The Sleep Number Travel Policy for Business Partners applies to all companies and individuals that incur business expenses relating to travel on Sleep Number's behalf. This policy shall work in conjunction with Sleep Number's Code of Conduct for Business Partners. The objective of this policy is to define the minimum standards applicable within Sleep Number Corporation.

Travelers are entitled to reimbursement for all bona-fide business expenses incurred while working and traveling on authorized Sleep Number business. Sleep Number will reimburse suppliers, manufacturers, and independent contractors for authorized, reasonable, and necessary travel expenses if such expenses are allowed under the terms of the applicable contract. Reimbursable expenses must fall within the guidelines below, must be pre-approved by Sleep Number in writing, and must be accompanied by receipts.


Following are the guidelines and requirements for booking travel by air:

In order to obtain the best available airfares, tickets should be booked a minimum of 14 days prior to the departure date when possible. Domestic travelers should purchase non-refundable coach class. For domestic flights, travelers should choose 1-stop or connecting flights rather than non-stop flights if savings exceed $250 per direction and travel time is increased by less than 2 hours per direction. International travelers must use coach class for flights under 8 hours. Business class is allowed only if flight duration exceeds 8 hours. Travelers must always accept the lowest cost or "in policy" route. Travelers declining to accept the lowest cost or "in policy" route must justify this action.


Following are the guidelines and requirements for booking rental cars.

Rental cars shall be used only when other means of transportation are unavailable, more costly, or impractical and never on the sole basis of personal convenience. Whenever possible, travelers are to book rental vehicles through Sleep Number's Preferred Rental Car Agencies Avis or Budget and ask for Sleep Number's preferred rate using corporate discount number B869500 for Avis and corporate discount number X4621100 for Budget. A compact car is the standard that is reimbursable. In the event the preferred rate is not available through Avis or Budget, the most cost-effective alternative should be selected. The use of full-size cars is acceptable only when two or more travelers are traveling together and sharing the rental car or when it is necessary to have a larger vehicle for carrying clients or equipment. Parking and toll fees will be reimbursed. When picking up a rental car Decline the prepay fuel option when picking up the vehicle. Check vehicle for exterior and interior damage and point out any concerns to the attendant.


It is the travelers responsibility to ensure that the rental car is covered by insurance. Most major credit cards provide rental car insurance at no additional cost. Travelers should not need to accept loss/damage or liability coverage for rentals within the United States when paying with a credit card that provides rental car insurance. Travelers outside of the United States should accept loss/damage and liability coverage.

When returning a rental car, and before leaving the car at the check-in location:

  • Fill the car with gas to avoid the rental agency's premium pricing.
  • Bring the gas receipt when returning the car for proof.
  • Record the mileage on the rental contract folder.
  • Carefully check the car for any personal property.
  • Leave vehicle keys in the rental vehicle.
  • Follow car rental personnel directions for checking in the rental car.


Following are the guidelines and requirements for meal reimbursement.

Sleep Number will reimburse travelers for meal expenses (breakfast, lunch, dinner) actually incurred providing such expenses are reasonable, appropriate and supported by a receipt. The cost of meals, including tips or room service charges should not exceed $40 per day ($60 per day in high cost locations as determined by Sleep Number's Travel Manager). It is not intended that Sleep Number will reimburse travelers beyond reasonable limits when, for personal reasons, they elect to visit deluxe restaurants or nightclubs. Meals shall be reported for breakfast, lunch or dinner when incurred.

Meal expenses will not be reimbursed in the traveler’s home city unless the arrival time in the destination city does not permit the meal to be consumed at a reasonable time.


Non-reimbursable items include but are not limited to the following:

  • Airline club memberships.
  • Class of service upgrades.
  • Air-Phones or in-flight WiFi.
  • Medical and dental expenses.
  • Personal items or services such as clothing, shoes, haircuts, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Child care, dependent care, kennel fees, house sitting.
  • Parking tickets, traffic fines, court costs.
  • Personal entertainment expenses such as theatre, in-room/in-flight movies/beverages, books and magazines, health club and gym fees, etc.
  • Theft, loss, or damage to personal effects.
  • Luggage and briefcases.
  • Unauthorized trips, entertainment, gifts, or donations.
  • Credit card delinquency fees.
  • Family or guest travel expenses.
  • Personal property lost or stolen when traveling.
  • Costs incurred due to itinerary changes for personal reasons.
  • Valet parking.
  • Hotel no shows.
  • Navigation systems in rental cars.
  • Honor bar charges.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning.


If you have any questions regarding this policy or if you need assistance in locating Sleep Number preferred hotels or hotels where Sleep Number has negotiated rates, please contact Sleep Number's Travel Manager at