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Knows you. Senses you. Adjusts to you.

Introducing the Sleep Number 360® smart bed.

Explore the Sleep Number 360® SMART Bed

See how the Sleep Number 360® smart bed can improve your sleep today.

What's your Sleep Number® setting?

Only the Sleep Number 360® smart bed lets you choose your ideal firmness, comfort, and support on each side — your Sleep Number® setting.


Throughout the night, the bed senses your every move and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable.

Know more with your SleepIQ® score

Every morning, the bed shows you how well you’re sleeping — your SleepIQ® score — with personalized insights for your best sleep.

Designed to help you fall asleep faster

The Sleep Number 360® smart bed can pre-warm each side of the bed, so you’re both ready for your best sleep ever.

Take the Roar Out of Snore

The Sleep Number 360® smart bed is even smart enough to gently raise your partner’s head to help relieve mild snoring.‡‡

The Sleep Number Difference

Choose from luxurious comfort layers to innovative temperature balancing fabrics to find the ideal bed for both of you. With 30 years of innovation behind every mattress, you'll rest easier knowing we've thought of everything for your best sleep ever.
Sleep Number
Our smart beds offer the most effortlessly comfortable sleep of your life.
‡‡ May temporarily relieve common mild snoring in otherwise healthy adults. PartnerSnore technology is available with Split King and FlexTop® King mattresses on FlexFit smart adjustable bases.

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