Dreams

Sherri Todd
Asbury , New Jersey

Your manager, Gary Graves, at the Spokane Valley Washington store was fantastic. This was our second sleep number bed. Gary was very helpful, informational, & had a great attitude. The set up crew was the same way. I am sure glad for the Sleep number bed & Gary Graves. Thank you, Raejean Widmer

Raejean Widmer
Harrison , Idaho

Most of my back is fused 11 vertebrae. Other mattresses felt like I was lying on a board or sleeping in a hammock. When a persons back is practically one long bone that cannot bend, either of those two positions is torture. After I got my sleep number bed, I finally got some decent sleep. I love it.

Anna Marie Burk
Phoenix , Arizona

LOVE THIS BED !!!!!!! My husband and I bought this bed and we both love it. Thank You sleep number.

Jodi Clybourn
Vancouver Fishers Landing , Washington

For many years I had problems sleeping at night. Waking up once every hour and staying awake for long periods of time. By the time I finally would get to sleep my alarm was going off, time to get up! Trying to straighten my back out as I would roll out of bed wondering, is this what getting older was like? I'm only in my 30's how will it be in my 40's? Then I bought my Sleep # bed it has changed my life! One year till 40 and I feel better then I did in my early 30's!

amanda heizman
indianapolis , Indiana (United States)

I have my sleep number bed for about 3yrs now. I would never buy any other bed, non can measure up to a sleep number bed. This bed eases the pain of fibromyalgia & spine like nothing else does. Even my cats enjoy the bed being raised, massage selection as well. I also love the pillows. this bed is priceless. now to figure out how to make a chair thats comfortable like the bed.

bonnie kerr
atlan tic beach , Florida

Best night sleep we both had in years. My wife likes it softer while I like a firmer setting. Wish we had purchased the bed sooner. We switched over from a Temperpedic, good mattress but no comparison to a sleep munber.

Geralf Fulton
Brentwood , California

We are sleeping better than we ever have with our Sleep Number Bed. We are delighted with it. We previously owned another brand with a pillow top mattress that was supposed to simulate a temperpedic bed, but after one year, we could not sleep on it at all despite frequently turning the mattress. If you select a Sleep Number Bed you will have a great nights sleep and wake up refreshed.

Francine Loft
Golden , Colorado (United States)

For years I have put off buying a sleep number bed. I bought inner spring mattresses, waterbeds, latex mattresses, adjustable frames and mattress toppers. I thought I was getting good sleep. I purchased my sleep number bed and for the first time in a long time I actually slept clear through the night and even slept through my alarm. I cant remember the last time I actually even slept long enough for my alarm to go off. I no longer wake up several times a night tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep. Thanks Select Comfort!

John Swanson
Boise , Idaho (United States)

I receive my sleep number bed on May 4, 2012 A Friday. Since then all I can say is Free At Last, Thank God Almighty!!!! My body ,lower back and hip have already started to heal. I will never puchase nothing but a sleep number BED. My advice is when you read this message. HURRY UP AND GO GET YOURS!

Myrtle Mitchell
Birmingham , Alabama (United States)

We have slept better than we ever have before since the day our sleep number bed was delivered. It was the best investment we made... THANK YOU. Our numbers 40 and 55.

Thomas Marx
Springfield , Oregon (United States)

We got our Sleep Number P5 bed yesterday and enjoyed a wonderful night of comfort! My sister-in-law has had her Sleep Number bed for over 4 years and loves it, now we know why. Love the Sleep Number sheets and other accessories too, making the bed feel even more luxurious. Count us Sleep Number customers for life.

Bill Powers
Temple City , California

We just bought the Extended Queen in the p6. We both are still trying to find our numbers but man, so comfortable, We both sleep like babies. Highly recommend thank you guys.

Patrick Flanagan Sr.
Bath , Pennsylvania

For years, my patients asked about the best bed to buy. Well, after getting my Sleep number bed 4 years ago, it is the ONLY bed that I recommend to my patients! Dr. T

Francine Tougas
Milton , Vermont

My husband and I have been enjoying our M7 sleep number bead for about a month now and couldt be happier with our purchase. I consider it an investment in our sleep. We are waking up with out pain for the first time in many years. I had no idea how poorly I was sleeping until we started sleeping on this bed. We considered several memory foam beds before going to our local sleep number store. As soon as we relaxed on the memory foam sleep number bed, we made our decision. The in store experience was far superior than the furniture stores we had been shopping in. Matt at the sleep number store was helpful but never pushy. Now we cant wait to go to bed at night!

Jessi Barkley
Oak Ridge , Tennessee (United States)

I've had my sleep number bed for over 10 years now and I would never ever go back to spring mattress again. Sleep number 55.

Jeannette Serrano
Lodi , New Jersey (United States)

I love my bed! I love the customer service! Mom and Dad got one of the first beds years ago, and I've had mine for about 8 years. We will never go back to the waterbed, or a conventional mattress ever!

Lynette Kahle
Toledo , Ohio

The sleep number bed is wonderful. My husband likes a soft mattress and I like a hard mattress so we get the best of both worlds! We have had our sleep number bed for 14 years and it is just like the day we bought it. Will purchase another one when it is time.

Marty McKay
Alton , Illinois

We had a sleep number bed that was given to us from my parents several years ago. We in turn gave the mattress to my niece when we moved from Ohio to Colorado. Upon unpacking the mattress my neice found that the mattresses had mold/mildew on them. I emailed Sleep Number and asked what they suggested. Within less than 2 hours a customer service rep called and asked for my nieces address so that they could ship a new mattress directly to my niece. This is what CUSTOMER SERVICE is all about!!!!!

Polly Koch
Silverthorne , Colorado

I havent slept this good in a longtime. Even my husband is sleeping better. We bought the i10, and love it. I only wish we would have bought this bed sooner. I look forward to going to bed now. I wake up rested vs tired like I used to. I am telling all my friends and co workers about the sleep number bed that we purchased. Our trial period is not up but we are definitley keeping this bed.

sharon wilson
bella vista , Arkansas (United States)

We have been owners of a sleep number bed since 1997. Weve tried another brand of memory foam mattress for the last 5 months. Today we purchased a new sleep number bed for us. The other brand new memory foam mattress is going in the dump! By the way, our old sleep number bed is now in our spare bedroom. I will never buy any other mattress but the sleep number!

Susan Wicihowski
Palm Bay , Florida (United States)

We own 2 sleep number beds. Glen, my husband could be on a sleep number commercial. He used to twist and turn all night. Now he sleeps soundly and barely moves at all. Hes your number one Fan! Lisa 45- Glen 55

Lisa Meyers
Bluffton , South Carolina (United States)

Being a 51 year old man with a back injury I have purchased many beds in the past looking for a way to get a better nights sleep. No matter the cost of the mattress, and I have paid Thousands of dollars on quality mattresses, I have never gotten a better nights sleep than on my Sleep Number Bed!! I sleep through the night!! I will never, and I mean never own another style of mattress as long as I live! Thank you so much for such a great product.

Robert Ramirez
Portland , Oregon

First my husband and I bought a bob o pedic, and it was terrible! WE went through another bob o medic before we went to sleep number. I will never go anywhere but to sleep number bed! Our p5 king size bed is more than I could have ever imagined. The comfort we both get and the full nights rest is worth so much! I will continue to refer people and RAVE about the success we have had with sleep number. I can not say thank you enough!

jillian pelchat
brookline , New Hampshire (United States)

When we bought our motor home it had a King Size Sleep Number bed and we have come to find out that we sleep better in the motor home than at home, so we had to buy one for our home as well. LOVE IT!

