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What is the Science Behind Our Sleep Data?

Sleep Science Portal   /  What Is the Science Behind Our Sleep Data?

SleepIQ® technology is a proprietary solution platform and the operating system of the Sleep Number 360® smart bed which is designed to effortlessly adjust to each sleeper and provide personalized insights to improve sleep over time, as well as a nightly measure of quality sleep against an individual’s personal best — their SleepIQ® score. SleepIQ® operates and optimizes the 360 smart bed’s dynamic features of comfort, adjustability and temperature in a “sense and do” model based on the individual’s sleep data. SleepIQ® technology is continuously updated to meaningful value for customers who use it as a tool to support their health and well-being. Through daily insights and a monthly Sleep Wellness Report, sleepers receive meaningful information on how to maximize their sleep quality. Sleepers learn how to optimize their day and night for more consistent sleep based on their 24-hour sleep/wake cycle (circadian rhythm) and the best times for activities, like exercise and consistent bedtime routines. Along with awareness of heart rate variability, these insights help sleepers understand the impact that sleep is having on their life and health — how it impacts their immunity, energy level and ability to recover.

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