InnerCircleSM Membership and Reward
Certificates Terms & Conditions

InnerCircleSM Definition

  • Purchasing a SLEEP NUMBER® mattress or mattress set directly from SLEEP NUMBER® (from a Sleep Number® store, the Sleep Number® website, Live Chat or by phone) qualifies you for membership in SLEEP NUMBER InnerCircle® An Insider is a member of the SLEEP NUMBER InnerCircle® program.

InnerCircleSM Benefits

  • Current InnerCircle benefits can be found at
  • InnerCircle membership and Reward Certificate programs are subject to change or discontinuation at any time without notice. Additional restrictions may apply.


  • When an Insider refers friends or family who purchase a SLEEP NUMBER® bed from a SLEEP NUMBER® store, SLEEP NUMBER® website or SLEEP NUMBER® phone channel, he/she earns a Reward Certificate toward a future purchase from SLEEP NUMBER®.
  • Insider referral coupons are sent in promotional mailers and are available online and in other forms of collateral.
  • A referral must present an Insider’s correct referral information, which includes the Insider’s name and customer number, to ensure the Insider receives credit for the referral.
  • Only one Insider can benefit from a referral's purchase.
  • Only the first bed purchased by a single referral earns a Reward Certificate.
  • Non-Company-Owned Channel bed owners are not eligible to become Insiders, refer customers or earn Reward Certificates.
  • An Insider will not be rewarded for referring another Insider.
  • An Insider will not be rewarded for referring someone who purchases a bed through a channel other than one that is company-owned.
  • An Insider will not be rewarded for the referral of someone in the same household (any customer living at the same address).

Reward Certificates

  • A $100 Reward Certificate is earned for each of the first nine referral purchases. On the 10th referral purchase a Reward Certificate for $799 is earned. Once 10 referrals are made, the count resets to start at one again. For example, the 11th referral would be counted as the first referral in a series.
  • Reward Certificates can be applied toward any SLEEP NUMBER® bed or Bedding Collection purchase.
  • Reward Certificates are issued 3 to 4 weeks from the purchase date and can be redeemed at any SLEEP NUMBER® store or by calling 1-800-548-7231.
  • Reward Certificates cannot be redeemed online.
  • Reward Certificates are based on the sales professional entering in the referral’s information at the time of sale.
  • Multiple Reward Certificates may be used at one time.
  • Reward certificates may be used with other discounts, offers, promotions.
  • Rewards are for a one time use only, no cash back or credit will be applied to future purchase if purchase amount is less than the stated certificate value.
  • Reward Certificates expire on the last day of the calendar month one year after issuance.
  • Reward Certificates may not be redeemed on purchases made before the Reward Certificate is issued.
  • If a Reward Certificate is redeemed for merchandise totaling less than the stated amount, no cash back or credit will be issued and the remaining value is forfeited.
  • Reward Certificates will not be issued for referral purchases made using special corporate discounts. Select Comfort employees are not eligible to earn or use Reward Certificates.
  • Insiders are responsible for maintaining the security of their Reward Certificates and being aware of the expiration dates for each of their Reward Certificates. SLEEP NUMBER®, in its sole discretion, may refuse to replace Reward Certificates that are lost, stolen or expired.
  • Reward Certificates are issued to insiders in their individual capacity as a customer of SLEEP NUMBER®. Reward Certificates are not intended to induce a customer or Insider who is also a health care provider to violate federal or state laws which may preclude the payment of anything of value to such person making such referrals.