5 Reasons Why You Sleep Better On A Sleep Number® Bed

  • 1. On the SLEEP NUMBER® bed, you control your comfort.

    Ordinary beds force your body to adjust to them. In independent clinical studies, 87% of those who slept on a Sleep Number bed experienced more restorative REM sleep with fewer sleep disturbances.

  • 2. The Sleep Number® bed is the perfect solution for couples.

    Nine out of 10 couples disagree on mattress firmness. The Sleep Number® bed’s DualAir technology eliminates the need for compromise; it’s always adjustable on each side so you both sleep comfortably.

  • 3. It’s the only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality.

    In studies, 93% of participants reported back pain relief. The Sleep Number® bed gently cushions your body to more properly support your back and spine, and helps reduce uncomfortable pressure points.

  • 4. For nearly 9 million Americans, the Sleep Number bed is their solution to a great night’s sleep.

    In a recent survey, 88% of Sleep Number bed owners said they would recommend the bed to a friend.

  • 5. Everybody has a SLEEP NUMBER® setting. Let us help you find yours today.

    Our Sleep Professionals can help solve your sleep issues with solutions that are just right for you. Call 1-800-SLEEP NUMBER or visit your nearest SLEEP NUMBER® store.

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The Sleep Number® bed eliminated the need for compromise; it's always adjustable on each side so you both sleep comfortably.