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Sleep Number ® p5 bed 3.9 5 196 196
Disappointed Unfortunately, it isn't the solution we hoped for. We've tried different settings and still have back and side pain, which does resolve within an hour of getting up. It feels like we are sleeping on an air mattress no matter the setting, and we get way too hot as the moisture gets trapped between our bodies and the air mattress. In an attempt to make it feel less like an air mattress, and to try to cool the bed down, we spent the weekend looking for thicker mattress covers at other stores, since the reviews on this site say the Sleep Number product squeeks like a balloon. Hopefully, Sleep Number can get that issue resolved. We'd prefer to try a product that is made for the bed. As for delivery, we waited three weeks and never got a call, and once we scheduled, they cancelled same day stating all of the parts didn't get shipped. Then three days later, we had to call again to reschedule ourselves, and fortunately they got our mattress to us the next weekend. I know some people love Sleep Number, so I am conflicted in returning the product, but at bedtime I find myself dreading going to sleep. We might return it, but unfortunately we had them take our old mattress -- don't make that mistake. May 26, 2015
Not thick enough Initially we were drawn the P5 for the price, we wanted a good mattress and this was the top selling Sleep Number bed, and to be honest we try to be frugal with our money. Well we purchased this bad boy and have been sleeping on it for a month or so now. Honestly, at first neither me nor my wife were too sure about it. We seemed to be chasing our numbers night after night but are now sleeping pretty comfortably just took some time to get used to the feel. My only issue with this model is it needs to thicker, my wife's number is 25 and when she is changing positions through the night she can feel the base under her but she is getting descent sleep now. But for that reason I think we are going to upgrade to the I8 while we still have a 100 day trial. As for me, I am constantly changing my number, I have gone from 25 to 85 and finally settled on 65 as my number. In the store my number was 35. I have been using the Sleep IQ to help me adjust a little but really just going by feel mostly. The bottom line is the beds don't seem to be the same as what you test on the floor. When you do go to the store, plan on a little time in there. Don't just lay on the bed for 13.8 seconds and think you can feel the bed. Let them assess your number then tell the sales person you're going to browse around, lay on the beds you're considering for 10 minutes or so and change positions to really get a feel for it. These beds do have odd little quirks where the bed will gain firmness through the night sometimes. At times its really unresponsive to the change in your sleep number and other times it seems too responsive where it seems to drop so fast you can't actually feel a difference in the firmness. If you have a low sleep number go thicker so you can take full advantage of the 100 day trial instead of wasting a month on a bed you're going to exchange. Plan on it taking a couple weeks to really find a good number that keeps you comfortable in all of your normal positions, in the same token plan on waking up a little stiffer and even sore while you're finding that good number, when you do find it you'll sleep good. As for the pillows... they are pricey but I love mine, it has a memory foam outer with a down alternative inner and I couldn't be happier with my support. My wife on the other hand seems to think a pillow should be made out of pixie dust and allow you float in mid air while you dream of your "happy place". She just exchanged hers soft to the softest possibility they offer that being down inner and down outer. Keep in mind though, the pillows are a 30 day trail and exchange only, you cannot return them for a refund. April 16, 2015
painfuil mornings I have this bed the worse idea we never had. wake up with a pounding back pain my hips are out of alignment now. one side goes flat at least 2 times a night which causes the other side to go so hard its like sleeping on the floor. we have gotten new pumps and remotes no help. wish I never seen your ad. March 6, 2015
Lets us both sleep better with our bad backs Just received a p5 King, and already our backs are feeling better. I had a mattress from your company some years ago, and got similar immediate relief at that time. But then I combined households with my new husband, who wanted to keep his existing innerspring king, while my mattress set was a queen, really too small for us. I started having morning back pain all over again. Now his back has gone bad, too, he's seeing doctors for it, and I finally persuaded him to try a Sleep Number. He agrees he already feels the improvement. While I'm again sleeping on my most favorite mattress of any I've ever owned. And I've had the most top-rated and expensive conventional mattresses on the market. Plus I like the improvements since my earlier model. The wireless remote control is very nice and easy to use, and the air pump is virtually silent. If it weren't for the graphic display on the controller I wouldn't even know it was running. Where previously I dreaded sleeping on a conventional mattress, now if I hurt my back during the day I'll go right to the Sleep Number to lie down and recover, as I always did with my first one. And my husband is finding out the same thing for himself. I can't promise that any particular back problems others may have will respond so well to the Sleep Number, but ours sure have. I highly recommend trying this mattress, and especially for anyone with back issues, or who wants to avoid them. Nothing messes up your back worse than sleeping on a bad mattress. February 24, 2015
