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Happy Aging Couple

Sleep and Aging

Contrary to popular belief, our sleep needs don't change as we grow older - from early adulthood to our twilight years, we should strive to maintain a regular sleep schedule consisting of 7-8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep per night

As we age, our sleep patterns change and our sleep tends to become more fragile. Sleep becomes less deep and more fragmented, due to a variety of age-related physiological changes and lifestyle alterations.

There are several contributors to age-related sleep problems. Pain is more common as we age due to conditions such as arthritis, or chronic back pain. Ironically, sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality related to pain may well make the pain more severe on the following day. Many medications we take have sleep-related side effects. If you think medications are affecting your sleep, consult with your physician.

After retirement, many people end up with extremely erratic sleep schedules. The absence of a work schedule that dictates a set time to get up every morning also eliminates a set bedtime. Before you know it, you’re staying up later, sleeping in, napping during the day and gradually obliterating any sense of timing when it comes to sleep. The body thrives on a set wake-sleep schedule—it anchors most of our other physiological processes such as digestion, immune response, and alertness levels. “Retirement planning” should include how to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and a high level of daily activity!

Occasional short naps midday can help if you’re fatigued, but we all should strive to get most of our sleep at night, at any age.

Many women report sleep disturbances as they age, including temperature swings. Aging men also deal with sleep interruptions. SLEEP NUMBER® Temperature Balancing bedding solutions are designed to minimize temperature swings so you don’t sleep too hot or too cold.

With all these sleep disturbances, interruptions and age-related changes, the sleep environment and our sleep habits become critically important. They should all aim at facilitating sleep. The bedroom conditions need to be perfect: dark, quiet and cool. Your mattress, pillows and bedding should all perfectly complement your sleep position, comfort preferences and physical condition. They can make an enormous difference in how fast you fall asleep, how efficiently you sleep and how rested you feel the next day. Be sure to check out the Sleep Number® Bedding Collection for innovative bedding solutions that are designed to meet your individual comfort needs.

The SLEEP NUMBER® bed offers a unique solution for your changing needs. With ongoing adjustability, you can experience personalized comfort night after night for better sleep. It’s the perfect mattress for couples as each of you can adjust each side of the mattress to your ideal comfort preference.

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As I get older and my body changes, I don't have to buy other mattresses-I can just change the firmness.