Martin Mueller
Columbus , Ohio (United States)

Last winter I fell hard on my icy porch bruising my tail bone and sprained my knee badly. I was able to lower my number and slept good despite my injuries. Sitting in my recliner chair was torture but my sleep number bed gave me restful nights sleep uninterupted by the pain. I love my Sleep Number bed!

Anne Stanley
Valle De Oro , Texas

Upgraded from P5, which is retired to the guest bedroom to M7. Incredible bed! My wife and I after just two days in our new bed fell asleep faster, experienced deeper more restorative sleep. The flexfit is well worth the price even though we havent used it much yet. Thank you Select Comfort for making such an incredible bed!

SAN JOSE , California (United States)

I have owned nothing but sleep number beds for about twenty years. We would buy nothing else. Now we are looking for a twin for our daughter. Her traditional bed has too many pressure points. I had forgotten how uncomfortable traditional beds are.

denise bolster
harpursville , New York

I receive my consumer reports and am asked to take surveys regarding poducts. I just wanted you to know that I STRONGLY recommend your beds. They are easy to use and wonderful to sleep on! No tossing or turning because to comfort - it is adjustable and to my body stesses and strains. Thank you soooooo very much for this wonderful product!

Jo Ann Johnson
Fowler , Indiana

I got my Sleep Number bed two nights ago. I can't believe how WELL I slep! Normally I wake up at 4 am no matter what but the last two nights I didn't wake till 6!!! I feel refreshed. Thank you Sleep Number!

Jeffrey Talbot
Warrenon , Virginia (United States)

12 years and every night is still like the first night sleeping on our Sleep Number bed.

Dave Mattucci
Webster , New York

My husband and I have had a sleep number bed for at least 15 yrs. It is awesome and we would not sleep on anything else. We now have an adjustable Sleep Number! Awesome.!

Phyllis Tilley
Jonesboro , Arkansas (United States)

I bought our Sleep Number Bed about 20 years ago. It has been the best purchase I ever made. My husband cannot sleep on a firm mattress and I can't sleep without the firm mattress. We both have what is comfortable to us with our Sleep Number.. It has hellped minimize back pain and is the most important piece of furniture in oir home. Customer service has been exactly what was advertised, customer oriented and reliable.

Jean Cloud
ozone , Arkansas

I just want to let you know that my husband and I have an original Select Comfort bed that we bought 23 years ago and it is the best bed we've ever had. I would never go back to a regular bed or water bed. We will be interested in a newer model Sleep Number bed in the near future!

Kelley Thompson
Altoona , Florida

After suffering with back pain for years, we tried numerous new mattreses only to be disaappointed. Then we tried the Sleep Number bed and within days all the pain felt better. It has now been 10 years and we still have our wonderful mattress!

Mary V Conway
Sacramento , California (United States)

Our Sleep Number bed is great! We have a king size, and it is the best we have had in 45 years of marriage.

James Graham
Fredonia , Kansas

My wife and I have had our sleep number bed for 12 years. We experienced a problem with the firmness control system and had to sleep in a different bed for a few nights. I must say that we really missed our Sleep Number bed during those few nights and it was great to get back into it after customer service took great care of us and exceeded our expectations in resolving our issue. What a great product and company!!!

Mike Styba
Shoreview , Minnesota

My husband and I slept on a traditional inner spring mattress set for 10 years and we had both begun to suffer from poor sleep. After purchasing the Sleep Number Bed, we immediately began to sleep more soundly. I used to wake up each time I turned over and now I sleep through the night. As well, with our old mattress I woke up every time my husband would turn over because the motion caused the mattress to move. Now, I dont feel anything when he shifts in the bed. We are very happy with our Sleep Number Bed!

Dena Stansbury
Manassas , Virginia

My wife took me to the Sleep Number store. I had my doubts but I have never had such a good nights sleep in my life. I've totally converted!

Norm Johnzon
Greensburg , Pennsylvania

We are so pleased with our bed. Less back back pain and no more restless nights. We love our bed. I first sleep in the sleep number bed in a Radison Hotel in NY . When I got home we went shopping for our own bed. We would never go back to any other kind of a bed. Thank you Sleep Number

Fleurette Peterson
So Jordan , Utah (United States)

We bought our Sleep Number Bed ten years ago. Ever since we have enjoyed waking up without back pain from an uncomfortable mattress. Over the years I have adjusted my comfort setting to match my changing body. I could not do that with a regular mattress. The one problem we had with our Sleep Number Bed was quickly and curtouisly resolved at a resonable cost. We look forward to ten more years on our Sleep Number Bed. Oh yea, over the last ten years the only time I thought about our Sleep Number Bed was when my friends and coworkers complianed about their backs hurting. Thats when I tell them about my Sleep Number Bed.

David Lamere
Roy , Utah

I have a C2 mattress. I love it! No, it does not have a display, but I have no problem finding my most comfortable settings. If I want to sleep on my stomach I prefer it very firm. If I sleep on my back I make it softer. My husband likes his side very soft. We now each have very comfortable settings. We put a 4 inch memory foam mattress topper inside the mattress cover and the bed is perfect. We did it from the get go, so dont know what it is like without it. I am so happy with this mattress. I dont need to know the number it is set at, as I always set it where it is most comfortable. I highly recommend this bed.

Janice Duncan
Sacramento , California (United States)

After sleeping for years on a regular mattress and box springs, watching the sleep number commercials lured me in hook line and sinker. The last commerical showing a promotion of 36 months no interest financing sealed the deal. When I called to place my order, I didnt know what to expect, but my customer service representative Pat M. was phenominal. She answered every question I could come up with without hesitation and made my ordering experience a breeze, thank you Pat!! Super fast shipping and struggle free set-up with the provided instructions had me sleeping in comfort in no time!!

Jason Powell
Collins , Mississippi (United States)

I used to have a terrible time sleeping. I would constantly wake up during the night, my hip would hurt, my back would hurt. I could not get comfortable. We have had our bed for about a year now. Now I sleep through the night, no aches in the morning - I LOVE my bed!

Mary McGowan
Chicago , Illinois

We just got our bed yesterday and let me just say it is everything we were hoping for.... I have fibromyalgia and my old bed was just terrible on my back but I woke this morning and NO PAIN AT ALL. We got the P7 and it is unbelievable. I would recommend this bed to anyone with fibro or any other back pain. Tammy Hardy Waterville, Maine

Tammy Hardy
WATERVILLE , Maine (United States)

The best investment I've made other then my home. Great for couples needing different comfort while sleeping. I recommend it to all my friends, my mother bought one and she loves hers!

Jolynn Huber
Ironwood , Michigan (United States)

Omg the Sleep Number bed rocks! It helps me with my back support and my husband loves to sleep with me now and I love to sleep with my husband now too.

amber cole
dallas , Texas

I used to have a Tempur-pedic for chronic back pain. I had it for about 5 yrs and had to swap it out once in that time period because it it slummped in and I was getting only a few hours sleep a night. Even after receiving a new mattress, it didn't help my problem. Within the first week of sleeping on the Sleep Number bed, I got a full nights sleep and have been getting great sleep ever since

Douglas Hoolahan
North Babylon , New York (United States)

I have noticed an immediate difference in the way I feel after only sleeping in my Sleep Number Bed for two nights. I used to wake up stiff and sore and that has disappeared! I'm now a huge advocate for these beds and cant thank you enough for how wonderful I feel again.

