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Why You Need a Sunday CEO Session to Stay Organized

Lana Bandoim

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Everyone can benefit from a quick Sunday CEO session to stay organized for the week ahead. Learn how to plan one below.


“I love my Sunday evening CEO sessions. They help me check my progress every week and figure out my schedule," Rachel Michaelov says.

Monday mornings can feel overwhelming, as you transition from the weekend's freedom to the weekday hustle. It can be hard to figure out the chores and tasks to tackle first when there's a week's worth of everything looming. Even a last-minute to-do list can start feeling incomplete — or overwhelming.

If any of this sounds familiar, you may benefit from a Sunday CEO session, taking a few minutes to yourself to plan your week before Monday rolls in. You don't need to run a business to do this — the goal is to set yourself up for success by taking a more thoughtful approach to your week.

How It Started

Sunday CEO sessions became a trend because they were the only day CEOs had to sit down and focus ahead, according to Nathan Hirsch, the CEO of FreeeUp in Orlando. Many CEOs struggle to squeeze in strategy sessions Monday through Friday, and some work Saturdays. Sundays were the only time they could set aside a few hours to plan or brainstorm.

Hirsch noticed that people who didn't own businesses started to adopt Sunday strategy sessions to plan family activities, meals or other chores. They don't have time to plan ahead at work, and parents or grandparents may be too busy helping their kids with homework, school activities, or doing chores at home during the week.

Today, most people still choose Sunday for their CEO session because they feel refreshed after taking Saturday off. For busy parents, Sunday evening, after the kids are in bed, may be the only time they have a couple hours to themselves.

How to Plan a Sunday CEO Session

Michaelov, a tax accountant and the CEO of Empire Tax Professionals, Inc. in New York City, has four boys. Sundays, for her, offer the opportunity to think about her work and plan for the next week. The session takes her an hour or two, and helps her feel ready to tackle the work ahead.

“I review my previous week and plan my entire upcoming week. I also make sure I'm on track with my goals," Michaelov shares.

Here are Michaelov's requirements for a Sunday CEO session:

  1. Find a quiet spot at home without distractions, such as the TV.

  2. Take out your calendar, planner, or other papers for work.

  3. Review what you accomplished last week. Check every to-do list.

  4. Review the schedule for the coming week.

  5. Make a new to-do list and prioritize the most important tasks at the top.

  6. Fill out your calendar for the coming week.

Other CEO Session Options

As an accountant, Michaelov often needs to follow up with clients to get tax paperwork or other documents. During her Sunday CEO sessions, she makes a list of clients she needs to contact again in the coming week. She also has a small team of employees, and uses her Sunday session to make sure they're on track with all of their tasks.

“I check what my employees have done and delegate a few things to each of them, so they can help me get more accomplished in the new week. I like to give them things on Sunday so they have the whole week to finish them," Michaelov notes.

Hirsch prefers to use Sunday CEO sessions to brainstorm ideas with his business partner.

“We talk about what's working and what needs improvement in our company. We write down a lot of ideas and go over them during the next week after thinking more about them," Hirsch tells.

Balance Work and Family

Even if you don't own or run a business, you can still benefit from having a Sunday CEO session, encourages Michaelov. Taking care of a family requires a lot of planning and good time management, so try a Sunday CEO session to stay organized. Busy parents, for example, might consider what they need to accomplish after the weekend is over.

Try these ideas for your own Sunday CEO session:

  • Plan your meals for the coming week and prep/dice/marinate in advance.

  • Review schedules and make a note of important dates or events.

  • Put together a to-do list.

  • Create a shopping list for groceries and other household supplies.

  • Make a list of chores for the coming week.

  • Tackle the mail or other paperwork, and organize it.

“Sunday CEO sessions are one of the keys to my success. They keep my entire family and business organized," Michaelov says.


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Lana Bandoim is a full-time freelance writer with a background in biology and chemistry who specializes in health, tech and science.

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