Temperature Balancing Products

Buy One, Get One 50% DualTemp Layer
Lifestyle bed with responsefit pillows and true temp sheets and blanket.

Temperature Balancing bedding

Sleep Hot? Sleep Cold?
Our exclusive True Temp bedding helps you sleep comfortably all night.
Mattress pads and toppers to individualize your comfort and temperature and help you stay cool throughout the night
DualTemp Layer
Buy One, Get One 50%
Sleep up to 35% cooler or warmer*
A colorful stack of True Temp blankets
True Temp blanket
Temperature balancing comfort for all seasons.
How does temperature balancing work?
Our exclusive True Temp bedding features 37.5® technology, made from volcanic sand particles that are activated by infrared light given off by your body when you sleep. They work to move heat and moisture away when you’re hot. When you’re cool, they hold their energy to help warm you. Testing shows you can spend 3 hours longer in your ideal comfort zone when you combine True Temp bedding.*

Temp-Balancing Bedding

Bedding that lets both of you sleep just right.

Temperature balancing bedding on a dressed bed to help keep you cool while you sleep
$209.99 - $329.99
4.6 rating stars(11973) reviews
Color: Icy Blue
$109.99 - $179.99
4.6 rating stars(4967) reviews
Corner of a cooling mattress pad made with anti-humidity
$119.99 - $199.99
$149.99 - $249.99
4.4 rating stars(3143) reviews
True Temp Weighted Blanket in soft rose on dressed bed that adapts to your ideal temperature throughout the night
$127.99 - $151.99
$159.99 - $189.99
4.7 rating stars(2422) reviews
Color: Soft Rose
True Temp Pillowcases on dressed bed featuring 37.5 technology which keeps you at your ideal temperature all night
$44.99 - $49.99
4.7 rating stars(766) reviews
Color: Gray
Stack of our True Temp Weighted Blanket designed to reduce stress
4.7 rating stars(1071) reviews
Color: Dark Blue
$26.24 - $37.49
$34.99 - $49.99
4.6 rating stars(2514) reviews
4.7 rating stars(943) reviews
45 angle view of the Dualtemp mattress layer shown on top an m7 mattress.
$999.99 - $1,199.99
4.5 rating stars(3036) reviews

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