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FlexFit™ 3 Adjustable Base

Endless adjustability for ultimate relaxation

• Head-to-toe relaxation while reading, watching TV or sleeping
• Partner SnoreTM technology to raise your partner’s head
• With the remote, turn on under bed lights and night stand lights
• Massage soothes tired muscles for a rejuvenated feeling
• Float into the weightlessness of zero gravity
• Adjust your bed’s firmness and elevation at the touch of a button

FlexFit 3
Adjustable Base*

Sleep Together in Individual Comfort

Add any one of our three FlexFitTM adjustable bases to any Sleep Number® mattress. And take your comfort to a whole new level.

Enjoy head-to-toe relaxation while reading, watching TV or lounging

Partner Snore technology lets you reaise your partner's head

Let your body float into the weightlessness of zero gravity

New FlexTop mattress design option combines adjustability with the feeling of togetherness

At the touch of a button, turn on a soft light under the bed and control your night stand and lamps

Massage soothes tired muscles and leaves you feeling rejuvenated

Returns you to your favorite position

*No returns or exchanges on FlexFitTM adjustbale bases. †May temporarily relieve common mild snoring in healthy adults. Available with Split King and FlexTopTM King mattresses on FlexFitTM 2 and 3 adjustable bases. ‡Available with FlexFitTM 3 adjustable bases.


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