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SleepIQ® Study

The Sleep Number® bed with SleepIQ® technology

Sleep Number® beds adjust on each side to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support—your Sleep Number® setting. Using sensors inside the bed, optional SleepIQ® technology tracks and optimizes for your best possible sleep. You’ll know what’s working, from adjusting the bed to diet and exercise, because SleepIQ® tells you. There’s nothing to wear, nothing to turn on – all you have to do is sleep.

Powered by BAM Labs®, SleepIQ technology is available on all Sleep Number beds. To learn more about how SleepIQ can give you the knowledge to adjust for your best sleep, visit


Sleep Number bed owners were randomly recruited for a four month study. They continued to sleep on their current Sleep Number bed, but received a new Firmness Control™ system equipped with SleepIQ technology. For two months (control period), sleep quality was tracked, but respondents did not have access to their data or the SleepIQ interface. For the second two months (test period), participants used the SleepIQ interface to monitor their sleep, track activity through the journal, and see the impact of changes to lifestyle and Sleep Number setting.


Study consisted of 44 couples who currently sleep on a Sleep Number® bed; 10,206 nights of sleep data were collected over four months. Analysis compared 5,327 nights of sleep prior to participant engagement with SleepIQ technology to 4,879 nights of sleep where participant engaged with SleepIQ technology. Findings are based on participants’ SleepIQ data during the nights of the study. Perceptions of sleep quality are based on survey data at the beginning and end of the study.


Note: all results compare test period to control at the 95% confidence level

Analysis of SleepIQ data showed statistically significant increases in average SleepIQ score and average Restful Time. Significant decreases were seen in Restless Time, Time out of Bed, and Out of Bed Count.

Respondents also perceived an improvement in quantity and quality of sleep: results show a statistically significant increase in the percent of respondents who rated their sleep quality as a 10, 9, or 8 (10 point scale with 10 highest). Further, the percent of respondents who reported that they get enough sleep every night increased significantly.


Sleep Number research finds that people who used SleepIQ technology experienced improved sleep quality and more restful time in bed.

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