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Late-Night Snacks to Beat the Heat

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Healthy late-night snack ideas to beat the heat. We dare you to not want one after reading this story. Yum...


With the sun going down later in the evening during summertime, you may feel inclined to snack closer to bedtime or push dinner later.

Resist that urge — it's best to keep meals at the same hour year-round, according to research. Those who eat around the same time every day tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, better insulin levels, and lower rates of obesity.

But if the warm weather has you craving something cool before bed, these frozen snacks are healthy options that will help satisfy any late-night cravings when the temperature rises.

Make-Your-Own Popsicles

Store-bought popsicles usually come with added sugar, plus artificial colors to give them that bright hue. Fortunately, this is an easy snack to make — it just takes a little foresight, since the popsicles need time to freeze. There are almost endless options:

  • Watermelon and Greek yogurt for a tart treat

  • Avocados, cacao powder and coconut milk for a chocolate fix

  • Orange juice and bits of fruit for something refreshing

  • Tart cherries and lime juice, for melatonin in the stone fruit, which regulates the body's internal clock

Banana (Faux) Ice Cream

Summer is practically synonymous with ice cream, but even a small container can pack a wallop of calories. Indulge guilt-free with a frozen treat from one ingredient: bananas. Start by freezing a couple of bananas, then placing them in a food processor or blender, and start chopping. The mixture will start off looking crumbly, but if you keep going — stopping to scrape down the sides occasionally — it will soon have the texture of traditional ice cream. Experiment with flavors by adding a dash of cinnamon, a few frozen strawberries, some matcha powder, or a nut butter of your choice.

Lettuce Wraps with Cream Cheese

Sometimes your stomach just won't stop growling before bed. Instead of sitting down to a full meal, which can make it difficult to fall asleep, find a small snack that hits the spot. Lettuce wraps with cream cheese are a great option that can be assembled quickly. Grab a handful of iceberg or butter lettuce and some cream cheese. Scoop the cream cheese into the lettuce, wrap it up, and voilà — you've created a healthy lettuce wrap that's simple and satiating, thanks to the fat in the cream cheese.

Frozen Gummy Bears

If your candy cravings kick in at nighttime, compromise with a candy where you control the ingredients. With fruit juice, gelatin, a sweetener like honey or maple syrup, and a gummy mold, you can make your own gummy bears, like with this Washington Post recipe. This is especially fun if you have kids in the house, but gummies are an all-ages favorite. You can eat them at room temperature, or stick them in the freezer for a juicier, chewier treat. Plus, you'll eat them more slowly, so you're less apt to down a handful in 60 seconds and more likely to savor the flavors.

Now that you've got nighttime treats in order, plan for the morning with these convenient make-ahead breakfasts.


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