Assembling your Sleep Number® mattress can be done independently without requiring special tools. Please click on your Sleep Number bed below to view a quick set up guide of our current models.

Modular Bases

bed base

Assembling your Sleep Number® modular base can be done independently without requiring special tools.

Assembly Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach the Sleep Number® modular base to my headboard or footboard?

You'll need brackets to attach your Sleep Number modular base to your headboard or footboard.

What are the dimensions of Sleep Number® modular bases?
Modular Base Size Length Width Height
Twin 74" 37.5" 8"
Twin Extra-Long 79" 37.5" 8"
Full 74" 52.5" 8"
Double 74" 52.5" 8"
Queen 79" 59.5" 8"
Expanded Queen 79" 65.5" 8"
King Eastern (Qty. 2) 79" 37.5" 8"
California King (Qty. 2) 83" 35.5" 8"
Grand King
(Queen + Twin Extra-Long)
97" 79" 8"
How do I attach legs to the Sleep Number® modular base?

For easy installation instructions for your modular base legs, please view our Guide to Attaching Base Legs .

  • To order legs, please click here or visit your local Sleep Number® store.

How tall are the legs for the Sleep Number® modular base?

Modular base legs are available in a standard profile height of 6.5" or a low profile height of 4.5". The standard profile legs allow for under-the-bed storage while the low profile legs position the bed closer to the floor.

FlexFit Adjustable Base

flex fit

Adjustable bases are delivered and installed by our Home Delivery technicians. To ensure ease of delivery and installation, please review the following information.

Assembly Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the FlexFit Adjustable Base Fit my frame or furniture?
Base Size
Length Width Height
4" Legs
6.5" Legs
Twin Extra-Long 81.5" 39" 8" 11"
Full 76.5" 55" 8" 11"
Double 76.5" 55" 8" 11"
Queen 81.5" 61" 8" 11"
King Eastern 81.5" 77" 8" 11"
Split King 81.5" 77" 8" 11"
California King 85.5" 73" 8" 11"
Will the Home Delivery Professionals be able to get a FlexFit adjustable base into my bedroom?

Use the measurements to the right to ensure that the FlexFit adjustable base will fit through your hallways and into your room. Consider the obstacles below, which may prevent us from installing a FlexFit adjustable base in your home.

Room Entrance

Once inside the room, is there anything obstructing the Home Delivery Technicians from maneuvering the FlexFit adjustable base into the preferred area of the room for assembly?


Is your hallway wide enough to allow for turning the FlexFit adjustable base, if necessary, to move it into the room?


Due to the weight of the FlexFit adjustable base (up to 5 times heavier than a traditional box spring), it cannot be lifted waist high or over staircase railings or ledges to arrive at the desired destination.

Freight Elevator

Measure the height of the entrance to your freight elevator, as well as the depth and height of the inside of the elevator. If you live beyond the third floor in an apartment building or condominium and a freight elevator is not available, an additional charge may be assessed and delivery may be delayed if this information is not received in advance.

DualTemp Layer

duel Temp assembly

Click below to view the instruction manual covering: assembly in six easy steps, using your remote, optimizing your DualTemp layer and more.

Instruction Manual

Remote User Manuals