Only Sleep Number® can give you the knowledge
to adjust for your best sleep. SleepIQ® technology.

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SleepIQ® technology available on all Sleep Number® beds. Queen mattress starting at $99998 Shop Now

What if you could know?

Really know. Know how your day and night affect your sleep—then know the adjustments you can make for the best sleep of your life?

Well now you can.

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Your sleep report

SleepIQ® measures your heart rate and breathing rate, and can tell you how much of your sleep was restful versus restless.

You and your partner

SleepIQ® can also measure and understand how your partner sleeps and how it can impact you.


Enter the Sleep Number® bed
with SleepIQ® technology

Using sensors inside the SLEEP NUMBER® bed, SleepIQ® technology tracks and optimizes your sleep, empowering you to make adjustments so you can know your best possible sleep.

There’s nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. All you have to do is sleep.

Know the changes
you can make

With SleepIQ® technology, you’ll discover how making adjustments to the comfort of your bed—your SLEEP NUMBER® setting—or things like diet and exercise can give you the best sleep of your life.

See how it works

Keep track of your day. Sleep better at night.

With the SleepIQ® activity tracker, you can enter custom details about your day. Over time you’ll start to see how your daytime habits can affect your sleep.


“SleepIQ is addictive. I can't wait
to get up every morning and
view my sleep results.”

H.S., Atlanta, GA

Family Connected,
Sleep PerfectedSM

Finally, the only bed that can give your whole family the deep, restful sleep they deserve–then show you how to know even better sleep.

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“I’ve been able to be more productive
in my writing. It’s made me feel more
restful, like I can actually get
more done.”

- Eric Qualman – author, husband, father Watch Eric's Story

“The SleepIQ technology … helps me see what kind of schedule our baby is on because it’s showing when I’m waking for her.”

- Maia Mcdonald – new mom, graphic designer Watch Maia's Story

“I don’t feel like I need to hit the snooze button 10 times in the morning because I’ve made changes that have allowed me to get the right amount of sleep.”

- Allen Klosowski – tech pro, husband, father Watch Allen's Story

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SleepIQ® technology is only available with Sleep Number® beds.

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SleepIQ® is available on all Sleep Number® beds

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