Experience our newest innovation. It even knows you by name.

Performance Series

Memory Foam Series

Innovation Series

Sleep Number p5 mattress

Perfect Balance of Softness and Pressure-Relieving Support

Experience softness and improved alignment in our newest SLEEP NUMBER® p5 bed. Zoned comfort layer provides contouring support for restful, restorative sleep. Read More

Sleep Number m7 mattress

Cools, Contours and Adjusts to Both of You.

Nestle into your coziest sleep. Naturally contouring CoolFit foam offers cool, soothing comfort. Your SLEEP NUMBER® setting lets you individualize each side of the bed to your perfect support. Read More

Sleep Number i8 mattress

Uncompromising Comfort.

Temperature Balancing Innovation.

The new SLEEP NUMBER® i8 bed offers our latest innovations with an exclusive layer for enhanced comfort to areas of your body that need it most. And a temperature balancing sleep surface keeps you from sleeping too warm or too cool. Read More

Sleep Number p6 mattress

Enhanced Cushioning and Support With a Cool, Soothing Sleep Surface

Our newest SLEEP NUMBER® p6 bed features soft, resilient PlushFit™ foam with zones for superior pressure-relief. High-performance layers are topped with a cool, soothing sleep surface. Read More

Sleep Number m9 mattress

It’s Everything You’ve Wanted Memory Foam to Feel Like. And More.

Our exclusive LuxFit™ foam is supremely soft, breathable and gently conforming. Every curve of your body is cradled in cushiony comfort as both of you adjust your SLEEP NUMBER® settings to your perfect support. Read More

Sleep Number i10 mattress

The Ultimate in Individualized Comfort.

Extraordinarily comfortable and elegantly designed, this new bed redefines luxurious sleep. An innovative dual-layer design lets you individualize each side for exceptional comfort. Advanced temperature balancing sleep surface keeps both of you sleeping just right. Read More

Our newest innovation even knows you by name

Now it’s easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with SLEEP NUMBER® DualAir technology. At the simple touch of a button, you’ll find ideal comfort and support with exceptional pressure relief on each side—your SLEEP NUMBER® setting.

Simple, intuitive remote

  • Make it your own—individualize with your names
  • Guides you to your Sleep Number setting with the new My Sleep Number®setting feature
  • Choose from English or Spanish settings
  • Illuminates when picked up, for ease of use at night

DualAir Technology

Look for advanced DualAir technology inside our new SLEEP NUMBER® m7, m9, i8 and i10 beds.



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