Announcing the x12 bed

Probably the best bed in the world.SM

The best bed in the world means you're on your way to getting the best sleep of your life. Enter the ultimate sleep experience. The x12 bed. Only from SLEEP NUMBER.®

Find your Sleep Number® setting

At the heart of your SLEEP NUMBER® x12 bed is our advanced DualAir technology. It guides you to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support on each side — your Sleep Number® setting.

At the simple touch of a button

Read, watch TV, or surf the web in total comfort or adjust to your ideal firmness — all with a single, intuitive remote.

A whole new level of sleep

Now each of you can elevate your side to read, watch TV, surf the web or choose your individual sleep position at the touch of a button with our exclusive FlexFit adjustable base technology.

Snoring? Now there’s even an adjustment for that

Sleep peacefully with Partner Snore technology, which lets you gently raise your partner’s head*

*Temporarily relieves common mild snoring in healthy adults. Available with Split King and FlexTop King mattresses on FlexFit 2 and 3 adjustable bases.

Know Better SleepSM with SleepIQ

The Sleep Number® x12 bed is the first bed that lets you track and optimize your sleep with SleepIQ technology.

How it works

Sensors work directly with Sleep Number® DualAir technology inside the bed to
measure your average breathing, average heart rate and movement to track how you're sleeping.

What you’ll learn

SleepIQ scores your sleep each night via remote, smart phone, tablet or PC, and shows you how to improve it. Simple color coding shows you how you're progressing.

Take control of your sleepSM

SleepIQ technology is there to show you how your routines affect your sleep.

Luxurious comfort and support

Advanced comfort materials and layers of exceptional pressure-relieving memory foam provide long-lasting quality, comfort and support in every position.

Let's Talk

The Sleep Number® x12 bed offers hands-free adjustments to your bed's firmness and elevation, and can give you a relaxing massage, all with a few simple voice commands.

Say, "Read," "Relax," or "Watch TV"

With a simple voice command or the touch of a button, you can elevate your upper and lower body for ultimate comfort.

Favorites button

Press for popular bed positions including Read, Watch TV, Partner Snore and Zero G.

Say, "Massage"

Soothe tired muscles and feel rejuvenated with a relaxing massage.

Say, "Nightlight," or "Lights"

Turn on a soft light under the bed and control your night stand lamps.

Complete your x12 bed with optional furniture


Night stands create a seamless look.


Sleek Upholstered Bed coordinates with any bedroom furniture.


Side panels add style to your bedroom décor and add a finishing touch.

Optional Night stands

Beautifully finished, our night stands create a stylish look.

Keep your electronics organized

A special area helps you stay organized and creates a sense of more space.

Lights up at the touch of a button

Individual built-in lights for ease and convenience