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The Sleep Number® bed has helped improve the lives of more than 8 million people by individualizing their sleep experiences. We invite you to read some of the life-changing stories Sleep Number bed owners have shared with us. And if you have your own story to share, we'd love to hear from you!

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Our Sleep Number bed is ten years old. We have had less problems with sore backs, and slept sounder. I like it softer, my husband likes it firmer. We both have it our way. Ill not ever go back to the traditional mattress. Customer Service has been great!

Julie Vlaminck
Marshall , Minnesota (United States)

Ive had my sleep number for 15 years or more! Even after all these years its as comfortable as it was when I first set it up. Its marvelous!

Gregory Rieser
Grove City , Ohio (United States)

We have had our Sleep Number bed for 32 days now, so its officially ours! The return packaging that we were keeping just in case the 30-day trial period didnt end well will be going to the curb for trash pickup this week! We absolutely love our new bed. I did not realize how poor my sleep quality was until I slept a couple of nights on this bed! When the salesperson said my husband wouldnt toss & turn as much if he was comfortable, I dismissed it as part of the sales pitch. She was right! His tossing & turning was noisy springs and, since we have a 75lb weight difference, I would actually be bounced! We love our new bed! Thank you!

Amy Vonder Embse
Beavercreek , Ohio

I want to say Thank you! My husband and I purchased a king size p-series and I have not realized how many years of sleep I have missed. I have less back pain, I sleep throughout the night, and I have a better attitude in the morning. Thank you sleep number... Thank you.

Maureen Devlin
Fairless Hills , Pennsylvania


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