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this is not a bed. it's the center of health and wellness

Live your best life with quality sleep. Discover the Sleep Number 360® smart bed, from $999. See how athletes and adventurers are acheiving their dreams with great sleep. And how you can, too.

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Colin O'Brady in Antarctica
" Getting your body rested and having enough quality hours of sleep is huge to success."
Colin O’Brady
Professional Endurance Athlete and Adventurer
Sleep Number® Setting 60


As the first person to ever complete a solo, unsupported and unaided trek across Antarctica, Colin O’Brady knows the importance of quality sleep. Studies show sleep boosts performance, improves brain power and lowers stress. To meet all of life’s challenges, just add sleep.
Sleep Number
World-record holder Colin O’Brady powers his adventures with quality sleep.
Gwen Jorgensen running
" SleepIQ has been vital to helping me make the transition from triathlon to marathon."
Gwen Jorgensen
World Athlete and Olympic Gold Medalist
Sleep Number® setting 65

Track And Optimize

SleepIQ® technology keeps track while you're sleeping. In the morning, you'll see how well you've slept — your SleepIQ® score. You'll learn what affects your sleep, and the adjustments you can make to sleep even better.
World athlete Gwen Jorgensen relies on SleepIQ® technology for her training.
Harrison Smith
All-Pro Safety
Sleep Number® setting 55
Change Sides
The Sleep Number® bed adjusts on each side to your ideal firmness, comfort and support — your Sleep Number® setting. You and your partner can both enjoy individualized comfort for your best possible sleep every night.
Harrison Smith shares his secret to surviving training camp.


Experience your best sleep ever with our exclusive innovations.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed
Clever Designs. Smart Style.
All Shapes and Sizes, Just Like You

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