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How to sleep better

Enjoy more restful nights with our top tips and solutions.

Craving quality zzzs?

You're not alone. Forty percent of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep a night.

Poor quality sleep affects your:

Physical health · Mental health · Relationships

Work productivity · Ability to focus


Sleep is at the center of a healthy lifestyle. Seven to eight hours a night are essential to completing the restorative stages of sleep your body needs. These tips can help you get the rest you need to feel your best.
Learn 5 tips for falling asleep faster.
A woman sleeping on her side using the Sleep Number In Balance Contour Pillow

The Power of Pillows

A great night's sleep starts with a pillow that fits just right, comfortably supporting your head and neck. Find your ideal fit and fill with our PillowFit® quiz.
"A pillow that aligns your head, neck and spine will help you breathe more easily and improve circulation for better sleep."
Pete Bils, Sleep Expert
Sleep Number® setting 25

Your mattress makes a difference

To help alleviate snoring, it's best to sleep comfortably on your side. The Sleep Number® bed contours to your neck, shoulders, back and hips, providing support and even weight distribution to relieve pressure points for your ideal comfort in any sleeping position.

sleep your best every night

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed
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