Sleep Hot or Cold?

In a Sleep Number® survey, more than half of couples say they disagree on the temperature of the bedroom. You and your partner can sleep comfortably throughout the night with the following temperature balancing tips from the experts at Sleep Number.

Avoid vigorous exercise or large meals close to bedtime.

Both greatly elevate body temperature and can interfere with sleep.

Take a warm shower near bedtime.

Your body compensates for the warmth by increasing natural heat loss, which helps you cool off for sleep.

Keep your bedroom around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this temperature, your body doesn’t have to do anything to create heat (shiver) or shed heat (sweat) to compensate for being too cold or warm.

Chose innovative products that can help balance your temperature.

SLEEP NUMBER® offers a wide array of solutions including temperature balancing bedding, cooling memory foam and new DualTemp layer.