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How can SleepIQ® Technology Affect My Sleep Over Time?

Sleep Science Portal   /  How can SleepIQ® Technology Affect My Sleep Over Time?

SleepIQ® technology uses intelligent body motion and biometric readings during sleep to provide a daily score based upon a user’s personal goals and sleep patterns. The SleepIQ® technology score quantifies the sleep quality using multiple sleep parameters, including restful sleep time, body motions, sleep interruptions and biometrics from cardiac and respiratory data. Because SleepIQ® is operating and optimizing the 360 smart bed’s dynamic features of comfort, adjustability and temperature, it uses individualized data to provide personalized insights that show the user how to get better sleep. It rewards positive sleep habits and biometric conditions and penalizes adverse factors that contribute to poor sleep, such as sleep interruptions and restlessness.

To account for changes in sleep patterns over time and to provide an individualized metric, the SleepIQ® score further incorporates the sleeper’s biometric history as well as historical sleep patterns. Importantly, the score uses the National Sleep Foundation’s sleep duration recommendations to assess an individual’s personal sleep goal.

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