Liz Day
Spring , Texas (United States)

Great bed. I've had my bed 6 years and have a had every comfortable sleep every night. My number is 35. My husband who was skeptical at buying the bed, now loves it. And your sheets are WONDERFUL! The more they are washed the softer they get. Very compfy. Thanks for a great bed

Jill Brown
Jeffersonville (United States)

You are not allowing me enough room to submit my appreciation however, Thank You all at Sleep Mattress for your professional customer service, I found it best to call you direct and I was delighted to find everyone there so respectfull as well as problem solvers. THANKS!

Donald Fox
Cherry Hill , New Jersey

We have had our Sleep Number bed for about 7 years. The only down side to the Sleep Number bed is it makes it really hard to go stay anywhere else over night! When we are gone on vacation, we literally can't wait to be able to climb back into our Sleep Number bed! We have even convinced 2 of our friends to buy the Sleep Number bed and they have absolutely LOVED it! The pillows are also unreplaceable. I have tried other pillows and have regretted it ever since. I am back to buying only Sleep Number pillows!

ESCALON , California (United States)

After buying several top-of-the-line mattresses from the well known manufacturers, my husband and I bought a Sleep Number bed. That was over 10 years ago and still love it. It is still as comfortable as the day we got it and wont ever go back to a traditional mattress.

Deborah Swaim
Hamptonville , North Carolina

We love our Sleep Number bed so much that after my Mother, now 88, moved in with us 2 years ago. We bought another p5 Sleep number bed for her to sleep on. After we purchased it, we discovered we had bought the first bed 1 day shy of 10 years before the 2nd one. This bed has greatly improved my ability to sleep through the night. Thank you for developing such a quality sleep system.

Susan LeCalsey
DePere , Wisconsin (United States)

All I have to say is this is the best bed I have every slept on. My husband bought our first Sleep Number Bed It was Select Comfort back then in 1995. We used it until our new bed arrived yesterday. Wow, its amazing. Buy one, you will love it. My in-laws have two of them, one for their use and one for their guests use.

Catherin L
Colorado Springs , Colorado


DENHAM SPRINGS , Louisiana (United States)

BACK PAIN WAS a Pain in my Back! Wife and I woke up one morning with the worst pain ever. We set out to the Sleep Number store in the local Mall. They didn't have to sell us on anything. Sales agents were incredible. We didnt even feel any pressure, just lots of comfort. Sleep Number Bed comfort that is! We still haven’t found a better deal, even from all Sleep Number competitors. We settled on the loaded i10 and they had to pry me off to sign the paperwork. 5 Business days later, with speedy delivery, courteous and prompt sleep number technicians, we were set up with our own. I still get back pain after a hard day’s work, but once I lay down on our Sleep Number Bed, my body pains are immediately better. I found my back pain prescription! Why spend $7,000 on the top of the line bed? Think about this. You spend a couple hours at the most in your car. Average person spends about $20,000.00 for a vehicle, On a mortgage or rental, you spend on average or way over $1,000.00 a month for a home. Why would you NOT put some well needed comfort that your body desperately needs in todays average hectic lifestyle. Right now you spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping on what? You deserve to sleep ROYAL, not sleep with royal pain. My Sleep Number? Still playing with it, but every number is soooo comfortably delicious!

Jonathan Gonzales
Gainesville , Virginia (United States)

i have a sleep number bed its been over six years im about to purchase another one soon! they are the best beds ever!

lemuel smith
townsend , Delaware

what a wonderful bed this is!!!

carisa giblin
redfield , South Dakota (United States)

We just got our sleep number bed 2 days ago and I would have to say I am really impressed with this bed. I never realized how bad I was really sleeping until I have slept 2 nights on this bed. On our old bed I could not lay in the same position for more than a couple hours without having to move due to pain. Our dogs sleep with us and I always thought my pain was due to them being in bed. My husband has all kinds of back problems and the first night he said he was comfortable in the bed. Most nights before he would have to sleep on the couch. I would recommend this bed to anyone. I wish we would have gotten one years ago!

Danielle Scales
Newburgh , Indiana

As I said to my husband, If a Sleep Number mattress isnt the fix for all typical mattresses that dont seem to make both sleepers happy! there is none! WELL, let me tell you THIS IS THE FIX! Its like a magic mattress! you can adjust each side to the sleepers comfort and tada, a wonderful night of sleep. I wont EVER go back to a traditional mattress again. Thanks Sleep Number for your WONDERFUL product!!!!!

Long Island , New York

My husband and I have had our Sleep Number bed since 2002. When I retired, thats the bed I bought. No more aches and pains from the old mattress and box springs. Were sold and we refer and testify!

COLUMBUS , Ohio (United States)

LOVE!!! our beds. We have bought 3, need we say more?

Dan Yates
Ladson , South Carolina

My husband and I purchased the c5 bed 3 weeks ago. It took some getting used to at first, but now we love it. We sleep so soundly, and my back doesnt hurt when I wake up anymore. I cannot feel my husband moving in the bed either. Its worth the money!! Wish we would have bought one sooner!

Erin Collins
Kouts , Indiana (United States)

Best sleep ever! Cant imagine life without our sleep number beds! Dread traveling or visiting family or sleeping in a motel cuz no one can understand the peaceful restful type sleep one experiences because of the personal settings available on a sleep number bed until youve experienced it. Love it! We have 2!!

Diane Boyd
Lakeland , Florida (United States)

I have major back issues from when I was in the military. My sleep number bed was an answer to prayers. I can finally sleep better at night. My wife likes a fluffy bed, and I HAVE to have it more stiff. There is ONE major drawback to these beds.....You have to get up out of them at some point!

HOT SPRINGS , Arkansas (United States)

I recently purchased an i10 sleep number bed from the local mall. Its wonderful and I absolutely love it! Its like sleeping on a cloud, fully adjustable and I can custom fit it just for me. Everyone I have dealt with sales people and setup people have been very knowledgeable.

Maria Randolph
Maurice , Louisiana (United States)

On 1/6/12 Sleep Expert Karen Miller at the Greene did an outstanding job of handling a return of one pillow and showing us a variety of other pillows she had in the store. Karen sought to help us find the perfect pillow for our needs with emphasis on the best value for the money and she had more concern for our needs than the size of the sale. Karen was professional, cared about our comfort, listened well to our requests, and researched what we already had purchased at another Sleep Number Store. She worked out the perfect solution that was tailored to our needs. What a delightful experience in the store and once weve returned home with our new purchase. Thanks!

Dennis Daley
Dayton , Ohio

I bought my Select Comfort Queen size bed 11 years ago and I still love it. I had terrible back pain getting up in the mornings, however my Select Comfort changed all of that for me. It is time to replace the pillow top but it is a small price to pay for another 10 years of comfort. Thank you Select Comfort for changing my life! Sincerely, Leesa Clark

Leesa Clark
Conway , Arkansas

Wow is all I can say. I had thought I wanted a sleep number bed for some time so we went to Branson, MO specifically to sleep on one at the local Ramada and loved it. Have had ours an i8 king bed for 5 months now and absolutely love it!! No more back pain. If it starts to hurt, I just jostle the number a bit and the pain goes away. Absolutely hate it when we have to be away from home and sleep on another bed. And my husband will not sleep on another pillow other than our sleep number pillows. The staff at the Jonesboro, AR store where we purchased it were wonderful - thanks Vic! I would highly, highly, highly recommend this bed to anyone, and do!

Debi Dancer
Poplar Bluff , Missouri

This is our third night in our innovation limited ,and so far its been wonderful! My wife normally woke up early simply because she had back pain. She has slept all night with none the past two nights. This was a very good investment. My sleep# is 35, my wifes 85. Tim.

