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Sleep: Essential for an Active Lifestyle

When it comes to our diet and exercise programs, quality sleep is paramount, an essential component for any level of physical activity.

Whenever most of us think of improving our lives to accommodate our ever-busy schedule of activities, we tend to think of diet and exercise. After all, we need energy and we need to be at an optimal weight to perform well.

But few include sleep as an equal contributor in this effort; in fact sleep is often sacrificed to get more done—a very counterproductive strategy! Research clearly indicates that insufficient sleep can thwart recovery from exercise as many of the benefits of exercise are realized during deep sleep. Poor sleep also prevents skills from improving after lessons or practice, and even lead to weight gain by disrupting our basic metabolism. Inadequate sleep can derail even the best efforts at losing weight.

Let’s see how insufficient sleep might affect your goals:

Weight Management

Skill, Memory, Learning, Creativity

Stamina and Endurance

Recovery from exercise and injury

Emotional Health


Diet + Exercise + Sleep = A Healthy Lifestyle

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