Worst Investment My husband and I purchased the King Size dual chamber pillow top version about 4 years ago because we both have neck and back issues. The commercials about couples not sleeping together because one is on the couch due to other mattresses struck a cord with me (couch sleeper). Well 4 years and every Sleep Number available later guess where I'm still sleeping? Not in my $4k Sleep Number bed!! My husband hates the couch or he'd be there too....he just suffers and wakes up with a back ache and numb hands! Needless to say this hasn't been the best investment we've ever made and will be returning to a conventional mattress soon! Wish I had returned it within the 30 day trial instead of giving it more time than it was worth!! Don't ask me to call to discuss solutions unless the solution is a refund.....I'm over this bed so much so that when your commercial comes on I change the channel or mute the volumn! Buyer Beware....if you don't love it in 30 days you never will!!!! February 22, 2015
NOT A GLORIFIED AIR MATTRESS! I purchased my Sleep Number February 2014. It has now been a year that I've slept on my bed, so I feel like I can give an honest review. AFTER I bought my Sleep Number I read all of the cringing reviews from around in the interwebs. Some people said "the quality of the bed is poor!" FALSE. It is assembled (and I think fabricated) in Utah; the bed is super sturdy. "The mattress shifts up and down and deflates like a regular air mattresses!" FALSE. Only if someone rolls or sits with force will your side of the bed get firmer and bump you up. It's really rare and not an issue even for an irritable person like me. "The air pump makes too much noise!" FALSE. When and IF you ever have to adjust your setting the pump is hardly audible. YOU CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING BUT A SOFT HUM, IF THAT!. Since the purchase of my bed I no longer have stiffness upon waking, pain in my hips or shoulders or cricks in the neck. The only two downsides to the bed is that it will ruin you for all other beds (so good luck falling asleep in a nice hotel or a family member's house) and the $7000 price tag, because TRUST- You will not walk out of the store with out buying all the seducing extras. February 18, 2015
It's ok, but not completely comfortable My other half and I purchased this bed in August, 2014. We were mostly comfortable sleeping when we first purchased it. It was only recently that we're starting to experience a couple of issues and minor discomfort in bed. The first is that the top layer appears to be slowly losing its cushion. When we turn during our night, you can almost feel being on top of the air bladder. Secondly, some of the adjustments seem to adjust at night, sometimes waking me up. I'll hear the air being released, then shortly after the pump will kick back in. Overall, I suppose we can live with this bed, but it was not as revolutionary of an experience as we were convinced it would be. We have the cool comfort topper and the recommended cover from Sleep Number. Even with those (and our custom pillows) we aren't sleeping comfortably and are out of our 100 night guarantee unfortunately. I definitely feel like our showroom experience was much more appealing than it is in reality. February 12, 2015
Wouldn't purchase again My husband and I purchased this bed just about 5 years ago and we do sleep better but there are a few things about this bed that have me wishing we bought something else. We have a king with two air chambers. We use it on our existing platfrom bed (so we do not have the modular base - was told we really didn't need it if we have a platform bed frame). My husband and I are two different numbers and obviously don't weigh the same. So the biggest downfall to this bed is that there is a definite difference between the two sides of the bed. When we aren't in the bed it is a very noticeable difference and when we are in bed we stay to our own sides (real nice for a married couple - not) I call his side the abyss. We definitely can't lay in the middle together and be comfortable. When in store, i never would have thought of this. The other issue we have is that it never seems true to its number. you put you want 40 and it fills or deflates accordingly but then you go to change it to 35 and it will start deflating from a 50 not a 40. So were we actually on 40 or 50. This happens all the time for both sides. The only thing my husband and I both agree on is that we can both have the firmness we like and traditional mattresses don't offer that. But because we can't just go spend another few grand on something else we kept it. February 6, 2015