Timothy & Cheryl Hammond
Clinton , Maryland

I bought the CS3 model and it is totally unbelievable how nice this unit is! My wife used to get up at least 3 times a night. We both used to toss and turn all night long and felt so tired in the mornings. Now....we sleep uninterrupted and completely at rest! In fact, we sleep longer now and with the utmost comfort!! I would recommend this bed to anyone who wishes for total rest!!!

Thomas Hawks
Soddy Daisy , Tennessee (United States)

Shortly after purchasing my sleep number bed I suffered a heart attact and was life flighted to Pittsburgh. After being released from hospital and at home my wife asked what was going through my head and I said I kept thinking I would never sleep in my sleep number bed again. She was somewhat upset that I did not mention her. I told her it goes without saying that I thought of her and the family. We now laugh about it.

Charles Adamo
New Castle , Pennsylvania

Before I purchased sleep number.I was awakened every nite all through the nite to use the restroom.I havent gotten up one night since the purchase of my bed.Also with sleep number I can now fall asleep on my back never possible before sleep number

charissa walker
decatur , Georgia (United States)

After sleeping on the couch for the most part of two years due to hip and back issuses and no comfort in our old bed, we decided it was time to check out the Sleep Number Beds. What a wonderful change in our sleep patterns! The only issuses we have is getting used to sleeping together again and our german shepard thinks my side of the bed belongs to him. Thank you Sleep Number!

Debbie Wheelock
Livonia , Michigan

We bought a king size bed and love it. I have had almost zero back problems sence we bought it. We also purchased a queen size for our summer home. We also look for hotels that have sleep number beds when we travel. I highly recomend sleep number beds. Jim Johnson

James Johnson
Coshocton , Ohio (United States)

We recently purchased a Sleep Number Bed and we couldnt be more pleased. There is no more tossing and turning. We have experienced the best sound sleep ever! I recommend everyone go check these beds out. Absolutely outstanding comfort.

Mary Cooper
Belvidere , Illinois (United States)

Best customer service and follow up I have ever experienced!

Scott Heron
Dublin , Ohio (United States)

I tossed and turned all night on my regular mattress. With my Sleep Number bed i stay in one place and actually sleep all night. My back doesnt hurt when i wake up! I love it! My sleep number is 35!

david hubbard
lafayette , Louisiana (United States)

I finally slept for 6 hours! I have problems sleeping and for the first time in many years I slept for 6-7 hours and feel rested. My back and neck feel great! This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I am so happy my husband bought this bed.

Matleen King
Lafayette , Louisiana (United States)

I am mostly impressed with the courtesy of your sale personnel. We were one of the first to own one of your beds before they even had numbers it was simply softer or harder. After 17yrs it died & we got a new one. Although the 1st one ILE was too much bed, it was a simple matter to exchange it for a C-3. I dont know of any other mattresses that will last for 17yrs. Thank you, LK Curnutt

Liz Curnutt
Arlington , Texas

I bought my sleep number bed following back surgery and numerous shots and treatments to my back. For about 14 years I have had wonderful sleep at 45 setting and in fact I ordered a new mattress without any hassle from the home office.

Virginia Plumley
Huntington , Wisconsin

I love my sleep number Pillow, but what I am really impressed with is the sleep number company. I had a pillow sent to me, and someone stole it off my porch. They replaced it in 5 days and were exceptionally kind and helpful. Best company I have ever delt with!!

Christine Joy
Bullhead City , Arizona

Since my wife and I purchased our p7 bed with memory foam, waking up with a sore back is a thing of the past. Like sleeping on a cloud. Robert and Kerri S- 35 and 50

Robert Serna
Mount Vernon , Washington (United States)

Bought my first one in 2004. I will never buy any other bed. recently purchased the limited edition with 3 inch pillow top. I love it, my wife loves it, my kids love it!! Gave my old king to my son. recently had back operation and could not wait to get out of the hospital to get back in my own bed. If you have back pain this is the only bed to buy!!

sean dougherty
cochranville , Pennsylvania (United States)

The reason for the note is I just called your customer service on our remote, they were FANTASTIC, She was professional, helpful, cheery, I could go on. Needless to say she resolved my issue immediately Thank you Sleep Number.

John Sperry
5421 W. Briarstone Dr , Illinois

I've been a Sleep Number owner for over 12 years. I believe this was one of my best investments. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Marva Ward
Kansas City

The air adjustable pillow I bought is the best pillow I have ever bought, It adjusts to any height that I need. Will not need a new pillow for a long time to come.

Carl Anderson
Grand Rapids , Michigan

Rested! If I had to sum it up in one word that would be it. Both my wife and I have experienced a more restful sleep with our new Sleep Number bed. We wake up in the AM feeling like you should after sleep. Enough said! Thanks Sleep Number!

Michael Gay
Somers , Connecticut (United States)

We just got our sleep number 3 days ago and it has been best sleep my husband and I have had. We love it. Whe we wake up we are not tired. I would recomened it to anybody. The balance mattress pad really helps too. Im not over heated or cold.

Joyce & Gary Land
Homosassa , Florida

Our Sleep Number bed is ten years old. We have had less problems with sore backs, and slept sounder. I like it softer, my husband likes it firmer. We both have it our way. Ill not ever go back to the traditional mattress. Customer Service has been great!

Julie Vlaminck
Marshall , Minnesota (United States)

Ive had my sleep number for 15 years or more! Even after all these years its as comfortable as it was when I first set it up. Its marvelous!

Gregory Rieser
Grove City , Ohio (United States)

We have had our Sleep Number bed for 32 days now, so its officially ours! The return packaging that we were keeping just in case the 30-day trial period didnt end well will be going to the curb for trash pickup this week! We absolutely love our new bed. I did not realize how poor my sleep quality was until I slept a couple of nights on this bed! When the salesperson said my husband wouldnt toss & turn as much if he was comfortable, I dismissed it as part of the sales pitch. She was right! His tossing & turning was noisy springs and, since we have a 75lb weight difference, I would actually be bounced! We love our new bed! Thank you!

Amy Vonder Embse
Beavercreek , Ohio

I want to say Thank you! My husband and I purchased a king size p-series and I have not realized how many years of sleep I have missed. I have less back pain, I sleep throughout the night, and I have a better attitude in the morning. Thank you sleep number... Thank you.

Maureen Devlin
Fairless Hills , Pennsylvania

WE just purchased our 2nd sleep number bed. In 2010 we bought an I8 King and just today we purchased the Limited Edition Queen. People ask why we bought such an expensive bed for our guest room. We dont consider it expensive when you consider that this is the last bed we will have to buy. Who needs a 5 or 10 year warranty. Our bed will last a lot longer than that. And no bed is more comfortable. Ken and Terry at the Sleep Number store at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills were great. They made our purchase easy. We were treated more like family than a customer. If you have not spent a night in a sleep number bed you dont know what you are missing. Scott sleep number 65 and Sue sleep number 75 

Scott Bossung
Gibsonia , Pennsylvania

When my husband told me he had one of these beds, before and how comfortable it was. I was thinking yeah, right. But they are everything you see on TV and more,more and more still. It was my best nights sleep in years.

Pamela Wade
Tampa , Florida (United States)

My wife and I have never slept better. We suffered with too much restless sleep and sore backs sleeping on the old slab. We love the ability we now have to select our individual comfort setting. Our only regret is that we didnt get this bed sooner. L O V E IT!

Alan & Debbie Barry
Bartow , Florida (United States)

After 3 years of Sleep Number my wife and I are sooooo pleased with our sleeper number bed we will tell anyone about our bed that says they had a horrible night sleeping on their mattress. We spent well over $3,000 dollars in our 12 years of marriage buying box spring and pillow top mattresses that were too soft or too hard.

