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Mix and match colors for your ideal bedroom with our bedding planner.


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*Results from a 2020 Sleep Number survey of 1,004 respondents who reported they or their partner sometimes sleep too hot or too cold.
Save 20% on 3 items or $300 minimum bedding purchase; save 30% on 6 items or minimum $600 bedding purchase. Applies automatically when you add to cart, no promo code needed. Excludes DualTemp™ layer.

Sleep Number® Bedding

Sleep Number knows that in order to have the perfect sleep experience you need the perfect bedding to keep you cool, comfortable, and relaxed all night long. We offer high quality and lasting bed sheet sets, pillow cases, blankets, down comforters, mattress pads, and duvet covers designed to improve your quality of sleep and customize your bedroom décor.

Comfort is the top priority for every Sleep Number product, and our bedding is no exception. Several of our products have cooling and heating technology to ensure you are kept at a comfortable temperature whether it is a hot summer morning or a chilly winter evening. In addition to comfort, bedding is a personal choice that should be stylized to fit the rest of your bedroom. We have created a bedding planner tool to help you mix and match colors and products to fit your personal style and needs.

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