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introducing SleepIQ® only from Sleep Number®

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Starting at $99998

c2 queen mattress with SleepIQ® technology

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Welcome to SleepIQ®

The Sleep Number® bed is the only bed that lets you track and optimize your sleep with SleepIQ® technology. Sensors work directly with Sleep Number® DualAir technology inside the Sleep Number® bed to measure your average breathing rate, heart rate and movement to track how you’re sleeping.

Designed and engineered by Sleep Number, SleepIQ® technology is powered by BAM Labs, a company whose mission is to make sleep tracking as easy as going to bed.

All you have to do is sleep

SleepIQ® technology provides a simple and intuitive way to know more about your sleep. It tracks your sleep and provides information you can use to make adjustments to your SLEEP NUMBER® setting or daily routine. Best of all, it empowers you so you can achieve your best possible sleep, night after night.

And SleepIQ® couldn’t be easier to use. Nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. All you have to do is sleep.

Last Night

This Week

Last Night

  • Your SleepIQ® score
  • Your
    Sleep Number® setting

  • Average heart and breathing rates
  • Total time in bed and breakdown of sleep quality
  • Tap here for hourly breakdown of last night's sleep
  • Simple sleep quality color coding

This Week

  • Out of town for a night? SleepIQ® knows when you're away and factors it into your score.
  • Choose between your daily, weekly, monthly views to see how your sleep is progressing

Simple, smart, intuitive

Every morning, you'll see your SleepIQ® score and know how you slept. You can also view comprehensive details of your night, including restful time in bed, goal time in bed, average heart rate, average breathing rate, movement and bed exits.

You can view your SleepIQ® score and all of your data at the simple touch of a button via your SLEEP NUMBER® remote, smart phone, tablet or PC.

Sleep better together

SleepIQ® technology not only tells you which SLEEP NUMBER® you've tried, but also which of those settings ensure your best sleep. Not only that, it also measures and understands how your partner sleeps and how it can impact you. When they sleep better, so do you.

Different sleep schedules? Traveling for business? Whatever is going on in your lives, you each can add custom journal notes so SleepIQ® can empower you to get the most from your sleep.

  • Select items specific to your day. Press again to deselect.
  • Add customized details specific to your day.
  • Quickly identify how things like diet, exercise, caffeine and alcohol affect your SleepIQ® score.

Be empowered to sleep your best

With the SleepIQ® journal feature, you can track what's important to you by entering custom details about your day. Over time, you'll start to see connections between your daily activities and nighttime sleep.

You'll be empowered to make adjustments because you'll know what made the difference between a good night, a better night and an awesome night.

Get SleepIQ®

SleepIQ® is available exclusively on Sleep Number beds and can be experienced at a store near you. Shop Sleep Number® beds Find your nearest Sleep Number® store