Thomas Holloway
California , Kentucky

My husband and I have owned a king-sized Sleep Number bed and pillows for 5 years. My sleep# is 35 and my husbands is 70. I have a contoured pillow and he has a 5 classic style. We have been so happy since then. There's very little disturbance if one of us exits the bed through the night, and my back problems have been helped greatly by the switch to SN. I have gotten my son-in-law a pillow, and plan to get myself one too for Christmas this year!! Sleep well, friends!

Allison Runkles
Leesburg , Virginia

It was time for us to get a new bed, and with my neck problems we decided to go check out a Sleep Number Bed. We came home with one and have never regreted it once. I tell everybody I know about this bed! Love It!!

Dee Sabroff
Greenville , Ohio

My wife and I fell in love with our bed day didnt take us long to put it together..and our first words were OMG..we saw commercials and now we can say we are believers... now we can watch our Auburn football in comfort...

james mccann
chattanooga , Tennessee (United States)

I fortunately, was not one of those people who toss and turn all night. When we bought our bed in 2005, it was just time for a new bed. I was expecting to need a little time to get used to the bed that was not the case. The very first night, my husband and I slept wonderfully, and have never regretted buying our bed. We would recommend Sleep Number to everyone! When we travel, the thing I miss the most is my bed. Cant wait to get back to it.

Carol Busboom
Lincoln , Nebraska (United States)

My cousin recommended the Sleep Number bed to us and we have thanked her so many times! We have slept soundly from night one, even with our back problems. Yes, the bed is more expensive than a conventional bed, but it will outlast other beds and give you a more comfortable nights rest. I wish we hadnt waited years before making the purchase, but we are happy now!

Sandi Gilbo
Jacksonville , Florida

My husband and I purchased an i8 bed and bedding accesories back in June 2011. I had a horrible back issue from a nasty fall from horse back in 2003. I sleep great now on this bed. Having my own sleep number allows me to sleep like I need to and my husband sleeps on what firmness he needs. We love our bed and it was well worth the money spent. Thank You, Deborah, sleep number 35

Deborah Martin
Jackson , North Carolina (United States)

I love my bed! Thats what I say every night when I climb into bed. We have a split king, adjustable with vibrating mattresses. I put the head up, put the feet up and vibrate my legs and feet. I read til I fall asleep. Im in heaven!

Peg Smith
Budd Lake , New Jersey

I always stayed at a Radison Hotel the night before a long flight just so I could get a good nights sleep. After the 4th night I was convinced I wanted this bed for myself. My new bed was delivered last friday just in time for my birthday weekend. So I slept extra late on my birthday !!!

Jackie LaMarr
Willowbrook , Illinois (United States)

We got our bed just over a month ago and have loved it the last few weeks. It replaced a mattress that we had spent about the same amount on 10 years earlier, but it was now showing signs of wear big dip in MY area and I could tell that I was no longer getting the support I needed. After having been sick and spending a few days in bed, I noticed how much more pain I was in. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments and massages regularly for years after having suffered back injuries from heavy lifting. I spoke to my chiropracter about different types of beds and he mentioned that although he has a different type of bed he has heard from several of his patients about Sleep Number beds and had not heard of anyone being disappointed with theirs. We decided on the I8 expanded queen. Set up was so easy, the wife and I were able to do it ourselves. The hardest part was moving our old mattress out of the house. The first few nights I had set my sleep number high, initially at 85 and didnt really notice much difference in my comfort. I eventually followed customer services advice and decided to try a few different settings, giving each a 3 to 5 day chance before re-adjusting and keeping track of where I had been. Im now shocked to say that my sleep number is 40 same as wifes. OK, Im not the manly sleep number 85 I thought I would be... Im a softee at 40... but VERY happy. I find it very hard to believe that some reviewers will buy a bed and give up and want to return it without first following the direction given by customer service. Anyone that wants to return the bed in a month is NOT giving it a chance. Try a different number and give it a at least 3 to 5 nights. Our sales rep said that they will give you more time if needed to really get to know what number your body needs to be comfortable. The way I see it, I still have many more years to spend in my bed, Im glad I took a little more time to find out how happy I can be with it. Im also very happy to know that if any parts do wear out, it will be a whole lot less expensive to replace the parts as opposed to buying a whole new mattress ever again.

Bret Bagley
Lehi , Utah

I have had my SN bed for 7 years and wouldn't sleep without it .I have back problems. SN beds give me the comfort I need . Thanks, K Wells

Ken Wells
N Monmouth , Maine (United States)

OMGoodness - just had our bed delivered yesterday and what a difference. It is unbelievable in just one night. After they set it up we laid on it for an hour just to feel the difference. My back has bothered me for a year. This morning - it was like a miracle. We both slept through the whole night. Thank you - Thank - you. Sheets and comforter are marvelous too. Can't wait to go to bed tonight!!!!!

Wayne Krout
Lawrenceville , New Jersey (United States)

Bought our P5 exp. queen in 11/10. We have been married almost 35 years, and we can honestly say that we are both pain-free when we get out of bed. His back pain doesn't bother us at night any longer. We have different numbers, me-45, him-65, and we love our bed. Best mattress we have ever invested in.

EAGLE MTN , Utah (United States)

We have had a water bed for 23 years and decided to get the sleep number water bed insert move we ever made!!! We love it...California King Sized Sleep Number!!

Donald Bost
Irwin , Pennsylvania

My wife and I have been sleeping on the same Select Comfort King size bed for 20 years...and we still love it. Even after all that time, there is no sag in the mattress where we sleep. We started with the 30 day trial and never looked back. Excellent product!

Patrick Elliano
Canyon Lake , California (United States)

The sleep number bed has given me a good nights sleep. If you have back pain or discomfort you should try the Sleep Number Bed. Gayland

gayland fickenscher
grand island , Nebraska

I bought my 7000 bed in 2004, from Abdul at the Garden St. Plaza mall in NJ and it was the best decision I have made. The new I8 has replaced the 7000. I have since visited with Anju at the same mall store and purchased pillows and the cooling head sheets. Anju and Abdul were very courteous and professional during my sales visits.

Mark Kosuth
Clifton , New Jersey

I sell cars and went to a Select Comfort store to fix some paperwork for a customer. That customer, Sunny Vadera, was a sleep professional at the store. I decided to give the sleep number bed a try since I was there. I was instantly sold by the comfort of the bed and Sunnys excellent customer service. I use to wake up with back pain. That ended the day my sleep number bed arrived. It has been 3 months since I bought my bed and I LOVE IT. I should have bought one sooner. I am glad I messed up some paperwork and paid Sunny a visit!

Kevin Dowd
Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

Once a person finds the problem,its always a good nights sleep . On all other mattresses that i've purchased,sore back was part of the program. With SLEEP NUMBER....It's a pleasure each time you go to bed !

julius spognardi

Love this bed my husband and I both sleep so much better best investment we made we both have our own sleep # mine is a 75 his is 25 .we both get a great night sleep and no more back aches .thanks for a great bed.

cynthia morehead
coventry , Rhode Island (United States)

oh my gawd, I can't believe how much better I feel in the morning. we have spent hundreds of dollars trying to get a good night sleep, but all we had to do was buy a sleep number bed! everyone should try one!!!!!!! its amazing!!!

s kobbe
powell , Wyoming

I bought my sleep number bed in 2003. I will never own another type of bed! I love this bed! Sleeping on a innerspring causes so much pain in my lower back. Even just one night in a hotel or at families for a visit causes a lot of pain. I wish I could pack my bed when I travel! I have never had a problem with my bed, no air leaks, absolutely nothing in the almost 9 years that I have had my king size sleep number bed! I have had this bed longer than the traditional beds normal life span and it doesn't sag, doesn't look worn, still holds the air, can't remember the last time I had to adjust it. This bed is worth the money you will spend! no more than a high end innerspring will cost you. I have recommended the sleep number bed to many on facebook and to my family and friends. This is the only bed I will recommend. This is the best bed for my body, mind and soul !!!