Bed is just ok For the most part I do like the bed. It was much nicer in warm weather, since it has gotten colder outside so has the bed. I have a hard time falling asleep since the bed feels like it is in the freezer. The other issue is i wish it had a more comfortable top. The bed feels hard to me know matter what setting i have it set. The reason for getting this bed was because of my hips and knees. The only position i can sleep in is on my back so i don't have any pain. Can't afford a different bed. I just keep adding more blankets underneath me to try an be comfortable. Would i suggest this bed. No, i would suggest to anyone a higher model with more cush. I agree with other reviews, our bed feels different than the model in the store. Maybe having the mattress pad and sheets makes the difference. Maybe that is how they should have all the models in the store. As a person would have the bed in their home. January 11, 2015
Questioning purchase First off, the only reason I say I would recommend this to a friend is they may have better luck with it than we did. But I would also explain to them the problems we are having with ours. I was so excited to get this bed. I thought it was going to be the best thing ever. I have been able to get somewhat comfortable but my poor fiancé cannot. He has tried so many different settings. He is not sleeping well and wakes up every morning with his back killing him. He is ready to sell this and go back to our old mattress because we didn't get rid of it, we just put it in storage. We have been sleeping on it for around almost 2 months now. We chose not to send it back on the 30 day trial because we thought maybe we just hadn't given it enough time for us to get used to it. January 8, 2015
I feel like I wasted my money I have had this bed for about 9 months. I hate it. It feels like your sleeping on metal if you have it on a low setting or concrete if you have it on a higher setting. Ever since I have gotten this, both my hips have started bothering me. I have thought about getting a memory foam topper for it, but hate to spend more money. Don't waste your money. All this is is a over priced covered air bed. I am very disappointed in mine. December 26, 2014
Worst bed I've ever purchased This bed should be compared to an over priced blow up mattress. I'm sleeping on the lowest number setting 35. It is terrible, if I'm sitting on the corner, the other end comes up simulating a cheap blow up mattress. I will not recommend anybody to purchasing this model at all. Unsatisfied customer December 23, 2014
I should have thought twice I bought a sleep number becuase I needed a new bed and I had slept on them before and found them to be awesome. The first night my P5 arrived I found my sleep number and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with back pain and felt like I was in a hole so I increased the firmness, I woke up in the morning in more pain. My boyfriend experience the same problems. After a week I called sleep number and explained my problems they were helpful and sent me chamberlifts and a mattress topper. I was hopeful this would solve the problems and pains we had but I was sadly mistaken. Nothing improved with the bed. The two sleep numbers I slept on about 5 years ago never felt like this or gave me any pains and the model bed in the store even felt different than the one I had delivered. I am very disappointed and frustrated with the qaulity of this bed. I have not had a solid night sleep since getting it and am waking up with aches and pains I have never had before. I have already purchased a new bed that will becoming tonight thank god. I will be returning my sleep number as soon as the company allows me to. I do not need 30 sleepless nights to know how much I hate this bed. I should have researched and read reviews before I made this purchase because now I see many similar complaints. I learned my lesson and will never waste so much money on an "air matress" again. If I did not spend the money I did I would avoid the frustration and even more charges of sending it back and keep it for a pool float, but I can buy one for 20$ not 2000$. The mattress I just purchased was half the price and twice the qaulity, I will absolutley think twice before making a mistake purchase like this again and losing out on all of the shipping and return fees but at this point you could not pay me to stay in my P5 for one more night. December 12, 2014
Very Good I bought this bed and the first week was ok at best, However after a week the bed is wonderful. Both my wife and I love the bed. I have adjusted the bed a few times because of how my back feel it is is great, My wife has done the same. Aside from the cost the bed is great. It is so true you get what you pay for. November 28, 2014
So good it made my husband apologize. Our old spring/coil mattress started falling apart only 3 years after purchase. I insisted we get a new king size Sleep Number , the bed I had wanted in the first place when we bought the one that fell apart! After the first night sleeping on it my husband said to me "I'm sorry. This bed is amazing. I should have listened to you three years ago!" This is my second Sleep Number bed. I'd purchased the equivalent of a p5 Full size 14 years ago and loved it. Still have it in the guest room. The technological advancements in the current p5 over the one I bought originally are fantastic and I am so pleased! November 26, 2014
