Individual Needs. Individual Solutions.

Every body is unique. Learn how Sleep Numeber beds, pillows and bedding collections can be personalized to meet your individual sleep needs.


Did you know 9 out of 10 couples don’t agree on mattress firmness? For better or worse, sleep differences can lead to separate beds. Find out how to sleep happily ever after with solutions for the both of you.

Back Pain

Their lifetime. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can aggravate and increase back pain. Learn more about the one mattress that’s clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality.

Sleep Quality

Make the most of the 8 hours you’re asleep—it’s all about how you want to feel the 16 hours you spend awake. Improve the quality of your sleep with these helpful tips that you can start using today.

Sleep Temperature

Sleep hot or cold? Whether temperature fluctuations are external or internal, finding the right balance can be a challenge. Discover how innovative bedding makes it easier for you to sleep at the perfect temperature.


As we age, our sleep patterns change and our sleep tends to become more fragile. Learn more about age-related sleep issues and what simple things you can do to sleep better.


Sleeping for two? During pregnancy, comfortable sleep can be a challenge. Discover how the right mattress can take the pressure off so you can get the high-quality sleep you need.

Active Lifestyle

Research shows that insufficient sleep not only slows recovery from exercise, it can also slow the beneficial gains and impact your ability to stay fit. Find out how diet + exercise + sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle.


Got allergies? Keep allergens to a minimum in your bedroom with these smart strategies, including Natural Allergy Defense bedding solutions.