Kim Foushee
Gulfport , Florida (United States)

Our Sleep Number bed and adjustable frame were delivered at the end of March. I was so excited, as I spent lots of time in bed. I loved the adjustable frame for watching TV and reading. We also sleep with it slightly elevated at our head each night which is very comfortable. Initially, I woke up each morning with an aching back, My partner John said just find your number! It took me several weeks but I finally found it, 70. I have never experienced a backache since! Couldn't do that with a standard mattress. I love this bed! By the way, John loves it too!

Cathy Pettigrew
Voorheesville , New York

I was having back and hip pain when we realized we needed a new mattress.ours wasnt that old, just a few years. My husband wasnt gonna give into buying a sleep number bed. Well, we now have one and he is so impressed with how he sleeps better. It has helped me with my back and hip pain. As for my husband, he cant wait to go to bed or even take a nap. He tells everyone about it. We love our bed! Great investment!

Chris Patterson
Benld , Illinois

We have had a sleep number bed since November 1998 and it looks and feels like brand new. This should be the last bed that we should ever need.

Gary Fitzgerald
Zephyrhills , Florida


carolyn sexton
St Louis , Missouri (United States)

The best mattress I could ever have. When I first got my Sleep Number Bed, I felt a great relief, my backache and stiffness were gone in just a few days. Four years have passed and the Sleep Number Bed still helps me sleep better with the firmness, proper support and comfort of my choice.

California (United States)

The Sleep Number Bed has changed my life and the quality of sleep that I now get!!! I love it and cant live without it!

I changed beds several times. Nothing was comfortable. I finally got a Sleep Number Select Comfort bed. I can now sleep comfortably at night. Sleep Number is the only bed, aside from an air mattress, that I can sleep on. I got my bed 19 years ago and its as good today as it was the day that I got it. I love it!
Karen Radcliffe
Bay Village , Ohio

My wife and I have been on the p6 now for over two years and cant imagine sleeping on a more comfortable mattress. The sleep we enjoy has made a tremendous difference in the way we feel in the morning.

Roger Dorn
Cleveland , Ohio (United States)
For over 25 years could not sleep on my back due to an injury. My bed has allowed me to be a back sleeper again and feel refreshed and not sore when I wake up. What a RELIEF!!!
Vincent DiGiovanna
Old Hickory , Tennessee (United States)
We’ve had the Pima cotton sheets for about four years now and love them. They are a breeze to put on when you look for the label, and the fitted sheets stay put.
Lansing , Michigan
When I laid down on the Lyocell sheets the first time I could feel how soft and comfortable they were, that night I slept even better. I now how it would feel to sleep on a cloud.
Orlando , Florida
I'm constantly switching and flipping pillows. Last night my pillow remained comfortable all night and was never too warm. This could be a life changing event.
Greensboro , North Carolina
We go RVing a lot and having a Sleep Number bed in both the RV and at home, makes for a better nights sleep, because you dont have to get use to different beds.
Rodger D.
Denton , Texas
We bought a queen size mattress for our 5th wheel trailer because we wanted to reduce weight in the trailer. We loved it so much, we bought a king size for our bedroom at home to replace a nice water bed. Our pet family likes them too.
Joyce B.
Issaquah , Washington
Our Sleep Number bed we had in our Semi, it made it so much more comfortable to sleep when one of us had to sleep while the other one was driving. The Sleep Number bed made it so we didnt wake up so stiff. Our dogs also sleep on the bed and they dont even like getting up. My medium size dog loves the bed so much that when we are stopped and we both are going to sleep, our dog is supposed to sleep up front, but when you wake up she will be in bed with you. She doesnt do that at home, we dont have a Sleep Number bed at home. When we are at home you can sure tell the difference between the comfort in our Sleep Number bed and our regular bed. When we are at home we wake up stiff and sore.
Julie M.
Wichita Falls , Texas
We bought our first, a king size, several years ago. We love it! We then retired and now live in our RV full time. The RV has a queen size bed frame built in. We slept on the RV mattress for about 3 months and thats all we could take. We bought our queen size Sleep Number bed and have been happy ever since. We even traded RVs and of course we kept our mattress and let the new RV mattress go with the old RV. We gave our daughter the original King size and she loves it.
James O.
Daingerfield , Texas
We had an RV fifth wheel trailer custom built and opted for a Sleep Number bed rather than the notoriously uncomfortable RV mattresses. We have been very pleased with it and plan to transfer it to any subsequent RVs we might own.
Paul J.
Harpers Ferry , West Virginia
My husband and I purchased our Sleep Number bed after trying numerous water beds - free flowing, foam filled and tubes. None of these beds helped us have one good full nights sleep. Wed always wake up with kinks and back pains. One night on your Sleep Number bed changed our minds and lives forever. We have not had one bad night of sleep on it. We sleep through every night all night long. Plus, its so light weight, its a breeze to change the sheets and clean under. We cherish every night on our Sleep Number bed.
Carlton B.
Chocowinity , North Carolina
My husband and I had a full wave water bed for 15 years. I began to have back soreness in the mornings, but he did not want to give up the comfort of a water bed. Once we tried laying on a Sleep Number bed at our local mall, we were sold. We both sleep better and feel more rested.
Thomas L.
Shelby , Illinois
This story is long overdue. For 15 years we had a water bed sleep system and actually liked it except for the 15 leaks it had. Finally my husband said ENOUGH! We need a new mattress. After sleeping on a new regular mattress while vacationing in Florida, I knew a regular mattress would not do after having a water bed but my husband refused to get another water bed - no more leaks, He said. I had recently seen an ad for your Sleep Number bed on late night TV and I called the 800 # mentioned to see where the closest store was for us. The rest is history, we got the top-of-the line Sleep Number bed and on the same visit so did friends we brought with us. PS - I have loved our Sleep Number bed from day one and my husband says he has never slept better, he loves it too.
Kay B.
Fort Atkinson , Texas
Every night when I crawl into my luscious Sleep Number bed, I ooh and aah with the joy of pillow softness combined with gentle support. Clearly there is nothing quite like a Sleep Number bed. My husband enjoys the firmness he can have while my side is so very soft. I was a waterbed owner for years and thought I had the best. Then I got a Sleep Number bed, no comparison! The lack of hassle, heaters, mildew and general trouble is so great.
Beth M.
Corvallis , Oregon
I used to have a water bed, it caused me to wake with lower back pains and stiff necks and also cause restless sleep. I saw an add on TV for a Sleep Number bed. I learned a lot about sleeping on air and how the mattress has better support for the entire body. Whereas the water bed gives you the hammock effect, I noticed a change in the first week of sleeping on a Sleep Number bed. I would recommend this to every one.
Michael M.
Abilene , Texas
The bed is the most comfortable sleep experience I know of. I didn't realize that the water bed we had was doing harm to our bodies, that wasn't evident until we replaced it with a Sleep Number bed.
Ed P.
Warrenton , Missouri
We absolutely love our Sleep Number bed and make sure all our friends and family know about it! We are sleeping better than ever, and dont like to be away from home. Also when Im pregnant, its the best ever!!!
Jeni G.
Enterprise , Oregon
When I was four months pregnant and very tired because I was not getting a good nights rest, I took the suggestion of my mother-in-law and looked into the Sleep Number bed. I went to the store a couple of times and tried out each bed. We decided on a middle line bed. After receiving the bed, I cannot tell you how well I slept for the next five months. Many pregnant women use 4-5 pillows to support various parts of their body so their joints do not ache. I, on the other hand, set my bed at 40 and slept like a baby. I think there is an untapped market for you - PREGNANT WOMEN. It is so hard to sleep when you are pregnant, but with the Select Comfort you will no longer have sleepless nights. Because of this experience, I plan on being a repeat customer, and I definitely will tell others that they should buy your products.
Bekki J.
Brighton , Colorado
I bought Sleep Number King as a last resort to my lower back pain sleepless nights. I couldnt buy a regular mattress firm enough and yet not be too firm for my husband. I had resorted to sleeping on floor many nights. Within a couple of months on a Sleep Number bed I was hooked. Along with back therapy and my new bed I finally got relief. My husband gets to keep his side soft like he prefers! Another added bonus of this bed was that during my 2 recent pregnancies I was able to adjust my bed according to my bodys weekly changes. What a comfort! I dont know how I would have slept otherwise! Ill always sleep on a Sleep Number bed.
Shirley E.
Bivalve , Maryland