Amazing Bed and Awesome Customer Service First, I want to say to all those out there looking at the sleep number beds and being scared off by the price...DON'T BE !! They are more than worth it. I guarantee you wont be disappointed. I bought my first sleep number bed (Series 5000) back in 2003. My morning back pain was gone in just two days. I could never put a price value on being pain free in the morning and not having to go to work stiff and achy. I just bought a new P5 Slit King Flex 3 adjustable bed and cannot wait for it to be delivered. After 11 years, my old sleep number bed is still in good shape but we needed to upgrade to an adjustable bed for my wife. She has lymphedema and needs to keep her legs elevated at night. The pillows at the bottom of the bed are such a pain so we splurged on the adjustable base with massage. We can't wait to get it in our house. I personally recommend this bed. Trust me the cost is well worth it and you will never regret owning this bed. Not only is this a great product but the sales staff was excellent in explaining all the features and options available. They really take the time to make sure you are fitted with the mattress that is best for your needs no matter how long it takes. When you leave the store, weather you buy or not, you consider them a friend and not just another sales person. An awesome product, Individualized attention and NO sales pressure. What more can anyone ask for !!! I will post again once I get my P5. November 21, 2014
LUV LUV LUV THIS BED I have wanted a Sleep Number for a few years. Instead we purchased a high end mattress/ box spring, thinking that it would be the same.NOT SO MUCH!!!!! My husband slept on it for one night, while I put up with it for 6 months. We finally sold it, and we slept on Aero beds till we could decide what we wanted to do. We made the purchase, and have not regretted it. I have fibromyalgia and and this bed has been good for me.. It has not cured it, but has certainly helped with the pain, enabling me to get a better nights sleep. Customer service is FANTASTIC too. I have always talked to very knowledgeable Representative You will love doing business with Sleep Number. They are there for you, during, as well as after your purchase. November 11, 2014
I'm female, late 50's, with 3 bulging discs at the base of my spine, and was in DESPERATE need of replacing my REALLY OLD mattress earlier this year! I purchased a Tempurpedic Memory Foam mattress in early 2014, which was quite comfy, but had to return it due to an allergic skin reaction to its flame retardant chemicals. My Dermatologist was familiar with this allergic reaction, and recommended a SLEEP NUMBER BED. I went to the Sleep Number Store, spent 2+ hrs., in the store before making my decision to purchase the P5 bed, which fit within my budget. After a few weeks of struggling to find my perfect sleep number ....and a couple calls to the Sleep Number Comfort Specialists, they were kind enough to send me a 3" foam inner layer after my initial purchase, to provide me with additional comfort for my back. It did take me quite awhile to settle into my perfect sleep number, " 35 " - DONT GIVE UP ON THESE BEDS, They really are WONDERFUL & the Sleep Number Comfort specialists are OUTSTANDING to work with! (My 2 dogs LOVE this bed as much as I do!) October 12, 2014
Diminutive little bed i bought a p5 Queen single chamber august 3. 2014. Love the adjust- ability , but Some what disappointed. It seems such a diminutive little bed. 2 inch shorter and 2 inch narrower than a comparable Serta queen. Then add the three inches of foam top bottom and each side and it's no bigger than a full size bed. Love the firmness adjustments. But find I need to sleep at 90 or 100 just to be able to use the full bed length of 78 inches.. September 20, 2014
Great mattress, other products... so so. My wife & I just recently bought a Sleep Number P5, California king, split top, adjustable frame bed. I love the fact that we can not have 2 different levels of firmness or softness. I have a back disability and having the ability to change the firmness really helps me a lot. We also got the adjustable frame where both heads can go up & down independent of each other, and the feet move all at once. It's great for reading & watching TV. I've found that I sleep better with the head of my bed raised just a little. The only problem we've encountered so far is that we could not qualify for enough credit to get the Dual Temp mattress pad (the one where it cools & heats each side of the bed with a temperature controlled air blower). What we got instead was a pad called "In Balance Layer" that's supposed to provide "cool comfort." Unfortunately, my wife still get extremely warm at night, so much that we have the air conditioner set very low--all the while I'm using 3 blankets to keep from freezing! lol We like bed. We love all the different ways to adjust it to our sleeping needs. Just wish we could have gotten the Dual Temp too cause then we would be on cloud nine at night! September 17, 2014
WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!! I was very sceptic about buying this mattress at first, but the sales people that sold me the mattress were very helpful and we're not very pushy and did not get annoyed at the fact that I spent 2 hours the first time I was there and the 4 hours I was there the second time and the 5 different beds I tried before I found the one that was right for me. I have already recommended this bed to all my friends and family and will be purchasing another bed in the near future September 14, 2014
No more back pain I am the biggest sceptic out there. So when my husband dragged me into a Sleep number store I was extremely annoyed. I did not want to spend all this money for a bed. I had suffered from severe back pain for over 4 years. It affected my daily life and made me miserable. We purchased this bed and after a couple of days I could tell a major difference in how I felt. I have found my sleep number and have been pain free for 6 months now. NO MORE BACK PAIN, even with 2 bulging discs. Think about it - a regular mattress DOES NOT make sense. Everybodies weight, body composition is different, how can a couple be comfortable on the same type of mattress? I love my sleep number bed! I will never go back!!! September 9, 2014
Loveing The Number For The Last 20 Years Got my first sleep number bed in 1997.The best bed and sleep I have had. It was called a Select Comfort Ultra Series. I had suffered from sleepless nights due to pressure pain on my hips and knees. I just upgraded to a p5 queen. My old bed was a full size and still in wonderful shape after 20 years. I just wanted a larger bed. Will use the old bed at another place. I would recommend this bed to anyone who suffers for fibromyalgia pain, arthritis, or anyone who tosses and turns all night. You will wake up with less pain and stiffness. My husband and I love our old bed and are looking forward to the queen size. This bed is just great for anyone who loves a good night sleep. Looking forward to the next 20 plus years...BEWARE...You will not want to get out of bed...It is so comfortable and relaxing.... August 21, 2014
Utilizing our 100 days although the bed is awesome My boyfriend decided to purchase the P5 in the split king with a flex fit 3 base. We are in a committed relationship so I went along with him to purchase the bed. Our shopping experience was excellent. We tried many beds and were most satisfied with the gentle firmness of the P5. The salesman didn't pressure us in any way. The bed was delivered before our promised date, another plus! It took a week for us to sleep on the bed due to my boyfriend moving. We both struggled at first, his sleep number had been 35 and mine 60 in store. After 2 weeks, I decided to start playing around with mine and now sleep best at 25. He changed his as we and he's sleeping better at 55. So don't be afraid to try new settings but allow plenty of time to decide, more than one night. I went down to 45, then 35, and landed at 25. I tried 20, and that was too low. Our salesman encouraged us to try different settings before making a decision. Our only issue, the reason why we are exchanging puts is the split king. We aren't the cuddliest people in the world but the split king doesn't let us have the option should we want to snuggle. Some might think it's a good thing that we don't even feel one another in the bed but it's created a distance between us. Night time is where we are together-he works extremely long hours. And on the nights I stay at my own house, he says the split king prevents him from lying in the middle of the bed like he used to. Yes, he has his sleep number but he feels confined. I've thought the best way to describe it is that we have two twin beds pushed together. We came from a queen bed so we knew it'd be an adjustment but we feel like we've bought two seperate beds--and for 8k, he wanted a better sleep experience, which included his girlfriend. The customer service rep was completely understanding and gave me no question about our desire to exchange. I felt guilty as did my boyfriend and neither of us wanted to say something but I'm glad we did because the bed itself is wonderful. Once, I was really sick and I slept on 100--it helped me so much. And during my female time--I enjoy having the bed in tv position on 100, takes the pressure off my painful areas. It was a surprise that the split was what we didn't like--we thought it'd be the comfort or lack there of. But all in all, we are happy customers. My only sadness is now we can get king sized sheets from any place and he wants to get cheaper ones! The sleep number bedding is so comfortable! August 18, 2014
Back still hurts My back pain is worse now with this bed than it was before. No matter how I adjust it I simply cannot get a good night sleep. June 26, 2014
