Five Tips for Keeping your Resolutions

by Sleep Number

No more soft drinks, eating the right servings of fruits and veggies every day, sticking to a regular workout routine... Do any of these wellness focused New Year’s resolutions sound familiar? We all know resolutions, particularly ones geared towards your health and wellness can be tough to stick with, so we have some tips to help keep you on track:

  1. When resolving to live a healthier lifestyle in the New Year, try to master one change at a time. Losing weight, for example, involves more than just eating less. You need to change your grocery shopping habits, your cooking routine, and even the social activities you participate in. Once you have one change down, move on to the next.

  2. Set mini goals for yourself. Sticking to a weight loss example, instead of focusing on the pounds you want to lose, focus on what you will do that week to help you get there – like getting to the gym four times, or parking further away at the office. By hitting the smaller goals, you’ll give yourself a confidence boost to keep going week after week.

  3. Avoid absolutes in your resolutions. By not giving yourself any wiggle room, you might rationalize ways to get around your own strict rules. Instead, give yourself restrictions with some limits – like you will only have soda one day a week, or only order desserts for special occasions. By not restricting yourself totally from something you really enjoy, you’re setting limits for yourself without going overboard.

  4. Remind yourself of the things you have accomplished when you’re feeling discouraged. Instead of beating yourself up over the not getting to the gym as much as you wanted to this week, think of the things you might have gotten done instead – like a big project at work, or an important family function. It will remind you of what’s truly important in your life, and reinvigorate you to start fresh again the following week.

  5. Get more sleep! In a recent Sleep Number study, more than half of the respondents wished they knew how to improve the quality of their sleep, but less than one-fourth (23%) will make it a New Year’s resolution. Sleep, along with diet and exercise, is an equally important part of the wellness triangle and is crucial in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. SleepIQ Technology can help you stay on track with your sleep resolution by seamlessly monitoring your sleep, and giving you an individualized Sleep IQ score. Your individual quality and length of sleep (consisting of restful time in bed, average heart and breathing rates, motion and bed exits) make up your SleepIQ™ score, which ultimately is information that will empower you to sleep better. With additional journaling features built in, you can track what triggers might be inhibiting your sleep, or conversely might be helping you sleep better, and learn how you can either avoid or incorporate those things throughout your day.

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