We have had the Sleep Number king size, dual control bed for 5 years now. It is great! Being able to adjust the firmness of either side is wonderful. There is no need for purchasing another mattress ever. Also, when I was pregnant the bed allowed me to let out air until my belly was comfortable. Very important.

Kelly A.
Gresham , Oregon
We bought our Sleep Number bed while I was pregnant for our second child. It made sleeping during the last trimester more comfortable.
Lora S.
Columbus , Ohio
We love our bed very much. This is the 2nd one we have owned. We gave the first one to our son when we bought the second one. The first one is 11 years old and still performing well. We are planning on using the current one for a long time.
Andrea B.
Madisonville , Texas
We own a second home with six other families in Sunrise OR. Each has his or her own preference when it came to selecting a bed. I saved a probable war by buying a Sleep Number bed. Everyone gets exactly what they want when they want it. It worked out just right for us.
Robert N.
Eugene , Oregon
My story is that I have back problems so when I saw the ad in a magazine for the Sleep Number bed, well I gave it a try and loved it. I enjoyed it so much I bought four more, one for each of my kids. Once youve slept on one its hard to go on the road and have to sleep in a hotel bed.
Carole A.
Houston , Texas
We liked our Sleep Number bed so well at home, that we purchased another one for our 40 motor home, that we use about 4-5 months a year. It is much easier to travel knowing that we will still get a good nights sleep wherever we stop.
Jim G.
Irvington , Alabama
Our Sleep Number bed performs even better than we expected! Weve owned our bed for over one year and have enjoyed each and every blissful night of slumber since evening number one! We can always count on a perfect nights rest with our Sleep Number Bed. We had previously tried waterbeds as well as coiled spring mattresses. Both of these were uncomfortable, the waterbed was nauseating and the springs from the coil mattress were actually painful after only a few months usage. To say we have been pleased with our Sleep Number bed is a massive understatement! Even our teenagers are impressed with our Sleep Number bed. Later this year we anticipate purchasing two full size Sleep Number beds for the girls. Thanks Select Comfort for an outstanding product. Its worth every penny and more.
Fernando And Darlene S.
Winston Salem , North Carolina
I received your mattress as a birthday present, the first night I slept on it I fell in love with it. It was the first night of sleep I woke up from feeling refreshed and full of energy. I now look forward to sleeping, and my back not hurting from bedsprings. I had heard about the Sleep Number bed a year or more ago and wanted one, but never really followed up on it. Until a few months ago when my parents purchased one of your queen sets. Mom let me try it, my first comment was I want one of these! Well the other day I was pleasantly surprised with a gift of a Sleep Number bed. Thank you for making an excellent product that for the first time allows me to sleep in comfort!
Jason B.
Burly , Washington
I just love my bed! I have had a back problem for most of my life and I always thought a firm mattress was the answer. I now find that a softer setting is much better for me, I wake up with less back pain and get a much better nights sleep. I do not feel my husband tossing and turning at night. You dont need to spend a great deal of money for a GREAT mattress. I am just sorry I didnt buy it sooner! Thanks for a great nights sleep!
Joyce R.
Inwood , New York
Wow, UNBELIEVABLE! The bed arrived today and we put it up right away. This afternoon I got tired and took only a 2 hour nap. Im so excited!!! Normally after 2 hours my back is killing me and I needed no prompting at all to get up. This time...I DID NOT WANT TO GET UP. It was just a nap and it was so great. I cant wait to go to bed tonight!! Unbelievable. Thank you so very very much.
Richard H.
Okc , Oklahoma
I enjoy having an adjustable bed. I fall asleep faster and feel refreshed when I awake....I went away on business and when I came home my wife had thrown all the boxes away. She said this is the most comfortable mattress Ive ever slept on, we are definitely keeping it.
Mike C.
Lincolnville , South Carolina
My husband and I have been married 32 years and never knew what a good nights sleep was until we purchased your product. No matter how strenuous our day is, no matter how up tight we are, the one thing we can count on and look forward to is our relaxing fantastic nights sleep and waking up with no backaches or muscle cramps. This has been the best investment we have made. Thank you for manufacturing such an outstanding product. I would recommend it to anyone.
Dennis S.
Las Vegas , Nevada
My husband is not one of those people who normally write to companies with comments about their merchandise, but he felt compelled to write this letter about our new Sleep Number bed. My husband had back surgery for a ruptured disc in his lower back, and since this surgery has suffered from constant lower back pain. We have tried numerous beds, including a waterbed, to no avail. He was sleeping at the most three hours per night because that was all his back could stand. After 5 nights of sleeping on the Sleep Number bed he told me to throw the boxes away because there was no way this bed was leaving our house. He now sleeps all night, does not toss and turn and for the first time in almost 20 years, he wakes up pain free. We have told all of our friends about this bed and will continue to do so until everyone we know owns the most comfortable bed in the world, the Sleep Number bed. I cant thank you enough for giving my husband a good, pain free nights sleep.
Dawn M.
Onancock , Virginia
I had slept on an old Sears foam mattress top of line bought in 1967 for around 30 years. I loved it, but it was crumbling into tiny bits. Sears no longer had a foam mattress nor did anyone else. I slept on many different inner spring models at various friends homes and tried out many others at stores, but I couldnt find anything to compare to my old faithful foam. Then I heard I cant remember where, maybe a magazine ad about the Sleep Number bed. I tried one at a mall in Birmingham, AL and ordered one. I love it. Id fight for it. Whenever I come home from a trip, I kiss it. Ive recommended it to everyone I knew. My children claim I have the best bed in the world and we all pile in for a cuddle whenever they come hometwo girls 26 and 31.
Barbara D.
Dothan , Alabama
It has changed my life enormously sleeping on my Sleep Number bed. The pains in my back have gone away. Every day I used to wake up with pain in my lower back from stiff mattresses, but now I wake up feeling refreshed each and every day. At first I didnt think that it could really change the way you feel, however, I was wrong. I no longer wake up with any back pains. Its great having my Sleep Number bed. I wouldnt trade it for the world.
Anthony C.
Marlton , New Jersey
I love my Sleep Number bed! We bought it almost a year ago. I used to wake up with a terrible back ache, sometimes in the middle of the night. We were sleeping on a national name brand innerspring mattress. What a difference the Sleep Number bed makes! No middle of the night or morning backaches for me. And my husband can select his Sleep Number and I can select mine. We definitely made the right decision and it is worth every penny.
Judith R.
Carbondale , Illinois

Because I am a Chiropractor, people ask about beds on a regular basis. Select Comfort was often the bed that helped solve their pain problems. I am now experiencing increased comfort during the night, deeper sleep and a reduction in my sports related aches and pains. I am now recommending Select Comfort to all my patients.

