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The cover of your Sleep Number® mattress may be spot cleaned with carbonated water or mild detergent. Do not dry clean the mattress cover or put it in a washing machine. Also, please do not apply stain-guard, as it may cause yellowing of the fabric. Select Comfort™ is a leader in the industry in the use of materials that inhibit the growth of allergens or microorganisms that, in rare circumstances, can form inside any mattress, bedding, pillow or upholstered product. Advanced antimicrobial safeguards are incorporated into every Sleep Number bed. Key components of the mattress have been treated to protect the bed from contaminants such as mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

An added benefit of owning a Sleep Number bed is its unique zip-open design, which allows you to open, view and ventilate the inside of the mattress. This provides a particular benefit to allergy sufferers who may choose to vacuum or clean inside the mattress on a regular basis.
Although rare, mattress mold can form inside any type of mattress, bedding or upholstered product. Should bed mold occur in your mattress, please contact our Customer Service department via e-mail or at 1-888-580-9237. 
Our goal is to provide consumers with information on the steps we have taken to prevent Select Comfort mold. This includes innovative materials and unprecedented research to ensure the Sleep Number bed mold growth is eliminated. Feel confident that our team of Select Comfort bed mold experts is leading the industry in antimicrobial materials. If you have acute sensitivities to dust mites, mold or other allergens, please tell your Customer Service representative. Select Comfort stands behind every bed. We will be happy to remedy the situation for you.

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