Most uncomfortable bed I've ever had The bed is well made and the fact that its modular should help with controlling long term cost. The bed was purchased to provide back support for me but still allow for a comfort feel. It failed miserably at both. The shallow pillow top provides no comfort and allows you to feel the hardness of the underlying foam layer which makes this the worst feeling bed I have ever slept on! This is also the reason it doesn't provide any back support. The small pillow layer doesn't allow for the bed to conform to areas like the small of your back, so when you increase the firmness you are raising the high points and not adding support to the low areas. The bed also feels nothing like the bed int he store, for what ever reason. The customer support is the only thing that has been good! June 2, 2014
Worth every penny I purchased a king size performance series a couple months ago and have been so impressed I felt I had to write a review. My spouse was hesitant to spend so much money on a bed, but now we can't imagine not having this bed! I have serious back problems which is what spurred me to purchase a new bed. I thought a new bed might help, but never expected it to help this much! My spouse and I are sleeping through the night for the first time in our lives! Both of us usually wake up numerous times during the night including to use the restroom...since we got this bed we don't wake during the night at all! I am a chronic tosser and turner, and now I barely move during the night and am getting the most restful sleep I have had in my life! My spouse has found that this bed has led to more energy during the day and not having that horrible exhaustion feeling in the morning. This bed is worth every penny, I can not encourage people enough to purchase this! May 8, 2014
Great bed I this the best bed I have ever purchased. It is worth the money I spent. April 17, 2014
Unfortunately returning I'm sad to say we are returning this bed. I am writing this review because I was so nervous about purchasing and wanted to share our experience. We asked a lot of questions upfront and read the reviews. Had a great sales person in Annapolis, MD. We decided to buy because of the return option which you get no where else. We bought it because of my back/hip pain. was convinced it was our old bed. the bed did help with the hip pain. it went away but the back pain stayed but at different levels of pain. my husband never did get comfortable with the bed. also the bed sits much lower then we are used to. that took some adjustment time. we called sleep number and they sent us a new inner foam from the P6 to try at no cost. it arrived and it was very easy to replace the 'old' with the new. although it was a bit more comfortable it still didn't resolve the issues 100% . I will say when they bring the bed keep the boxes until you make your decision because now I have to find boxes and hoping I do not have to pay for boxes to return them and be out more money. they give you preprinted labels to return and the cost to return is $119. not as bad as I thought it would be. we are out money but not as much as the cost of a whole bed if we had purchased any other bed out there. also customer service was great no matter who I talked too. April 16, 2014
Best. Bed. Ever. In a nutshell, I LOVE my p5 sleep number bed! My boyfriend and I (21 and 24 respectively) bought our sleep number bed in May of 2013 and we couldn't be happier with it. The p5 California king is exactly what we were looking for in a bed; the pillow top, adjustable firmness, and plenty of length for my boyfriend who is 6'2". We chose to save up and buy our bed in full, rather than selecting a credit option, and made an appointment at the store when we were ready to buy. I HIGHLY SUGGEST going to the store for an appointment rather than just purchasing via online! I say this because had we purchased online we probably would have bought the p6, but when we went to the store we ended up liking the p5 better (and it is the cheaper of the two performance series beds). Also, the staff was AMAZING! You feel like they really do care about your personal quality of sleep and teach you so many things about their product(s) that you wouldn't necessarily learn from shopping online and reading reviews--trust me, I read hundreds of reviews!! Not only were the employees kind and informative, we also happened to show up on the last day of the Mother's Day sale--we got about $700 worth of bedding and pillows for nearly half the price!! It was amazing. We bought lyocell sheets, temperature balance pillow cases, silver pillow protectors, four pillows, and a mattress protecting cover, all for around $400. As far as getting the bed delivered and put together by the sleep number delivery team, I would say SAVE YOUR MONEY!! The bed is very easy to put together and if you ever move you will already know how to take it apart and put it back together again. We put our bed together in about an hour. So, overall, I would DEFINITELY recommend this bed. It's amazing. We are looking forward to many years of restful and peaceful sleep :) April 3, 2014
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  • 11-inch Pillowtop with breathable knit fabric that helps you sleep comfortably
  • 2 inches of proprietary PlushFit® foam provide head-to-toe contouring; 5 unique zones support your head and neck, shoulders, back, hips and feet
  • Simple, wireless remote remembers you and your ideal support, and guides you to your Sleep Number® setting



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