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Sleeping for Two

Sleeping for Two

Pregnancy is a time to celebrate! It is also a crucial time to get high-quality sleep, which is usually a challenge for pregnant women. The SLEEP NUMBER® bed offers many advantages over other types of mattresses.

If you're normally a back or stomach sleeper, sleeping on your left side may take time to get used to—you may need to change the firmness of your bed and/or invest in a new pillow.

The Sleep Numberbed is fully adjustable to your ideal level of comfort and support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Especially during early stages of pregnancy, nausea and visits to the restroom may interfere with a full night's sleep for both you and your sleep partner. Sleep quality and comfort are vastly improved on a Sleep Numberbed. Dual-adjustability allows you both to set your side of the mattress to your preferred comfort level, and allows for fewer disturbances between the two sides of the mattress.

Avoid painful pressure points

During later stages of pregnancy, due to additional body weight, lying down can cause uncomfortable pressure points, especially in the hips and shoulders. Sleeping on a Sleep Numberbed reduces pressure points and increases the area of support, which makes for a comfortable rest and a better night’s sleep.

Get comfortable

Each trimester poses unique challenges; getting comfortable in bed is a real challenge. Experiment with different SLEEP NUMBER® firmness settings until you are perfectly comfortable each night.

The benefits of a Sleep Number bed go well beyond the months of pregnancy. With a new addition to your family also comes a challenge to getting adequate rest for both you and your partner. The comfort and support of your Sleep Number bed will help you fall asleep faster and awake more refreshed.

I am currently five months pregnant. Day one of sleeping in this bed, and I'm sleeping more soundly than ever before. Jessica B. SLEEP NUMBER 25