Create Your Sleep Haven

Your bedroom. It's your haven. A place to relax, restore and renew. It’s a reflection of who you are and what you love. It’s what makes you comfortable and replenishes your spirit. Just like you, it’s unique. Be inspired to use all of your senses and create an individualized haven that's perfect for you.

These seven tips will get you started:

1. Be scentimental

Create a mellow mood in the bedroom by lighting a fragranced candle an hour or two before bedtime.

Or craft your own signature scent – and amp up the sensory experience – by mixing two or more of your favorite fragrances. Remember to blow out any flames before you go to sleep.

5 quick fragrance tips
  1. When experimenting with fragrance layering, choose complementary scents from different fragrance families, for example Valencia Orange and Gardenia.
  2. Group two or three candles and diffusers (or multiples of each) together to personalize your room with a signature scent.
  3. Pick fragrances for different rooms and experience the blends as they change.
  4. Vary heights of candles and diffusers to create interest, or group them in similar colors to make a statement.
  5. Change scents to be in harmony with the seasons. In spring, try ginger + sea salt. In fall, choose mulled wine or heirloom pumpkin.

From the experts at Illume® Candles

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3. Color your dreams

Our bodies respond to different color lighting.

When it comes to sleep, blue and green lights (like those from TVs and computers) can keep you awake. Millions of years of exposure to the blue morning and daytime sky have ingrained this in our sleep physiology.

From Science Translational Medicine, online issue May 12, 2010

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5. Stack ‘em in your favor

Pillows can add texture, style and flair to your bed.

But when it comes to great sleep, it starts with a pillow that adjusts to your individual size, shape and sleeping position.

Nearly all back and neck issues stem from poor sleep practices, such as cheap or worn out pillows. If a pillow doesn’t contour to your head, neck and back, your sleep may be suffering. Experience PillowFit™ at a
Sleep Number® store to find the pillow that perfectly fits you.

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7. Get inspired by the latest trends

This year’s most important design and lifestyle trends are things that lift our spirits.

Think lighthearted and fun. Choose unexpected materials, motifs and prints or patterns that catch the eye and delight.

Use your imagination…
  • Dream like a child - whimsical patterns, charming illustrations and fanciful fabrics
  • Cultivate calm - lush watercolor scenes, florals and soft ashen pastels
  • Shimmer and shine - layer soft and luxurious materials in gold, silver and pearl
  • Embrace the new modern - bold patterns and color blocking in primary colors
  • Bring back the past - nostalgic prints and 50’s inspired geometrics

From Sleep Number® Design and Trend Expert, Angela Hoekstra

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2. What sweet dreams are made of

Snuggle up in a mattress that contours to your body—each of your bodies.

The Sleep Number® bed’s DualAir™ technology lets you adjust each side of the mattress for individualized comfort so you and your partner can both create your own haven of comfort.

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4. Splurge on bedding

Once you’ve experienced high-quality bedding, you’ll never settle for less.

Supremely soft bedding not only feels fabulously comfortable, innovative bedding solutions can address unique sleep issues, so you can sleep your best. For truly individualized comfort, new bedding now provides temperature balancing, natural allergy protection and all-natural softness. Also look for the latest athletic-inspired fabrics, which are designed to keep you cool and dry.

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6. Specially blended for you

Music can help melt away the stresses of the day.

We’ve made it easy to set a mood of relaxation with a curated station, hosted by Pandora. Listen now. The pleasurable experience of listening to music may elevate endorphin levels (a ‘feel-good’ hormone).

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