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Firmness Control System

Sleep Number® Firmness Control™ System

The Sleep Number Firmness Control System is a combination of a pump and a remote which allows you to select your individual comfort level with the touch of a button - no matter which side of the bed - and discover your personal Sleep Number.

The Pump

  • Every Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™ comes with its own Sleep Number Firmness Control System, a remote-controlled pump that allows you to change the firmness level of your bed
  • Compact (about the size of a two-slice toaster) and unobtrusive, the pump tucks out of sight under the head of the bed
  • The electric, forced air pump plugs into a 110-volt outlet and only uses power when making adjustments - and it consumes a mere 60 watts of power
  • If a loss of electrical power occurs, the firmness level of your mattress will be retained; it will not deflate. Once power is restored, you can make adjustments to your bed's firmness level again

The Remote
The Sleep Number c2 mattress comes with the Non-Digital Firmness Control System . The Non-Digital Firmness Control System includes a basic firmer/softer remote that enables firmness adjustments to your Sleep Number bed.

The Sleep Number c3 mattress comes with the Sleep Number Firmness Control System. The Sleep Number Firmness Control System features a digital Sleep Number readout display.

The Sleep Number c4 mattress comes standard with a wired Sleep Number remote with a patented, backlit, digital readout display to quickly find or adjust your Sleep Number.

The three Sleep Number Performance Series mattresses and the Sleep Number i8 mattress comes with the whisper-quiet Sleep Number Firmness Control System, which features a sleek, contemporary design for quick and easy adjustment of your personal Sleep Number. The backlit, digital, Sleep Number remote is wireless. The Sleep Number i10 mattress comes standard with two wireless remotes.

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* Sleep Number Firmness Control System wireless and wired options shown above.



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