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Bedding Trend: Using Geometrics In Your Bedroom

Sarah Watts

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Geometric patterns are everywhere. Here's why they're popular and how you can incorporate them into your own space — from duvet covers to throw pillows


"Used in even a small way, geometric design can make a big impact to a room. Have fun with it! Use a lot to create a bold look or a little to create subtle interest."  -Jennifer Kalin, Sleep Number Buyer, Bedding Collection 


Geometric designs have inspired designers and artists the world over — the regular shapes, grids and lines can be seen in everything from ancient mosques to modern furniture to abstract art. Today's homeowners and stylists continue to be drawn to geometric prints, whether it's on clothing, drapery, throw pillows, modern bedding or other design elements. The bedding experts at Sleep Number® share what you need to know about this popular and timeless trend — and how to incorporate it into your own space. 


Geometric Trends – Then and Now

Geometry has been used across time and cultures to add beauty and color to otherwise drab spaces and objects. Ancient Greeks, for instance, would incorporate bold geometric patterns — triangles, zigzags and horizontal bands — in their pottery and jewelry, allowing them to create a sense of visual rhythm that's akin to basket weaving. Around the same time period, Moroccan architects infused geometry into their buildings, adorning the walls and floors with brightly colored tile patterns that created a kaleidoscopic effect. Today, geometric design is as popular as ever. In the United States, the design trend took off during the 1960s as part of the mid-century modern (MCM) movement, which placed a heavy emphasis on simplicity and functionality — the simpler, the better. Angular lines and geometric shapes have been popular design choices ever since.  


Why Are Geometric Designs So Popular?

Symmetrical or not, geometric designs are an easy way to make a statement: A brightly colored vase covered in hexagons, for instance, immediately creates visual interest in a room that's otherwise plain.   Simple designs like grids and diagonal lines add visual interest and dimension in a space. Geometrics are also popular because you can inexpensively make a big statement, adding one or two stylish pieces instead of redecorating the entire room. Combining geometric patterns with beautiful materials — velvets and high-shine satins, for example — can elevate a design even further. Best of all, geometric patterns can be used anywhere and virtually never go out of style, despite having been used for centuries. Floral patterns — like the ones they used in the 1940s — tend to have a nostalgic traditional vibe, whereas geometric patterns are unmistakably modern.  


Styling Your Bedroom Space with Geometric Patterns

  Bed with blue geometric comforter.

When it comes to geometric styling, a little can go a long way — and often, less is more because you don't want the room to feel too busy. Your bedroom should be a calm haven ready to greet you at the end of your busy day. A geometric area rug, for instance, might add dimension and texture to an otherwise-neutral space — but an entire floor full of bold patterns and bright colors can be almost dizzying.   For this reason, it's best to pick one or two pieces with geometric design and accessorize around them. There are many places you can incorporate the geometric trend in your bedroom, including:

  • Throw pillows

  • Rugs

  • Headboard

  • Lampshades

  • Curtains

  • Wall art

  • Bedding


Brightly patterned accent pieces — like a throw pillow or an upholstered chair — can be gorgeous statement pieces in the bedroom. Just make sure the colors and textures complement each other.  


Style Tip: Modern Bedding with Geometric Design

The most important design element in the bedroom is arguably the bed. But you don't have to go for a geometric headboard or bed frame: You can introduce geometric patterns easily with modern bedding.   If you choose a geometric sheet set as your statement piece, you'll want to pair it with a plain or monochromatic comforter on top. Conversely, if you want rock a geometric duvet cover or comforter on your bed — like the Sleep Number® Essential Down Alternative comforter set, for example — consider pairing it with neutral sheets and pillowcases. This Bedding Planner can help you find the combination that works best.  


Choose the Pattern That Speaks to You


The types of shapes you choose for your space can speak volumes. Square patterns, for example, evoke balance and tradition, while triangles project stability, energy and aggression. Keep the psychology of these shapes in mind when planning your space and match the patterns to the vibe you want. If you're after a more whimsical feel, you can experiment with circular patterns, which evoke femininity and playfulness.   Diagonals help create an easy path for the eye to follow. If you want to add drama, use patterns that appear to be three dimensional. Basic lines can create a ribbing effect that creates dimension and texture.  


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"By infusing even just one piece with geometric design you can really revitalize your room making for a quick and easy update." -Jennifer Kalin, Sleep Number Buyer, Bedding Collection  


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*Based on SleepIQ® data from 1/1/19 to 1/31/19 and self-reported survey data (from a Sleep Number® study) among SleepIQ® sleepers.


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