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"I’m so in love with this bed. Best money I’ve spent in a long time!"

Lavon J, Lewisville, TX

"I have not had one bad morning with our i10 bed! We both sleep comfortably, more deeply, and wake up feeling much better and without any pain. The comfort level to this bed is a clear #10. We also purchased the adjustable base which we love."

Y. M., Madison, WI, Sleep Number® setting 35

"My i10 is the MOST comfortable bed I've ever slept on in my life. I actually look forward to sleep on the bed at night or catch a combat nap after work. I've been telling all my friends and coworkers how comfortable they are and that they should try one out. Best bed ever!"

Bob, Dayton, OH, Sleep Number® setting 60

"We are so happy with our adjustable base. It’s amazing!!!! I simply love being able to watch TV upright, and use my laptop and tablet comfortably."

C.G., CA Sleep Number setting 45

"We wanted to have flexibility of raising and lowering the bed. I like to sleep flat; my wife likes/needs to be propped up to support her degenerative disk and lower back pain. The bed is comfortable and I like having the ability to read without the use of extra pillows. The massaging feature is also a help to my wife. Thank you for helping us get a great night’s sleep."

A.N., Sleep Number® setting 95

"The firmness adjusting alone would make this a 5-star bed. The fact we can rise up each side separately is truly amazing."

Carol H., Phoenix, AZ, Sleep Number® setting 30

"With SleepIQ technology, we’re making better choices. It’s like having a health coach!"

Laurie and Tom J., St. Paul, MN

"Sleep IQ is pretty cool. I like how I can pull up the results on my iPad, iPhone or PC. My sleep IQ scores are consistently over 70; 60% of the time over 80; and about 25% of the time over 90, which is excellent for the 7 hours of sleep I target."

Keith I, West Hollywood, CA, Sleep Number® setting 45

"With the Sleep IQ in our i8 bed, I'll typically have nights 80 and above in the scoring system. I can safely say that in the past 2 months, I've never slept better than I am now."

F. F., Minneapolis, MN, Sleep Number® setting 30

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    "After a lot of research, I decided to go with a Sleep Number bed c2 because it seemed to offer the support I was looking for. Once I found my “number” -- which is 85 and my husband's is 45 -- I slept like the dead. I have never awoke in the morning feeling as well rested and ready for the day before my c2 bed."


    So good it made my husband apologize


    "Our old spring/coil mattress started falling apart only 3 years after purchase. I insisted we get a new king size Sleep Number, the bed I had wanted in the first place when we bought the one that fell apart! After the first night sleeping on it my husband said to me "I'm sorry. This bed is amazing. I should have listened to you three years ago!""

    Detroit, MI

    Excellent bed


    "Got an i8 split king and love it! I've never slept better in my life. The adjustable frame has a favorite position setting, a snore setting, and a zero gravity setting, and I use them all. The i8 mattress is fantastic as it gives me a nice deep sleep."


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