Valerie G.
Santa Barbara , California
My wife, now 26 years old, has had chronic back pain for the past 7 years. We knew our bed wasnt helping. We went to a nationally known mattress dealer, a huge local mattress manufacturer, and then I remembered a recent Sleep Number commercial, so we went there last. I hadnt realized just how ancient the coil spring design really is. Coils were used at the turn of the 1900s. Well, for the first time in 7 years my wife slept through the night without waking up once from back pain. You couldnt pry this bed out of our hands now. Thanks.
Lenny M.
Aurora , Colorado

I would like to thank you for your wonderful bed. It has changed my husbands life. He has back pain and has not slept well for years. Because of lack of sleep and chronic pain he has had low energy.... He is an avid golfer but was only able to play 3 times a week and often less when his back flared up. We bought a Sleep Number bed for him about 3 months ago. At first it seemed good, then he made the mistake of turning it down too low and he had another episode of back pain. During this time he made numerous calls to your customer service representatives. They patiently discussed the bed with him and advised him. After finding the correct sleep number for him his back began to slowly improve. Now 3 months later he gets out of bed, smiles at me and says, Its the bed. Then he grabs his golf clubs and out the door he goes.... This is a new man. Im extremely grateful to you for creating this bed that has helped him so much.

Salle O.
Escondido , California

I have pain problems and the only bed which allowed me a good night sleep is the Sleep Number bed. I am a commercial actress and my friends always kid me when I go on and on about the Sleep Number bed, because I sound like one of my commercials. I honestly cant imagine anyone sleeping on a Sleep Number bed and not loving it. It even made a believer out of my husband the skeptic. Thanks for a terrific product.

Jane H.
Clayton , Missouri
My husband is 66 - 300 lbs. I am 510 150 lbs. Our previous bed sagged and I would roll in the holemiddle. We purchased the Sleep Number bed because we liked the idea of adjusting each side. My husband likes his side softer. I like my side firmer.... We have adjusted his side and my side so there is no what I call a hole sagging or rolling to the middle.
Gloria M
Brandon , Florida
When we were looking for our 1st new bed, I thought my husband preferred a hard mattress for his back and I preferred a soft one. As it turned out thats exactly backwards. Lucky for us we chose a Sleep Number bed with dual controls. Due to my husbands back problem he could usually not sleep the whole night through. Now thanks to the Sleep Number bed hes able to get a much better, longer rest at night. Thanks for a quality product.
Ellen N.
Punxsutawney , Pennsylvania
After purchasing and sleeping on the Sleep Number bed, both my husband and I noticed a great deal of difference in the way we felt physically when we got up in the mornings. We were more relaxed and had no aches from sleeping in the wrong position. I especially enjoy the firmness level settings since I like my side softer than my husband. I also like the side to side distribution of space which helps us not bump into each other during sleep. Great product.
Iris W.
Hartselle , Alabama
My wife needs a hard bed for her back - I much prefer a soft bed. First time we have been able to really agree on a mattress in 23 years of marriage. It is nice when we can both have it our own way and have our mate happy to boot!
Sidney B.
Manteca , California
The wife and I do enjoy the Sleep Number bed. As she likes a firm bed and I like a soft one. I can have back problems and adjust my side as I need. We have enjoyed the bed now for some 5 years and do recommend it to friends and family.
Ray B.
Cornelius , North Carolina
For years my husband and I have disagreed about the firmness or softness of a mattress. Now, we can decide we can decide what we want individually without making the other sacrifice their comfort. Not to mention the fact that I no longer wake up with a stiff back, which with a regular conventional mattress, was a common occurrence! I have recommended the Sleep Number bed to numerous friends!
Kirsten S.
Fairfax Station , Virginia
For years my husband and I have disagreed about the firmness or softness of a mattress. Now, we can decide we can decide what we want individually without making the other sacrifice their comfort. Not to mention the fact that I no longer wake up with a stiff back, which with a regular conventional mattress, was a common occurrence! I have recommended the Sleep Number bed to numerous friends!
Kirsten S
Fairfax Station , Virginia (United States)

Better investment than gold these beds are!

Don Price

Suzy was the greatest sales representative I've ever worked with. She answered every one of my questions.

Amy Faulise
We bought the p6 with the adjustable base. What can I say but we love it! Best we have slept in years! My husband is a 55 and I am a 35.
Jodi R.
Milwaukee , Wisconsin
We purchased the Sleep Number bed and I have to say that it is the best purchase we have ever made. We purchased three of the Down Alternative pillows as well, and I am very impressed.
Carol M.
Gibbon , Nebraska

This bed has been one of the greatest purchases. I was also introduced to In Balance products and we got the mattress pad, another great investment! It manages my body temperature greatly. I loved it so much, we bought three pillow protectors and there is a huge difference. Next in line is the blanket. I love Select Comfort and their innovations!

Omar C.
Deltona , Florida
We just ordered some additional sheets for our two Sleep Number beds. Our Sleep Number bed has been, by far, the best bed weve ever owned. Weve been so impressed with your products.
Andy M.
Milltown , Montana
I have had my Sleep Number bed for three years, and it has been sheer bliss, total comfort at night and re-energized mornings.
Carol H.
Highland , California
I am thoroughly thrilled. This is the first time in YEARS that I fall asleep within a few minutes and sleep so soundly, more comfortably than I never thought possible.
Vicki K.
Decatur , Georgia
My wife and I are thrilled with our Sleep Number bed. We sleep so much better and are really refreshed after a great nights sleep!
Joseph S.
Troy , Ohio
We both sleep better, longer, and never wake up from being uncomfortable. This bed has changed our lives.
Nicole W.
Edison , New Jersey
This bed has provided me with the restful sleep I have not truly had, after many years of back pain.
Mari C.
Fresno , California
I had chronic back pain but since I received my Sleep Number bed I have had the most restful sleep. I wake up less stiff and in-pain.
Laurie H.
Dayton , Ohio
The ability to adjust the bed has made an amazing difference in the quality of sleep Im getting. I can change my setting from night to night for different aches and pains.
Kent T.
Holly , Michigan
This bed is a miracle. I sleep so much better and my husband does too. We can get out of bed every morning with less back pain.
Rose J.
Clarksburg , West Virginia
My wife and I each like a different amount of firmness in our mattress so we like being able to set our Sleep Numbers. We now get good nights sleep.
William C.
Millersville , Maryland
We both have completely different needs when we sleep, but thanks to the Sleep Number bed we have not had a bad nights sleep yet.
Kenneth M.
Saint Charles , Missouri
After 25 years, we have finally found a bed that is comfortable for both my wife and I. It is so wonderful to be able to adjust it.
Jim H.
Sunnyside , Washington
Until we got our Sleep Number bed, we were NEVER in agreement. I wanted firm, my partner wanted soft... and we were waking up with aches and pains. We no longer have to worry.
Karen D
Carlisle , Pennsylvania

It has changed my life enormously sleeping on my Sleep Number bed. Every
day I used to wake up with pain in my lower back from stiff mattresses, but now I wake up feeling refreshed each
and every day. At first I didn’t think that it could really change the way you feel, however, I was wrong. It’s great having my Sleep Number bed. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Anthony C Marlton
New Jersey (United States)


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