Finding your Sleep Number Setting



As with any new sleep surface, it may take you a few nights to adjust to your Sleep Number® bed. While many people find their ideal setting the first night, you may need to experiment with a few adjustments. We encourage you to start at a setting that feels comfortable, and then make only minor setting adjustments every few nights to identify your ideal comfort level.

Steps with Sleep Number remote:

  1. Start at a medium setting of 50 or 60 - or try our
    most popular, 35.
  2. Take a few minutes to evaluate your comfort.
  3. Your neck and back should be aligned as when standing.
  4. Mattress should support the small of your back or curve of your side.
  5. Adjust Sleep Number in increments of five or 10 by pressing up/down arrows.

Steps with a non-digital remote:

  1. Fully inflate the mattress, then press and hold softer button for five to 10 seconds.
  2. Take a few minutes to evaluate your comfort.
  3. Increase firmness for any lower back discomfort (press and hold one to five seconds).
  4. Decrease firmness for upper back, hip or shoulder discomfort (one to five seconds).
  5. Make sure that neck and body are in alignment with no uncomfortable pressure points.


  • Always lie on the bed in your preferred sleep position when making adjustments.
  • Try any new setting for three or four nights.

Bear in mind that your Sleep Number setting can change depending on your support needs and is not set in stone. If you need further assistance or comfort suggestions, please refer to your Owner's Manual or call Customer Service at (800) 472-7185.

Your pillow should help keep your body aligned properly, otherwise it may interfere with your ability to sleep comfortably.

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