ResponseFit™ Pillow

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Shape: Classic
Size: Standard
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Advanced memory foam technology offers exceptional pressure relief and resilient, cushioning support that holds it shape for continuous comfort that won’t change with temperature fluctuations. Open cell foam design for enhanced airflow is combined with nanotechnology to minimize heat buildup for comfortable sleep. Eco-friendly and antibacterial. Hypoallergenic for sensitive sleepers. Luxuriously soft knit cover is conveniently machine washable.

Available in three shapes designed to fit the way you sleep:

  • Classic: Gently supports your head and neck. Best for stomach or back sleepers.
  • Curved: Fits your contours for enhanced comfort and support. Best for side or back sleepers
  • Ultimate: Three removable inserts let you individualize your support and height as your sleep needs change. Great for all sleeping positions.
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    Why you'll love it
    cushioning support - image of foam

    Cushioning Support

    Advanced memory foam technology for pressure-relieving comfort.